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Sep 18, 2005, 09:52 PM
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Um.... Whatever dude....Personally I think all of your "bluntness" is rather annoying and far more rude than necessary. It's like a mosquito that keeps buzzing and biting people in every micro heli thread I have read. But that is *personal* thought.

I won't read your posts, so don't bother replying
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Oct 08, 2005, 02:32 PM
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i know u have alredy ansered this in a way

why not make 2 diff vertions a easly modable 1 (ie no shell , or a more expensive shell) and a sealed 1 for other users

also so a upgrade pack for the users who want all this better stuff

also make it so the transmitter can recharge the heli without haveing to use the adaptor (i have a lack of plugs)

something wich would cost to add a bit and u have alredy ansered in ways

ass people have said adding a penny to the front makes it move faster how about makeing a weghit inside move to make it go forwards and back and cutting off the end bar

i have noted what u said it was only ment to hover but this will be vertion 3

3d time lucky

hope u dont moan 2 much back

ps i prefer short ansers 2 much type makes my eyes hurt

i oppologise for my very poor english

my blade runner moters are fine and the battaires .only thing what has broke r the blades what was easy to repair ie 20 for 2 and arived quckly . i think makeing em therver apart would make it very unstable and useless

excelent value for money in my eyes

i would luv for it to be made into a nuclear helicoter no more battaries any more hehe
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Oct 08, 2005, 04:36 PM
daz rich20 : It is easy to repair the broken rotor blades with a piece of cellophane tape (scotch tape). Just wrap a piece of tape all the way round the blade. I usually use a drop of CA to hold the broken pieces in alignment, while I wrap the tape.

One of my BRs has had the blades repaired 16 times, the rotor hubs repaired 6 times, and the CF "spokes" repaired 3 times. And the poor old rotors keep on flying, despite all the repairs.

The BR was designed to be a toy, for kids 10 yrs old and older. It was not designed to be a "hobby-level" heli. ITC is a toy manufacturer, and they aren't tooled up to make a higher-quality hobby-quality chopper. When your toy is meant to be used by kids, the "safety police" say you have to design your product to be safe from curious little fingers, and moving pieces have to have some sort of safety feature so the youngsters can't put out an eye or get some other sort of injury.

One other point - it would be nice to have more options and such, but all that would make the BR just that much more expensive. The newest version is going to be about $100, which is almost too much for a "toy", that is very fragile, and has a very short lifespan. You can always buy a clone for less money, but the cloners don't have as much to do to make a new model. All they have to do is copy the genuine article. And from what I've heard about the clones, you are just throwing away your money.

Aloha, Steve
Nov 25, 2005, 07:40 AM
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Steve did you design this BladeRunner? Seems like you have emotionally taken this lil toy chopper to your heart, as your own!!

I think the manufacturers should be being you.
Dec 19, 2005, 04:37 AM
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Im a beginer but

Boys at ITC and Air Rage,

There is little I could add to the many reasonable and obvious suggested improvements. Im a beginner, so there is little I can say, but a few words:

1) This toy is great, it is a very good idea, so there is a huge market out there. You have no clue how many adults would love to have a flying indoor helicopter that does not represent a fortune and a lot of time spent trying to learn to fly it.

2) Whatever improvement you make it will be worth and welcome and Im sure will increase the market for the BR. And if that means higher price I bet most of people would be willing to pay for it.

3) I think it is a bad idea to put this toy for kids. I bet most of the people who love rc helis and stuff like this are adults, young adults or whatever but little kids. Kids are not the market for this.

4) Most of the people all over the world are not rich, but are ready to pay more for something that works better than average. Not a lot better, just better.

5) BR is great, I love it, as I love helicopters in general, I think BR inventer did a pretty good job. The most difficult step is already done, to have an inexpensive great flying machine inside your room, even a small room.

6) Maybe it would be a good idea to keep BR I for kids and design BR II for adults I mean, to have a toy market and a model market in a separate way. What do you think about it?

