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Jan 15, 2019, 06:40 AM
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I will put links in this entry to some other threads that I have started and which contain some useful data. It's hard to find stuff on RCGroups as it gets older and buried!
This is a work in progress and will get updated from time to time.

The LiPo tool for calculating a safe continuous C rating from Internal Resistance of a LiPo
The background threads for the LiPoTool
A simple way to estimate the true C rating of a LiPo battery
A simple LiPo performance tool

Adapting computer SERVER power supplies as battery charger supplies.
How to convert Server Power Supplies. The main reference thread that links only to solutions.
Any other kind of post is ruthlessly deleted in order to keep this thread useful and concise.
A simple high quality 12Volt 100Amp Power Supply- Part1. Despite the weird title, this is the main discussion hangout for people interested in getting these powerful server supplies to run.
Using two power supplies for higher voltage/capacity chargers: safety issues

Lemon Instructions and support threads
Nigel (Daedalus66) and I write various instruction documents for the Lemon receiver products and also I start the "Official" Lemon support threads. Lemon are a small company without much in the way of documentation expertise but they make nice inexpensive DSM2/DSMX compatible receivers and stabilizers. Nigel and I are not associated in any way nor paid by Lemon. We just think they are neat products that should be as easy to use as possible.

Official Lemon Instructions thread. This is where all the Instructions documents are to be found. The first 9 posts are the key ones.
Official Lemon receiver comparison chart. Summarises all the key features and compares all products. This thread is kept closed to stop people adding distracting discussion and questions.
Lemon DSM2/DSMX Compatible Receivers. This thread was not started by me but the OP seems to be long gone.
The new LM0052 DSMX Compatible 7-Channel Full-Range Telemetry Rx with Vario.
Note however that some of the discussion about this receiver is on the Lemon Telemetry thread here:
The official Lemon DSM2/DSMX Compatible Telemetry system thread
The official Lemon stabilizer receiver thread. The first 8 posts contain nearly all the useful info.
The NEW official Lemon Stabilizer Plus thread. This is the main thread for the StabPlus
Tested Lemon Stabilizer Plus configurations
Admiral RX600SP 6 axis stabilizer from MotionRC. A thread dedicated to the Admiral version of the lemon StabPlus
Adding Auto Leveling and Return-to-Home to a Lemon 7 channel stabilizer.

LiPo technical stuff
Internal Resistance variation with temperature of Bolt and Graphene LiPos
Internal Temperature of a LiPo hotter than you think.
An Introduction to Lithium Polymer Battery Technology - translated into English. An authoritative presentation by a German engineer that contains much useful inf. Roughly transliterated by me and Mr Google.

Other useful data
"JST" connector confusion - the real story How to identify the various small white connectors that are often wrongly named by vendors.

DIY gadgets
An effective variable load automatic LiPo discharger.
1 or 2S DSM2 Brick with servos
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