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Jan 15, 2019, 04:20 PM
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Updating my Turnigy 9XR in 2019

My goal is to update the firmware, and add a multi protocol module.
BACKGROUND:I recently purchased this working TX from an auction. I already owned 2 older 9X, 1 Turnigy and 1 frsky. I decided to try to do a firmware upgrade and after lots of research and you-tube videos (mostly quite old ones) I decided to document these adventures for 2019.
#1 what firmware to use:
This TX came with it's original Turnigy 9x software.
I very much like OPEN-tx (thanks to you-tube edu-macation by R Scott Page) which I have in 2 current radios. A Jumper T12 using a modified version called Jumper TX and a new for Christmas Taranis QX7s. As I now understand an older version 2.0 Open-TX would work on this older radio. Another choice, an even older OS as OPEN-9X.
Since I've been reading about an alternative ER9X and the work of Mike Blandford I decided this will be my go-to first attempt.
Mike also has a version of ER9x that seems to support the T-12 too.

#2.Here are the details of how I went about getting this working.
I purchased a USBasp board from a local US ebay vendor for around $ here for my E-BAY link
I could have got it cheaper but CA to AZ was quick for a little more.
I also purchased a 10-pin to 6pin adapter for $.99 click here for E-bay link
When I attempted to use this USBasp on my windows 10 computer it did not install correctly.
Research pointed me to This Zadig website for the correct drivers.
Following the install it loaded a default WIN USB driver showing up in the device manager as LibusbK.
Next I installed upgrading software from called Eepe/eepskye (revision 422) in the lower left corner. Direct link for windows 10
I created a desktop folder called ER9X and moved the eePe shortcut there.
I modified the eePe FILE, PREFERENCES to my preferences DEFAULT CHANNEL ORDER AETR. MODE 2. DOWNLOAD ER9x -128 -FrSky. and PROCESSOR M128. Then I DOWNLOAD the er9xfile -128 -FrSky.

Name: eepe prefs.JPG
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I plugged in my 6pin adapter to the 9xr with the RED stripe closest to the right side of the TX. It did not light up the TX as seen in the you-tube video. To test the programmer I selected BURN, READ FUSES and after a few attempts of disconnecting and re-connecting the TX I got the wanted results. READING ###############. .............Successful!
Finally I selected BURN FLASH FIRMWARE TO TX and when it finished after a few minutes of ####... (AVR DUDE FINISHED CORRECTLY)

Name: 2019-01-15 15.44.46.jpg
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Size: 1.19 MB
I disconnected the 6 pin plug,
turned on the tx,
got a message BAD EPROM DATA press any key.
then ALERT throttle not idle... press any key to skip.
ALARMS DISABLED press any key.

Now I had to calibrate sticks and potentiometers.
LONG LEFT cross PRESS (brings up radio settings)
repeat bottom press CROSS to CALIBRATION then
MENU (sticks and pots to center)
MENU again to start. (MOVE sticks and pots to extremes. then back to center)

Also under RADIO SETTINGS I selected CONTROLS and changed the CHANNEL ORDER to AETR to match my programmed settings.
ALL DONE with new version er9X-r820
__________________________________________________ ________________________________________________
I got the following from Mike Blandford and modified the post:
I just read through it and it looks OK, with one thing you could improve on.
The 9XR has a '128 processor, so it is better to select "er9x - 128 - FrSky" as the version to download and flash. This makes use of the extra EEPROM of the '128 (more space for models) and also uses some of the extra flash space to provide more features.
I think it should automatically just use the extra EEPROM, but it is always a good idea to backup the existing EEPROM before flashing the '128 version. Note that the "FrSky" and the "Standard" versions for the '128 are the same file, there is an option in the hardware menu to select the FrSky (telemetry mod) option.

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Jan 16, 2019, 12:18 PM
I can FPV :D
Ahh, those were the days,
I remember there was a competitor to the OpenTx software which was my personal preference, but ever since I got a Taranis yeaaaars ago, I've never needed another Tx lol.

If do find one on auction like you did, would definitely pick it up for the right price as a trainer
Jan 17, 2019, 07:10 AM
Registered User
That's soooo nicely laid out. I still use my 9XR, and find it strangely nicer to use - don't know why.
There's a project for the weekend.
Many Thanks, Luke
Feb 04, 2019, 07:33 PM
Entropy is happening!
Jim.Thompson's Avatar

Questions from a position of ignorance.

Hi Mike,

I am considering buying either a Turnigy open source capable transmitter or a Taranis (X9D plus?). I am completely over my Futaba 8U tx's with their silly pre-programmed mixes that are always getting in the way.
My question for you:
Why do Turnigy and Taranis users bother to upgrade firmware/software at all?
I am daunted by the shear size of the various discussion threads about these transmitters and simply don't have the time to read through hundreds of pages on highly specialised programming information.

This is possibly not the place to ask, I hope you don't mind me doing so on your blog.

Feb 05, 2019, 11:16 AM
I can FPV :D
Hi Jim,
Upgrades bring stability and new features to keep up with modern products.
I've only upgraded my Taranis twice in it's life

I first got the Taranis, upgraded to the latest stable version of the time as there was increased functionality (3-4 years ago)
I then upgraded about a year ago as this upgrade gave me the option to flash Receivers with the internal module that was NOT an option in the older version that I was running.

I've had no need to upgrade since and so left it as is.

Hope this helps.
Feb 05, 2019, 02:27 PM
Entropy is happening!
Jim.Thompson's Avatar
Originally Posted by jkishan16 flash Receivers ..............................
Hope this helps.
It does help, thanks Jack.
Questions arising, however: "flash receivers"?
What is this and when and why etc.? (please?).
Feb 06, 2019, 05:21 AM
I can FPV :D
Frsky Receivers fall in two categories depending on region of sale.

EU LBT and FCC (guess which is sold where).

I am in the EU, but I use FCC firmware as all my other gear is already FCC, so easier to flash new Rx I buy than to dig out my embedded Rx and re-flash


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