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Jan 15, 2019, 07:14 PM
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Oculus Rift VR (10/10)

Not exactly RC aircraft modeling, but if you LIKE aircraft then you might very well like Flight Simulators also. If you like Flight Simulators then you will LOVE VR !!!! "Incredible" is a good description of it.....

There are not really many VR Headset choices. The main two are the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive in plain or Pro versions. The Rift and plain Vive are the same specs pretty well, and the Vive pro is higher resolution but COSTS a fortune then!
So for various other reasons in the equations, the Oculus Rift is a clear winner in my totals of all aspects.

It cost AUD$529 for the "Occulus Rift with Touch" set at, which is pretty well $100 or more lower than anyone else sells them! And it was with free shipping. You WANT that 'Touch set', not just an Occulus Rift on its own! The extras it gives cost a FORTUNE to buy later, and you actually need EVERY item they have in that set!

Now you might think "That is quite an expensive thing", and in some ways it is, but you are getting stuff made like 'Mercedes" or "Apple" quality! This stuff is made 10/10 in no compromise, cover all needs to the Nth degree and in QUALITY.... and even the packaging and box are premium in every way you could do so! (Which Apple do, and this might exceed typical Apple packaging 'luxury' too!)
Also, consider the cost of a good monitor for a PC and then this whole Oculus Rift cost is very reasonable and I think worth every cent!
More so because I KNOW how it operates too.... what you GET from owning one!

Too bad you can't really describe VR...... so that is a futile endeavour.
There are TONS of YouTube videos about VR and information etc, but nothing is going to replace USING/SEEING it !!
So my post's aim here is to ADVISE about VR.

Firstly, it is so amazing in quality and what they are doing, that you quite likely have no real idea - unless you have used one. AWESOME is one word... but you need a lot more words than just that! hehe
Resolution/result etc..... well "1080P" is actually a fraction short of ideal BUT when you use it your experience 'in there' pretty well makes that resolution shortfall unimportant. But it WILL be great when they go 8K VR !!! Except then you will need a SUPER computer to run it!! So total costs will go up to notably high levels!

And even the Vive Pro, with its higher resolution - but not that much higher - is already a fortune.... AUD$1500 region!
This 'shortfall' in resolution is NOT a reason to not get one yet!!! As much as it is there, and matters to some degree, I consider it 'irrelevant' - because this is all you can get, and it is fantastic still, and any 'better' thing will cost massively more (when they are ever made), so IGNORE that 'future' and have adequately decent VR NOW!

VR systems need to track your headset, and any VR controllers you might use. The Oculus system they created is just another AWESOME thing!
To emphasise awesome and quality/excellence.. and that "Mercedes" quality etc.... I would say there is someone like Steve Jobs at Oculus, or a number of people like that. Someone that sees what a quality result should be and says "I want THAT done". "No that is not perfect, try again!" etc etc. Thus the outcome is this most awesome 'device'. I have a LOT of techno stuff, and so much of it is 'chinesium' average quality stuff, and some good stuff too.... but this is PREMIUM!

So anyway, they made a tracking system that seems flawless! It tracks to perfection.... non-stop.... no error or 'drift'.... thus you can USE this device how it is meant to be used, accurately, reliably, perfectly.

It is very easy to set up and get working. Though I had a bit of fun sorting out DCS World (on Steam), but got that going in the end.
Just the 'trivia' VR programs and 'world' the Oculus comes with is amazing and you can spend hours within that, learning and exploring VR.
Then getting INTO a jet in a Flight Simulator..... it is just WOW!! You really are getting into a jet!!
For all the VR stuff - FSim or their home world etc - you truly feel and believe you are THERE!!
Star Trek Holodeck??? You are in one!!

With the two Oculus Touch controllers in your hands, they have once again created the best possible 'interface' they could... or that anyone could think of!
If you sit and think about issues and shortfalls in VR, many are as plain as day and cannot be done/fixed for now, so that is definitely true.... BUT, none of that matters, because the end result is the awesome amazing thing anyway!!
If current VR is only achieving 2/10 out of a truly total system (eg where you would also FEEL things over your entire body, and many other extras.) then that "2" is a huge part of the required total! It is fantastic even with its current limitations!

I guess that eventually someone will make a VR model aircraft simulator too! LOL (already done?)

So in Flight Simulator terms it is amazing.Yet also has quite a lot of other uses. So in grand total of all factors I think it was well worth the cost.
Personally I will fly in DCS World, probably XPlane, and also War Thunder. Which all support VR.
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