7) Hope BR II will be released very soon!
Jan 03, 2006, 12:05 PM
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I like all of the suggestions, having modular parts that could be customized would be fun. I personally would like to see more "toy" like add on mods like: customizable bodies or additional lights, or how about a ir or laser pointer that can be triggered so two BRs can "battle" or a small winch for retriving targets. I think the BR II is the coolest toy ever, and can't wait to buy the BRIII
Jan 03, 2006, 05:43 PM
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dude i think u're wishing for too much here. its already hard enough to just get the BR in the air...
Jan 22, 2006, 12:32 PM
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maybe making the decals/stickers an option to apply if you so desire?

i have a br2 blinkie light version,i took the(sorry guys)fekin awful evil kenevil
motorcycle flame stickers off and it looks great just plain red.
i scrunched them into a ball,and it looked like a lot of pointless weight to my novice head(.)(.)<
and also ,selling the bladerunner with a spare set of rotors cause you just know there are noobies like me that crash it before reading this forum beforehand

i would definately pay more for a sturdier,advanced version as in the posts above with a touch more ff and battery life...but then again im a dreamer
Jan 22, 2006, 01:20 PM
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I have been away from this Bladerunner forum for quite awhile but did just go to & saw a picture of a Bladerunner II & it pretty much looks like the BRI. Can somebody tell me what exactly the improvements are?? This appears to have the same old "Pouch" style body instead of lighter foam egg shape & same old weak easily breakable rotors. It appears that they have added a blinky light to the front but appears that not much has changed.
Kinda disappointing.

Jan 22, 2006, 08:50 PM
madriff : The main thing to keep in mind here, is the fact that the BR is a "TOY" as compared to something like the Hirobo XRB, a "hobby-level" bird. It's bad enough that the price is upward of $100.00 now, (thanks to the clones stealing a good share of ITC's projected sales income - so now they have to charge more, to make up for the loss,) and that's about the top price you can reasonably expect someone to be willing for a "throw-away toy". If tou think about it, wouldn't the folks at ITC make several changes if they intended for us to be able to get hobby-level satisfaction out of it? For example, the fact that thje body is non-removeable, (welded to the frame) tells me the Br was never designed to be repaired, or modded. The motors were only designed to last about 4 or 5 hours, total run time.
Therefore, the ideas about being able to change bodies, colors, etc, becomes a moot point. What is more important to being able to get more enjoyment out of your BR is being able to do things to extend the life of the batteries and motors. First thing to do is put the body in the ashcan (saves 10% in weight, which means less of a load on the motors, etc), and then lube everything that moves. (less friction = less load), You would probably benefit from moving the CG forward to gain better FF. And so on.

Read a little more of this forum and learn from the experiences of other BR owners, and maybe then you will understand why worrying about the silly flames or the body in general, is of very little importance. After, you got the BR to fly, not just look at.

mrebman :

Sorry to hear about your dissapointment. But bells and whistles do not a different bird make. ITC has made running changes from time to time in the past year, just to keep up a little public interest until the "NEW, IMPROVED BR" comes out, which is now available. The motors are larger, more powerful, and more efficient, and I believe the batteries are better. Longer flight times are being reported, and FF is somewhat better. Check out the "Black Shark at ITC's website.

Now we wait and see if the cloners can keep up and keep their low price point. After all, all they have to do is buy a BR, take it to the lab, and reverse engineer the thing.
Without all the R&D costs ITC had to put out to bring this updated model to market, they should be able to rip Petter and ITC off for several hundred thousand dollars, just as they did when the BR first came on the market. For guys for whom price is the only important thing when buying a toy, that should keep them happy for a while.

Have a nice day (?)

P.S. ~ Read through some of Petter's latest posts - he wrote a couple of times about the upcoming changes to the BR we can expect to see.
Last edited by Steve Shepard; Jan 22, 2006 at 08:55 PM.
Jan 22, 2006, 11:17 PM
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Without all the R&D costs ITC had to put out to bring this updated model to market, they should be able to rip Petter and ITC off for several hundred thousand dollars, just as they did when the BR first came on the market. For guys for whom price is the only important thing when buying a toy, that should keep them happy for a while.

This is a toy not an Intel Pentium processor, Me thinks that ITC made back their small R&D investment a Long, Long time ago. The cloners "are" using the ITC bladerunner design except that they are improving on it. My Wild Wheels performed markedly better than my Bladerunner & was made of better quality materials. I think it is ITC that is the Cloner here, they are now copying some of features of the Wild Wheels in the Bladerunner II. Lets see, that Blinky light, I wonder where they got that idea from?

