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We get our hands on the Chair Pak and FPV Pak combo that turns into the ultimate FPV accessory.



Back when I reviewed the first Chair-Pak in 2016 I thought it was a great idea. It's a backpack for our RC and FPV gear that is also a chair. Most FPV pilot I know prefer to sit down when they fly. Having to carry multiple bags and a chair is a pain so the Chair Pak solves that problem. I've been using it for nearly 3 years now and I love it! I had been waiting for the FPV Pak add-on that was under development at the time, but they ran into some issues that delayed its release. Now it is ready and they sent me a brand new chair along with the FPV Pak to check out.


The Chair Pak

The Chair Pak remains mostly the same as when I reviewed it back in 2016. It has been updated though and the backpack size is a little larger to accommodate the FPV Pak add on. It still has a great quality look and feel to it and is very sturdy. They added a ton of webbing and straps to the outside along with some bungie cords that you can use to attach a couple of drones to the outside. It has more of a tactical look now which is awesome. It comes in 4 colors, Black, Teal, Camo and Blue and sells for $99.99.

The FPV Pak

The FPV Pak is a separate purchase that can be used a stand alone case if you want, but it works best in tandem with the Chair Pak. It's made to fit inside the main backpack compartment and is a perfect fit. It comes with a waterproof cover and has a lot of storage options. I was able to fit in a ton of batteries, my goggles, DX9 radio, extra props and that didn't even begin to utilize all the space available. There is a protective foam wrap for your radio so it won't get damaged and you can fit tools, parts, charging gear and so much more inside. It has a landing pad included that also doubles as a work station and there is a magnetic strip where you can place your loose hardware so they don't get lost. It really feels like they put a lot of thought and effort behind the design to make it incredibly useful. The FPV Pak sells for $79.99.


They hit it out of the park with this combo. I highly suggest you get both the Chair Pak and the FPV Pak insert together. It is the ultimate FPV accessory and you will really appreciate having all your stuff in one place as well as having a chair ready to go whenever and wherever you are.

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Jan 15, 2019, 10:41 PM
Nightstone's Avatar
Now do the review with an average rc flyer. call it an 250-300lb guy. Lets see how it holds up.

Jan 16, 2019, 07:23 AM
RCG Admin
Jason Cole's Avatar
Its rated for 230lbs, but I’ve seen heavier dudes on it.
Today, 03:40 PM
Registered User
I'm chiming in to share my thoughts and experiences with this setup. I originally bought the ChairPak in 16 or 17. So, when I ordered the FPV Pak, they shipped out the newer bag free of charge as promised. Replacing the bag was easy conceptually, but took a little effort to get it right, in practice. The instructions were clear, but provided no visuals (none were really needed, it was explained well). Once that was done, the only thing left to do was organize my stuff. I'll just attach a pic to show how I set my FPV Pak up (see below). At first, I wondered if the FPV Pak would be worth the $80...honestly, I pretty much doubted. I am actually very content with the quality of what I received and when you put it all in perspective, I think it was well worth it. The Chair Pak itself had performed well for me, so the addition of the FPV Pak finally completed my setup perfectly! I love all the bungees for securing my quads to the backpack. I love the addition of the launchpad and transmitter gimbal protector (really nice feature). Honestly, it's all the little features that would take too long to detail that eventually won me over!

Left:you can my Spektrum FPV screen, antenna, and DIY google battery
Top: 1s Lipo charger, spare parts, Tx neck strap, etc
Right: Larger black case holds 1s lipos (up to 25), smaller black case holds my Mobula7, and additional DIY goggle Lipo
Bottom: FPV goggles

Much more stuff hidden in other compartments!

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