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Feb 18, 2019, 09:54 AM
Quad Erat Demonstrandum
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Jjrc x7 you have been warned

The result of the RTH function . The X7 kept climbing and then zoomed off towards the houses , LUCKILY it hit a tree and that stopped its runaway flight back to China . It laid itself to rest 100+ METRES behind its "power on" location and its supposed home point and 5 yards away from 4 cars. I had ZERO control over the drone and nothing i did would stop it running away.

Most definitely NOT 1080p
JJRC X7 , Test flight (19 min 45 sec)

Cheap action camera , same time of day, same area, same lighting etc etc

JJRC X7 with 1 battery
Price: $124.99

1080P HD One-Axis Gimbal Camera

The Aerial photography is taken by 1080P HD Camera. Broaden Sight by the Wide Angle Feature. The angle of the One-Axis Gimbal Camera lens is adjusted between 0 and 90 degrees as to take footages from new and different perspectives.

Altitude Hold Mode

Precise locking height and stable hover effectively prevent jitter when you take photo or video, which will make higher quality.

Headless Mode

Headless mode is suitable for multi-angle aerial photography and high altitude flight.

One Key Return

Itís easy to use one press automatically take off or land; the drone will either take off or go back to the position where it took off.

6-Axis Gyro

6-axis gyro can have more stable flying and be easy to control.

Arrived today pictures to follow

As always everything starts with the box. As you can see the X7 arrived without any postal damage.

The supplied manual is basic but it is at least in good English and provides you with the information that you need. On the front of the manual is a QR code to download the app. The app is called Enjoy-Fly and your phone/tablet will need to use the 5ghz wifi band ( NOT the 5.8ghz band we use for FPV ) for connection. A very quick test showed the image quality to be more than acceptable but obviously when flown at range image quality or frame rate will reduce.

As the X7 arrives in its packaging. Mine is the 1 battery version so if you want more than one battery then be sure to order the correct version.

The compact controller makes a nice change. Its actually a perfect fit for my hands ( which makes a change ) and my fingers can quite easily reach the various buttons and my phones screen when it is placed in the mount.

The new style transmitter is powered by an internal battery and charged via a standard micro usb.

Rabbit ear antennas out. The dial on the left shoulder is for pitch control of the camera.

The included battery charger is powered via your generic microusb power supply . The charger identifies each cell separately and balances the cells individually as it goes. The charger is able to make use of newer microusb power supplies/wall warts which have a higher Amp rating ( up to 2.4 Amp output ) so recharging your batteries can be relatively quick but obviously using a lower output charger will still work it will just take a little longer.

The battery is a 2S 2600mAh proprietary battery , it is actually quite small being about the same size as my Multistar 1400mAh LiPo. The fictional flight time ( FFT :P ) is 20 minutes but i would expect maybe 15 depending on your style of flying. On the front of the battery is an On/Off push button which only works when the battery is in the X7.

The supplied props are 7 inch and quite thin when compared to other quads of this type, they are locked in place by the typical lock nut and there are inner collars to prevent the prop from slipping. On the pic lower down i have used my own thumbscrews for no other reason than they look pretty .

The quad itself is quite light considering, i was expecting it to be a little heavier considering the gimbal etc . The shiney bodyshell is an absolute finger print magnet but you wont notice them when its flying . The motors appear to be 1806 and possibly 1800kv as they deem to be the typical go-to in this class of machine. On either side are a microusb socket and a microsd slot ( i will take a better photo of these) the memory card slot is of course for recording video but the microusb is unknown. When connected to the PC it gives 3 bloops as the PC attempts to identify the quad but there is no recognition of a device even with the battery installed. Maybe there is some future tweaks or firmware upgrades but it may simply be meant for transferring the video files.

The battery bay with the battery connectors. Other than "oo lots of pins" there is nothing of note here.

Camera specs state this is a 1080p camera that is vibration dampened and pitch adjustable. A quick test of the transmitter shows the camera move with input from the transmitters shoulder dial. It was too dark to perform a test of the video image and it would be a little misleading if a provided video from an internally lit area.

The bottom of the quad is were the navigation and status leds/lights are housed , if you look closely you can see the cameras ribbon cable.

The motor windings arent too bad and the thread is your typical size used on the majority of quads.

Looks nicer with my thumbscrews and it saves carrying a small wrench.

The transmitter leds are for charging and for connection status

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Feb 22, 2019, 01:26 PM
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Not good is this a common problem or just a fault on your quad?
Feb 22, 2019, 02:16 PM
Quad Erat Demonstrandum
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Not too sure m8, there does seem to be quite a high failure rate with these GPS quads and i dont have enough of them to say anything with certainty.
This one was pretty similar to the Hax/EX1 how it flew , in "manual" mode it was pretty sporty but the yaw was far to slow/weak and i mean FAR too weak but nothing that you couldnt adjust to . The GPS features were pretty pointless , Alt mode would drift , Position mode drifted quite bad and Orbit just did a slow Yaw turn rather than actually orbit a point.
Indoors it was perfectly fine but it wasnt dealing with wind/different changes in air pressure etc and it hovered above the bed/ flew between rooms well enough so i dont think that there was anything wrong with the build or electronics.

Return to Home though , wow thats were it all turned to shite big time , i had zero control and nothing i did would bring it out of its set function, it wouldnt have been an issue IF it actually did return to its origin +/- a few feet but it did the same as the EX1/Hax and massively over shot its target , at least with the EX1 you still had some control even if it did bugger off into the wilds.

Whats more annoying than anything is that i still had video, the TX was still connected and there were no warnings onscreen to say there was an issue. All the way through this i had 12 sats as well.

Ive got video from the quad and some video from the action cam i had on my cap but i had the cam too low so its not of that much use. Ive put a red circle around the drone. The last pic is the last frame recorded on the drone itself, the last 50 MB is there but i think the tree spoilt its fun.

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