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Dec 13, 2018, 12:23 AM
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UMX Touch-up

I have a few UMX foam model airplanes i really like. Being fragile to handle, they could use a few touch-ups. I am in the spirit of flying (and could use something to get my mind off of Holiday Stress) so i decided to have a look at them

1) UMX Carbon Cub SS: This is like my old UM Sport Cub S on steriods. Popular, expensive, sought after, and discontinued.
It has a BL motor, runs on 2S LiPo, and has a few 'large model features' such as Flaps and lights. It is very stable in zero wind and crawls along like magic then.
It does have good speed for a little Cub and can handle very light wind. But it likes to cruise at medium power on calm days.

Stock wheels had been set aside for larger DuBro lightweight wheels. They ended up being too thin with too large a hole--they were sloppy on this model.
So, i replaced the DuBro's with stock. Before replacement, i colored the stock rims black. Now they match the plane better

I also replaced the gray plastic 'LG side plates.' I had broke them off in a hard crash after msjudging windy loops. I had to use clear tape to hold them on (but do not mind). It looks complete now, & i won't notice the tape during flight.
There is a little chunk missing from atop the cowl, but coming down on the LG obviously helped prevent other obvious damage.

This plane has been crashed again into my wife. It looks rather nice despite having survived a few wrecks.
I have seen gnarly results from other pilots... one pilot nearly totaled his (plane not wife). My wrecks are on YouTube

There is a 'Beats by Dr. dre' sticker on the Cub that matches quite well. Sometimes we call this the 'Beats Plane.' I am hoping to take this plane to Red River, New Mexico one day. Perhaps bring floats (wind would need to be nonexistent for floats)

I actually have everything that came with this little Cub including the charger, 2S 180mah LiPo battery, and box. I could sell it for a pretty penny--shipping is not bad on the UMX stuff. But i enjoy its still-wind flight... i'd regret selling it.

2) UMX Sbach 342 3D: This is a premium UMX plane and is sought after by UMX pilots. Its Blue/black/white color scheme and lines are the most beautiful of all airplanes ever made. It is also discontinued.
(Hangar 9 makes a similar styled, larger, balsa Sbach 342 that uses the Saito FA-115--both a dream of mine to behold)

The Sbach is complete opposite of the Cub. A quick dynamic 3D plane that can handle a bit of wind. It flutters at full tick, but i forgive it. That flutter is just over-zealous gyro stabilization--AS3X.

I have not flown my Sbach much. It is kinda my 'Hangar Queen' in a way.
I had a somewhat rough landing in grass . It has some dings on its belly and also a small cut on Horizontal Stabilizer. Otherwise it looks great. Even its Rudder & laughable 'wheel pants' are intact. (The Rudder on UMX taildragger planes often get bent up)

I colored the inside of the Cowl which helps improve its looks from a frontal view. I touched up some scrapes. A while back, i had to ditch its beautiful box after it survived a Tornado. That sucks...

This is the one airplane i wanted to survive after we were hit by a Tornado in Dec. 2015. It was a recent Christmas present from family! Three days later i thought all was lost...
Surviving the Tornado gave it even more meaning--it is a symbol of survival and freedom--and reminds me of God's Gift

Whoever put its 'Eflite' sticker upon its cowl must have been using thier feet, haha. It's okay, i forgive them

I know it is kinda funny yapping about little toy foam planes. But if you have ever flown like a bird in the sky, you may understand that model airplanes are a celebration of joyful flight

"You're a TOY, you can't fly!"
"No, It can't be true! I could fly if i wanted to... Like a bird in the sky, i believe i can fly--why i'll fly!"
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