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Jan 11, 2005, 05:06 PM
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Socal Slope Racing - All about 60" F3F and "normal" F3F

There's been some discussion of the exciting new 60" F3F series, and some confusion. SCSR Board has directed me to make a minor change to the schedule to help clarify the situation. Additionally, it is my hope that the info below will clear up any remaining questions:


1. "normal" F3F is always open to planes of any size, any material. This is sometimes referred to as 'unlimited class" or "open class", both of which mean that there are no major exclusions to prevent you from flying your glider. There are a few rules, but they are so open that we've never had a situation where a plane had to be disqualified.

2. 60" F3F: This has been called various things, including FXF, F36F, F63F, etc…It's new and we haven't really settled on a name yet :-) For simplicity, I'll call it 60" F3F for now. This class has the major distinction from normal F3F in that ONLY 60" class gliders are allowed. It is not an Open class like normal F3F.

F3F: It's open to whatever you have. If all you have a is 48" Zagi, then come on out and give it a try. Just know that your overall score may be on the low side, but your fun factor may be very high indeed! If you have a more conventional racing foamie, such as a Bluto, Gulp, M60, etc... you might actually be competitive. It has happened before.

Now, if you have a modern 60" slope racer, the potential for you to do well is quite high. At one of our recent Parker Mtn. events, 85% of the pilots lost a round to a 60" Banana and a 60" MiniBlade, both of which were turning in 40.xx times, whereas guys flying purpose built 3M F3F racers got 42's…

In light lift, the 60" planes do even better against the big 3M planes. A few years ago, I placed in the top 5 against 30 pilots, and I was flying a cheap 60" Victor. Light lift seems to equalize wingspan, because the bigger planes never really get on step.

Here is the catch. In normal F3F, your scores will be counted along with everyone else's. So your Zagi will be scored in comparison to the hottest Trinity, Nyx, Skorpion, etc…

Now, here is where some of our newer pilots might say, "But what about the rest of the guys just flying 60's? I only want to be scored against them!"
Have no fear! We've got you covered! New this year in SCSR's F3F series, we are scoring all 54" - 60" gliders in two different ways:
A> Scored with the rest of the group
B> Scored separately against other 60" gliders only.

What does this mean? It means that if you show up and fly a 60" glider at our normal F3F comp, you will receive TWO SCORES at the end of the day. One score will be your overall ranking against all the pilots, the second score will be your ranking among the other 60" pilots only. Cool eh?

Now, some might ask, "What if I enter with a 3M, but have to finish the comp with my 60" backup?"
Answer: You will only be scored with the other 60's if start the comp with a 60. Otherwise it's not fair to the other 60" guys.

60" F3F: Some guys who haven't come out and raced with us yet may be a bit intimidated competing against the latest $1500 F3F screamer flown by a seasoned F3F veteran. We understand. It wasn't too long ago that most of us felt the same way, so this new 60" F3F class is for you!

The Euro/dollar exchange rate is making Unlimited class gliders more and more expensive, and there is a wide array of excellent and relatively inexpensive 60" gliders in the market. Consequently, there have been a large number of 60" sales over the past year or two. SCSR has great hopes that this 60" F3F class will help put all those shiny new slope racers to good use!

The 60" F3F class will be limited in size to planes like the Destiny (54") - up to MiniBlades, Nemesis's, Vindicators, Banana's, etc…which are all 60" (1.5M) sized gliders. The intent of this class is to get planes that are similar in performance to heighten the racing excitement and enjoyment. However, we also are hoping to see a surge in growth in slope racing in general, and to help accomplish that goal, Foamies will be allowed in 60" F3F. But there is a big asterisk with that statement. Only "Racing Foamies" will be allowed, and they must fit the size criteria of 54" - 60"

This is a partial list of pre-approved foamies:
- Gulp (SR or DS)
- M60
- Bluto 54
- JW 54 or 60
- LEG "One-D"
- RedbackEPP
- Eraser 60
- Electron DS 60

Okay, so that should help clear up any confusion. I will probably post this info on our website as soon as it's up (later this week!). You can view the calendar now:

The way the calendar works is very simple:
2nd Saturday - "normal" F3F
3rd Saturday - Special events, such as 60" F3F
4th Saturday - Man on Man

We are not intending to have "3rd Saturday" events every month, but if there is sufficient interest, that could certainly happen.


Nathan Woods
Slope Racing Evangelist
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Jan 13, 2005, 09:40 PM
Need 4 Speed!
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I live in SoCal and have been sport flying an original Nelson Shrike for several years. What class would you suggest for that. I'm interested in pylon racing on the slope!!!

Latest blog entry: original Y/A F-18 Kit
Jan 14, 2005, 12:43 AM
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Actually, your Shrike is good for all three classes, F3F, 60" F3F, and 60" Crunchy MoM. Personally, I would not fly the classic Shrike in MoM just in case.

This Saturday is standard F3F (one plane at a time across a 100m course + 9 turns = 1000 meters for best time)
Jan 16, 2005, 01:22 PM
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How does F3F scoring work?

I received an excellent question about F3F scoring:

"Can you explain how the scoring works. I'd like to understand more about it-- consistancy doesn't seem to mean much? Is it purely the fastest time? And how do safety's effect your final score?"

F3F scoring is straightforward, but the implications of the system are complicated.

The straightforward part:

A minimum of 4 rounds are required to count as a competition.

Each round has a winner, the person with the best time. That person is awarded 1000 points for that round. Everyone else's time is factored against the winning time.

Pilot # Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Pilot A: 55.00 - 61.00 - 57.00 - 65.00
Pilot B: 60.00 - 57.00 - 58.00 - 59.00

Results per round are:
Pilot # Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
Pilot A: 1000 - 934.43 - 1000 - 907.69
Pilot B: 916.67 - 1000 - 982.76 - 1000

Pilot A Total: 3842.12 out of a possible 4000
Pilot B Total: 3899.43 out of a possible 4000

Both pilots each won two rounds, and Pilot A went the fastest at 55 seconds, however, Pilot B won.

This means that going fast is important, but WHEN you go fast is also very important. Pilot B never lost by as many seconds as Pilot A did, and earned the victory because of that.

What do Penalties do?

They count 100 points against you, and are factored in at the end of the tallies. In this case, if Pilot B had a Saftey (100 point penaly), his score would be 3799.43, and Pilot A would get the win. Ouch!

But that's the point. Don't fly dangerously :-)

Homework Assignment:
You can play with your own spreadsheets and comparisions all you want. Download one of last years comps from here:


Nathan Woods
Slope Racing Evangulist
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Jan 17, 2005, 02:41 PM
It's alive, alive!
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Entering multiple

I understand and like the class structure.

This brings a new question. What about entering multiple classes on F3F race days?

In Example: Entering a full F3F and a 60" EPP, paying 2 entry fees.

Can you use multiple planes with class?
Jan 17, 2005, 03:14 PM
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Thread OP
You get the same number of rounds as everyone else, so it would be very hard to fly two planes at one time......

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