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Feb 09, 2019, 01:02 AM
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FRsky Horus X10s (10/10 ?)

I resisted a long time, but finally decided I should get one..... the FRsky Horus X10s.
This is a quite big move upwards in 'luxury' of RC Transmitters - versus its functionality is probably not a lot greater than a much cheaper Taranis X9D (or X9D+). So I would say you are not buying one of these to get more functionality - though just a bit more - but in my case because of a few extra useful things it has.

1) Large color screen - just a lot more information possible, and looks way better than a monochrome smaller screen too! Plus it can be seen better in outdoors/sunlight too!

2) Two extra Trim Switches (T5 and T6), which can be used to great use in extra functions per aircraft. You just have two more Inputs to control things, or add adjustability to things.

3) Triple antennas - two internal - and you can even NOT use the external one. This means no 'sticking out bit', LOL. And that can make it nicer to put down or store etc.
It still has an external bay, which to me seems best used for a Long Range TX/RX system - for long range FPV. And.... it came as a package with the L9/L9R TX/RX system anyway. Perfect....

4) Super quality gimbals. Well, I had changed my X9D to M9's anyway, but these are even better again.

5) Looks modern and pretty cool ! LOL. The 'old' type TX cases are looking a bit dated now, but you would not buy a Horus JUST for that!

6) No battery hatch/cover - a fixed internal battery. I saw that as a positive, as you can open the back easily if you needed to get to the battery (why? when?), versus X9D with a pretty poor 'locking' cover that always worried me it would fall off and let the battery fall out one day! LOL. Though it never has.... so far.

7) Modern information layout and more of it possible, on screen. So that is a real positive gain. Though not a necessity really.

I had thought about getting a new X9D+ with water dip scheme.coating, to look better..... but at AUD$380 versus Horus AUD$550 (?) I figured the higher quality and extra features made teh Horus X10s worth that. Plus how X9D's are a bit 'dated' looking now anyway - water dipped or not.

Even though I re-flashed it to OpenTX, that Horus version has some differences to X9D form and took a fair amount of extra learning to use it all well. But now after some time with it I am happy that I do like it a lot better than the X9D!

I am not sure I can "recommend" it, as it is more of a luxury thing with SOME gains also. Hmmmm......
All I can say is that it is very well made.. laid out... the extras are very nice to have..... and if it was only $100 more THEN I would say it wins without question over an X9D. Hmmmm, stilll.....
Maybe it truly is worth the extra.... even if you have to look a bit harder/deeper to see why.
If you had NO X9D and were going to buy something FRsky.. THEN get the Horus X10s!!
Or maybe even if you wanted a backup TX (??) for some reason.....
Or if AUD$170 doesn't matter a lot to you, hehe.....
Case by case situation would alter what I would suggest I guess.

Oh.. I got the Carbon Fiber scheme version. I did not overly like the Amber or Silver schemes.

Change it from the stock FRos system to Open TX !!!

Frsky Horus X10S - BEST 2018 RADIO - COMPLETE REVIEW (45 min 10 sec)
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