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Feb 13, 2019, 03:24 AM
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Originally Posted by gzkpez
The plastic in just about all soda bottles is PET, you can tell by the number 1 in the center of triangle recycle. There are a lot of other bottles, especially non soda, with different plastics out there, that are not as good. I once dropped a PET soda bottle and it shattered when it hit the floor made a mess, that is not suppose to happen must of been made incorrectly or something; they are made fast and cheap.
Sure, there are many different bottles and probably some are not as good as others, I linked some comparison tests on you tube, you can look for many more (as this thing has been done for many years) in RC plane websites, hobby rockets projects, hobby air gun.

Even purposely built tanks fail, especially when not maintained, rust is a big factor.
Yeah that's coz those are metal, plastic of course is immune to that, also it's transparent so you can more easily spot problems. Problem with rust in metal air tank can lead to serious risks as it is not apparent, it's not as easy to treat as you may think (a spray is not enough, best thing would be a full cover in resin and that's before the metal gets damaged). I'm scared that there may be someone that never properly empty the metal tank than he forgets the thing in garage for years 'couse he got bored with the new toy, 10/20 years after he or a children turns the thing on and puts some 4/6atm into it...

If I was to do it I would stick to the 2 litter size. I do not think a smaller one is any less dangerous, as long as you having your bottle contained (like you are planing) it decides to rupture.
Tests prove otherwise. Also less volume -> less potential energy in case of ka-boom.

Consider that if you use one of this cheap setups low-pressure - portable air compressors with DC motors you don't actually need much of a buffer to prevent "breathing effect" on paint flow, on bigger 6/8atm air compressor they tend to use large air tanks to prevent the motor for working for prolonged cycles. This compressor has no pressure switch: they are always on, you turn them off manually (or auto on some more expensive models from Sparmax, see ) . I get that it may not be ideal for the preservation of the motor but hey, they are 25bucks, you get 2 years of warranty (at least here in Europe) so your cost of ownership is like 12 something per year. That' the cheapest setup I can think, if you need to spray 8 hours a day for years and can't risk downtime (or can't stand the loud noise, at least mine is loud!) just look at something with better quality.

[CUT 'coz it gets long and people complain]
As for the tire tube: first I got very fond of the idea that being elastic it helps to prevent flow burst, then I realized that it's the air that's elastic, as in a air suspension system. Yeah it's degrades nicely in case of failure, I mean a MTB tire as long as you don't spike it usually breaks by the valve.
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Mar 31, 2019, 12:04 PM
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I remembered somebody using PVC pipe for air storage. A quick google search revealed 3" PVC pipe had a working pressure of 260 PSI. I personally have used 3/4" PVC as supply line from the compressor to the work area without issue. That was a system using 175 PSI.

Apr 03, 2019, 11:07 AM
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Tempting idea.. until I went to Home despot and priced the White PVC fittings
Surprisingly pricey in the 4" size.... enough so that I dismissed it instantly
A 2 liter plastic pop bottle works "fine" and is free .. also .. it's screw on top is the safety valve. It blows off before the plastic bottle fails.
Jun 30, 2019, 11:55 AM
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I usually do not frequent these topics, but there are metal fiberglass and carbon fiber air tanks for paintball guns in various sizes.

Maybe some of these would work?


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