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Feb 22, 2019, 08:31 PM
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My ELF DLG Experience

This will be part review and part personal experience ..
I have just completed my initial trim flights for the control surfaces and CG .
It would be very fair for me to say that the Elf flew right off the building board

( A few weeks ago ! )

I was ho humming over the Raven 1500 which Hobbyking has just got back in stock .
Well , I like to browse a little and with a serious shortage of DLG in Oz , Daves Toys For Big Boys was the only retailer with something in stock ( Elf DLG )
Elf or Raven 1500 ...
Well , obviously I went with the Elf and I am glad I did so ..

My initial impressions were - How fragile the Elf feels .
It really does feel fragile . It is how ever , very trick !
The Tech that has been put into this model is outstanding .

Assembling the Elf ( do you build it ? - probably not )
Anyways ! The instructions are virtually non existent . Oh yeah , you just get some diagrams and thats about it .
Noob Friendly ? Perhaps if it was built and trimmed correctly it would be Noob friendly to fly .
But as it comes to be assembled - Not really !

I would suggest maybe a day or two thinking about assembling it in your mind before you take a hobby knife to the Elf .

1) Rudder ...
The instructions for the rudder = What instructions ?
What I did was get out a set square , then look at a picture of a Elf and sort of guesstimate where I will glue the Rudder and then using the setsquare draw in a glue line ... ( Seemed to work )

2) Same goes with the elevator - Do it in your mind a few times before you make any cuts .. Maybe draw in some lines ( Cut guides ) .

From here it gets a little tricky ...
You need to work out where to put your Rx / servos / and battery .. Not just to fit in a incredibly small space but also to get your CG ..
Double sided tape can be of some help here ..

Just a note on the servos , you simply need the smallest ... ( Its that easy )
I went with Emax ES9251-2 from banggood .. They are quiet / smooth and look to have good resolution and centring . ( So far )

Battery is a Nanotech 300mAh 1s from Hobbyking
Rx is a 4ch FS2A mini from Banggood

I have found the small 4ch FS2A receivers from banggood to be really good on a 1s battery .
Pictured is my lay out and my CG looks to be really nice ..

I also replaced the metal wing screws with nylon ones ( Save weight where you can ) .

Trim flights

My elevator was set to 50% travel with 50% Expo and so far I have not messed with it as it looks to work really well
My rudder is at full travel ( reduced servo arms ) and was initially also at 50% Expo ..
After some test glides the rudder was set to no expo at all .

My Elf came in at 93 grams flying weight .
And I post this before I peg launch the Elf ( Spear Chucks so far )

The Elf does like to glide , and that's for sure . At 93 grams my Elf does feel the wind , it really does . Thankfully as long as you maintain some speed it will penetrate a reasonable breeze . Not sure how it would handle windy conditions ? ( 10 mph + )

Anyhow .. Mine was $260 ozzi bananas and so far I would say it's very much worth it .
I would not say the Elf was for Noobs as assembling it would require some skill and knowledge .
How ever if the Elf were pro built and set up , then a Noob could probably fly it without too much trouble .. ( ? )

What I like :

The wing - so trick ! A work of art !
Tail surfaces = Yes , again very trick !
Over all I like the boom as well - though some have complained about it ...
Though it looks like the Elf has evolved some , so ? Do I have a better boom from earlier models ?

What I dont like :

I really dont like the external control rods .
Dont like the pod , it's maybe overly small
Also dont like the way the pod fits in place ,
Serious lack of instructions - Probably intended for experienced model flyers .. ( Do it your way )
You need to be very careful in picking components ( servo / Rx / battery )

So , the end product ( a flying Elf ) ...
I love it .. So far !
The Elf is very trick / tech / light / and does glide really well .
If this were destroyed by some freak occurrence ... Yeah , I would most likely want another Elf ..
I wont be sure until I do some peg launching , but things look really good so far ..
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Feb 23, 2019, 03:38 AM
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Just sayin’, but if it were me I wouldn’t use plastic wing bolts, you won’t notice any weight saved and I’ve had the heads shear off before on brand new bolts that were in the tails of my 1.5 sized planes.

I know the launch forces on a Elf are not the same as a bigger model, but I wouldnt risk such a lovely plane (had 2 before) just to save weight that makes more difference in your head than it will in flight.

That’s just me though.