Have a nice day (?) to you too!
Jan 23, 2006, 07:01 AM
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Originally Posted by Steve Shepard
madriff : The main thing to keep in mind here, is the fact that the BR is a "TOY" The motors were only designed to last about 4 or 5 hours, total run time.

for a TOY,its a goodun

as i say i am a complete novice and br2 is my first venture into rc world.
when the motors eventually fail,i will try and replace them,thus the br2 now becomes a learning tool and a doorway for ppl like myself to understand a little about how rc stuff works(and hopefully get some basic soldering skills) before spending out on a more advanced version(or a latest br version)
so from a beginners point of view,the first mods i would want to make is to make it fly efficiently as you say,then when i have done that,customizing the body is all i have left to do, apart from flying it obviously.

i was just saying that stickers would be better left off,then i could stick them on if i wanted too,and the body should be removable for the purpose of noobies like me to have a looksie inside and learn about it.

anyway im off to read more of the i gonna learn all about heatsinks i thnk what are they and what do they do etc...

Jan 24, 2006, 07:41 PM
Read up on blackening motor cans (to cool your motors), changing the CG forward, proper lubrication, making paper bodies, the 'spacerless spacer" mod, how to repair broken rotor blades, etc.

Forget the idea of making the bodies removeable - the "safety police" screw that idea. After all, this "toy" was aimed at the 10 year old kid market, and those age kids aren't exactly famous for having great amounts of common sense. Better to keep their wee fingers out of harm's way.You are going to have to remove the body to do all the stuff that has to be done on the inside if the machine. You have to be careful cutting the body off - many small wires and a battery that can't take getting cut or poked by a sharp knife - do a search for how to remove the body. In fact spend a couple of days reading back through this forum before you even begin to investigate the BR's innards. But you want to get the recommended things done before you wear it out by flying it without proper preparation. There are three more BR forums to read, also.

Here is required reading for all new BR owners :

and a list of FAQs to help you find answers :

Welcome to the wacky world of BRdom !

and Aloha,
Jan 24, 2006, 07:45 PM
madriff : A good thing for you to check out is how and why to blacken your motor cans - posted many times on this forum. As heat is the worst enemy of these micro-motors, anything and everything you can do to help keep the motors cool will be greatly appreciated by the machine, and you will be rewarded by longer motor and battery life.

Before you start worrying about better FF, - forget about doing anything to the tail rotor, to try to get betters peed. The best you can get is a S_L_O_W walking speed.
Move the battery as far forward as far as you can, and tape a penny to the frront, bottom corner of it. Do the "spacerless spacer mod" to keeep the rotors from whacking each other. (which will happen if and when you start to get decent FF).

The reason the body is sealed is to satisfy the Safety Police. It keeps the inquisitive fingers of wee ones from getting too familiar with the moving parts inside. Same for the ring around the rear rotor. Remember, the target market for the BR is 10 yr. old kids, and at that age, kids don't have much knowledge about electrical or machanical things.

I agree, it would be nice if guys like you, who would like to doll up your BR, could have a few options to choose from, but from the manufacturers' point of view, it's just not economically feasable. Making the bodies removeable would involve completely retooling the manufacturing process, and then more changes would have to be made to satisfy the safety crowd. And so on and on -----. There are lots of online sites where you can buy gobs and gobs of stickers and decals, (required "Stuff" for all serious modelers to have in their bag of tricks), and now you can even design and make your own, custom stickers on your PC.
Or, buy an airbrush set and learn how to mask and paint your own decorations.
You can even make paper bodies on your computer. Read through the "stickies", to find links to many threads about that subject.

But for now, if you want to lube your motors, and blacken the motors, etc, you are going to have to remove the body.

Aloha, Steve

Edit : Don't ask me what happened - I was almost ready to submit this post, and was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a pair of fresh spiney lobsters that my friend fished out of the sea, and were crying to be put on the BBQ. when I gat done with my glottony I came back to finish this post, but it had disappeared into cyberland, only to pop up after I had rewritten and posted the last post. Go figure !
Oh well, here it is anyway.

Last edited by Steve Shepard; Jan 24, 2006 at 07:52 PM.
Jan 24, 2006, 08:08 PM
mrebman : It seems you are one of the clone-lovers who suggested ITC take a cue from the cloners. So they did. No matter how they change the machine with different materials and bells and whistles, the rotor system is exactly the way it was when it was first patented. The cloners haven't done anything to improve the design, and they are still stealing from Petter and ITC.

You know, several of us old die-hard BR fans are having a really good laugh at you, in our PM's to each other. We all know what kind of person you are, and we all send you a great big Bronx Cheer ! Keep on making your asinine statements and keep us all rolling on the floor.

Thanks for all the laughs,

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