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Oct 13, 2011, 12:23 AM
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Thought this thread definitely needed bumping!

I've enjoyed this thread immensely and it has been very useful and inspiring during my recent Tomboy build. Special thanks to Gossie and Ian for showing such detailed shots of their respective tails and DT set-ups.

Built as a present for my Dad who arrives down under from the UK tomorrow. Used his original ED Bee motor. I hope we can have a few good hours of enjoyment with it during his visit. The flight timer has to arrive first though - three weeks and counting

Tissue and lite span covering.

I'm very interested to know if the other models displayed here are still being enjoyed!

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Oct 13, 2011, 04:15 AM
Sir Jasper
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I am still flying mine regularly and enjoying evey flight with it.

Good looking Tomboy you have there Simon. I am sure your dad will be thrilled to bits.
Make sure you have that timer fitted!

Two weeks ago I launched into lift. Motor run of 35 secs and DT was set to 3 minutes....... it was a long trek to retrieve it.

Jun 07, 2015, 11:55 PM
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Holy cow is this a thread bump or what?

Last summer I decided to build an old timer. The last time I'd considered that, Canon was the only supplier of tiny servos, and they were pricey. Found out that in the 21st century, 9g servos can be had for pocket change. Less than an hour of research told me that Vic Smead's Tomboy was the way to go. Here on RCGroups there was a ton of helpful build info. Many thanks to those who posted before my own self today.

As to my project, here we go. For elegance, I added rounded tips to the stab and wing. I added diagonal bracing on the fuse behind the wing, and to the stab. Can I support those mods with engineering data? Knope! Very little weight added though, and I've had built up sailplanes go all jibberty-jibberty in dives, so I added just a little structure. I cut the dihedral exactly in half.
I staggered the elevator and rudder servos vertically.
I used a pull-pull rudder with 12lb test fishing monofilament. The filament/control horn setup was drawn from a previous RCG post. Works great. Added 1/16 stringers to the wing, again from a RCG recommend.

Covered with Monkote. Wood touch up parts painted with red fingernail polish.

I fly at a city park with a grass field, so I don't need LG. Power is an Emax CF2822 800kv with a 11x3.8 prop. 3s 1000mah battery. It is more power than needed, but the short nose needs weight anyway. It needed a big-ass slug of lead to balance, so I figured I may as well carry some of that weight as propulsion. The Emax red motor color nicely matches the dark red MonoKote!

It flys goot!. The wing loading is higher than Smead's original, but that's not all bad. I can fly this Tomboy in a moderate breeze. The rudder is small and ineffective without propwash. That's something to look out for falling out of a stall turn or such. You gotta keep the prop turning to have positive yaw/roll control. I mostly fly real big figure 8's about 20ft off the ground at 1/2 throttle. I guess I have 75 flights on it now. I crashed one time when I had the wrong model queued up on my TX. Tomboy did an ugly cartwheel in the grass. No damage. I figured out what the dipsh*t pilot had done, made things right and went ahead and flew.

Thanks again to all youse RCG dudes who posted over the years about your Tomboy builds.
Jun 09, 2015, 10:16 PM
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Hello All
A bit of a late comer to this site but got hooked on the Tomboy thread and noted Gossie's activity (hi Howard).

I've built 2 TB's over the years (from original Aeromodeller plans), the first was DC Merlin powered and the current one with an MP Jet Classic. Cannot remember what the first one weighed but the red and white one clocks in at 301 grams (10.75 ozs). CG is as per plan and it is covered with Aerospan which is the OZ equivalent of polyspan and paint trim from a "rattle" can.

Trim: right engine thrust, (no down thrust), left rudder about 1/16" and 1/8" washin on left wing. Imagine a C/L model on 100foot lines...that's how it flys

Like Gossie I would recommend this model as the ideal afternoon sport flier...rag, fuel bottle and a Tomboy...cannot beat it.

Ployd in OZ
Jun 10, 2015, 05:18 AM
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Welcome Ployd......Good to have you here, as you have a lot to offer.

Still have TOMBOY. Was last flown a while back as TOMBOYs fly.
About three years ago I did stick a single channel into it but never liked it that way much, so it's back to F/F.
It's very tatty these days as it was built in 1981, but I'm loath to recover all over it as it would lose 34 years of patina...........But then again????????????????

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