Ps: manual also shows rudder horn at 50mm from the bottom of the stab, so this is where you also want it inserted into the boom.
Feb 23, 2019, 05:46 AM
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Hmmmm , interesting ... ( Bolts )

With the wing slotting into the posts , I thought the posts would take most of the launch load ...
The bolts are just there for tension ( holding the wing down ) ..
+ I don't do crazy hard launches due to a bad back , generally I just stand still and pull my arm across my chest for a very stationary launch with as little twisting as possible ...

Ripit Revision 2 8 (5 min 38 sec)

Here is a video showing how I launch a Micro DLG
Feb 23, 2019, 06:46 AM
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I always read that flicking the Elf from a stand still into launch was worse on the airframe than doing a soft full revolution, but, if a bad back etc requires this then it’s your only option of course.

My bolts broke very easily, it wasn’t even on launch, I’m just saying I no longer use plastic, even in tails, and I very much doubt I’d be able to say straight away on the first launch that I could tell my plane was heavier.

I’m one of those who believe it’s all in the head, like people who think running their antennas outside will cause too much drag. Unless they’re taking 1st place at the WC and not Sunday flying then I don’t think it’s going to make much of a difference haha.

But, I’m a nobody from a small rubbish town in the UK, don’t listen to what I have to say hahaha.
Mar 03, 2019, 02:28 PM
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Regarding my Elf experience, I noted the following:

1. It is a wonderful plane for zero to very light wind (about less than 5 mph). In these conditions, it really shines and I have specked it out time after time. When it's windy, it becomes unflyable without ballast...for these situations, I flew the Go Mini (and very soon, a Deviant).

2. The elevator is very, very sensitive to any trim changes. When I did a launch preset, I had almost no up elevator. This was enough to give me a near vertical launch.

3. The V-shaped tail support needs to be reinforced, because if flown stock, it will eventually become loose and will cause the plane to perform a very fast loop on launch. It happened once, and I had to reinforce this with epoxy and some kevlar. I really recommend doing the same to that V support before flying it for the first time.

4. Mine came to about 100 grams all up weight.

5. In my opinion, once you fly a plane like the Go Mini, the Elf will start to collect dust. The Mini can be flown in weather that is just too much for the Elf.

6. The Elf, even with only rudder and elevator, can turn just as fast as an aileron ship.

7. It can also accelerate from zero to very fast in no time.

8. I used the stock bolts to secure the wing, with no issues at all.

The instructions were, to me, very clear and sufficient. Yes, one has to be careful when picking up the components to suit this ship. I used a Hyperion battery 1s, a micro receiver from Futaba, and 2 D47 servos.
Mar 03, 2019, 04:20 PM
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I've flown mine in 12-15 mph because I didn't have anything else and I had fun. It was hair raising but very doable. I do want an aileron ship. The Elf loops incredibly tightly.
Mar 04, 2019, 05:14 PM
plays with toy planes
Originally Posted by Zé Povinho
3. The V-shaped tail support needs to be reinforced, because if flown stock, it will eventually become loose and will cause the plane to perform a very fast loop on launch.
My experience tip or discus launching V tailed gliders has been that very fast loops and other dangerous weirdness are the only way they launch. At least when you put some oomph into it. Those cruciform DLG tails are designed that way because reasons.

I have Elf envy. Don't need one. Want one though.
Last edited by barry d; Mar 04, 2019 at 05:15 PM. Reason: envy
Mar 04, 2019, 08:33 PM
iVoid Warranties
flyinghedgehogs's Avatar
He means the V-mount for the full flying tail, not a V-tail
Mar 04, 2019, 09:10 PM
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Thread OP
Y , I got that !
Apr 06, 2020, 04:56 PM
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Hi guys, any recommendations for a replacement battery for the elf? Mine quit taking a charge after sitting for a couple years. I like the built in charger with the one I originally got from Kennedy composites, but they don’t carry them anymore.
Apr 06, 2020, 06:02 PM
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Turnigy Nanotech 300mAh >

Or something smaller from a 1s Quad . Just depends on how much weight you need .
Apr 07, 2020, 07:31 PM
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I use 2x 150mAh cells from a micro quad.
Last edited by dsergison; Apr 07, 2020 at 10:41 PM.
Apr 09, 2020, 09:56 PM
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Ok, thanks guys.

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