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Feb 16, 2019, 08:19 AM
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the only regret is that my blog does not show visitors anymore:
it has not changed since i reported a fellow posting at a forum and was a conflict of interests. a coincidence?
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update: may 5, 2019: 9 months so far!

look down here (post 7) at my blog for details
and this is the whole story (posted somewhere below):
lemon 0052 telemetry receiver and DX6G3 specifically
am starting a thread on the lemon 0052 receiver with telemetry and modulation DSMP and also compatible with DSMX and DSM2. am using it here with the DX6G3 radio. as this is a work-in-process, please check from time to time at the bottom as i may add something.
the receiver:
the radio:
the thread:
when i learned that this receiver was available i got 1. as i fly electric gliders it has several items that i use so would be very convenient.
then i learned that there is a forum where they are discussed so went there. there are instructions and data about it written by John (jj604), and is being used with the radios from horizon. John has been writing instructions for several products, some of them by lemon, without being paid (he has no participation on the business of lemon). then i got a DX6G3 and began learning how to use it with the 0052 and asked for advice at the forum but i was told by a fellow (who, by the way, works for horizon and posts at that thread) not to post there as it was about the 0052 only and i should go to the DX6G3 forum. wonder why he said so. he is the least to have the right to say that, as him participating at the thread of the competition is conflict of interests. and when i went to the forum, he told me that he already answered the questions at the other forum and it has been answered many times there-but never really answered what i was asking. here we have a perfect example of contrasts: on 1 side John, who is extremely knowledgeable and polite, provides the exact answer, and if he does not know, he tells so. on the other side, a fellow that even if sometimes he has the answer, he has to rub that with very unpleasant ways, and if he does not know the answer, he never accepts that, but throws a long lecture. no wonder why so many dont dare to ask anything! problem is, that this behavior sabotages this thread, that otherwise could help many to solve their doubts about the missing data on the too short radio's manual.
so i decided to start this. here we can discuss it freely. the DX6G3 is a good radio for this purpose, but the manual is not very clear to me.
this is the forum:

i posted this at the thread i started but had to close it due to the fellow picking on me again.
regarding my problems programming the radio, there is a thread where the guy explains it.
in few words, he says that:
" DX6 Manual is very basic.
I feel Spektrum's manual for the DX6/DX9 is way too basic. It's almost like a "quick start guide" - only one with like 50 pages. While all the features are explained, I feel that telling people how they work is not enough. Many times throughout the book I kept asking myself, "why this?" or "why that?" Given this is an entry level computer radio, I feel I would like more information on why I would want to use a given feature, not simply have the feature explained.
Another good idea would be scenarios. Say for example, the manual could explain various scenarios where a certain feature could come in handy. Yes, they do here and there, but the problem is that for many of the features, they just assume you know and simply tell you how to do it, rather than also why. "

my point precisely.
why then we dont have a manual like this for this radio: it explains everything and shows step by step with the picture of the screen so we can do whatever without problems?
another way to explain is with tutorials. i got 1 that explains how to program vario and altitude, that does not leave any detail out. look:
>>>an update. please read this: 1 thing i learned is that the nimh batteries that can be used have to be charged with a charger that has the capability to program it properly, like an accucel 6, for instance. with it, i can get eneloop 1900 cells charged at 1.1v to 6.0v (although they drop to 5.7 later) so this way the radio lasts long enough for 2 or 3 days normal flying before need to be charged again.
conclusion: after evaluating at the field, i have learned that the receiver works perfect, and that the problem i have is not related to the receiver; has to do with learning to program the radio. but that is another story...
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