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Dec 11, 2018, 07:54 AM
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Hobby Express - New Mini Telemaster

Hobby Express is pleased to announce the NEW Mini Telemaster Kit. So letís get started with the build.

In the kit you will receive a full size set of plans and the laser cut wood as well as other items to build the kit.

Here is the wood for the kit all lay out, the parts are laser cut and have small cut tabs to hold the parts in the sheets. You will need to use a hobby knife to cut thru these. We are starting with the fuse first, one thing I do is to make a mark on the inside of both fuses. Next will be the wing double (WSD) dry fit in the area then carefully glue in place and you can use the 3/16 wood dowel to help with this. Next Glue the 1/64 ply plate (TD) to the rear of the fuse. You can use the 1/8 dowel to help with alignment for this.

Now that both sides are done start looking for all the internal pieces and lightly sand the cut tabs to get a better fit. It is best to dry fit all the pieces to see how it all goes together before gluing. B2 & B2A are split bulkhead and connect under C1. When fitting all the internal parts together donít forget C2, this needs to be installed also before the final gluing of the fuse. Next install (FSD) make sure it is flush with the bottom of the fuse side. Now install the 3/16 sq. balsa stringer on top & bottom of fuse. You will need to place tail bulkhead (B7) temporarily in place to get the proper measurements. Glue the stringer flush to the top & bottom of the fuse making sure one end goes into the notch in (FSD) and other into the (WSD). Now snap both sides of the fuse together making sure all the alignment tabs go into the proper locations and then use (SB1) to help align the tail making sure both ends of the fuse are flush. You can use rubber bands or tape to hold everything together to get everything aligned before gluing. We use thin CA on all the joints. So here is the fuse all glued together.

More in a bit.
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Dec 11, 2018, 01:38 PM
A man with too many toys
Is here a bolt-on wing option or is it rubberband only?
Dec 12, 2018, 03:05 PM
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RC Man,

We wanted to keep it a simple kit for people to build so it is rubber band only.

Dec 12, 2018, 03:13 PM
A man with too many toys
I just got my mini-telemaster. I see that there are no instructions. I guess this thread will serve that purpose.

One thing I did not find was the cg, It's not marked on the plans. You may want to add that for the next production run.

I will favorite cg program and see what that says.

Will a 3s 2200 battery be too heavy? I plan on using a 2212/920 motor that I already have.

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Dec 12, 2018, 03:48 PM
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RC Man,

The build thread and plans are the instructions for this plane.. Yes the 3S 2200 battery will be way to heavy. The plane was designed for a 2S 1300 -1500 mah pack as well as a 370 - 480 motor.

Yep we missed the CG, should be just behind the carbon tube spar. like all Telemasters it has a wide range for CG.

Feel free to contact customer support for more info.

Dec 14, 2018, 02:29 PM
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So now letís look at the wing build. Locate all the balsa & ply wing parts and lightly sand the cut tabs so the ribs will sit flush on your building table.

Locate (BTE) balsa sheet and use your straight edge pinned to your building board so it does not move now locate (TE1) and make note of the hinge slots, make sure they go to the open area of the sheeting. Glue TE1 to the sheeting. Next glue (WB1 & WB2) together, now glue to the sheeting that has the TE of the wing attached. Locate (MSB) notice the notch this goes to the bottom, use the straight edge again and pin (MSB) flush with straight edge. Now slide the sheeting (WB1 & WB2 & TE1) under the (MSB) also slide the stringer into also, note the notch. Place the straight edge against the TE again to make sure everything stays straight.

Start placing the ribs into the main spar and the TE spar. Now Locate MST and use slow CA or a white wood glue and place a bead of glue on the bottom spar and then slide the top spar into the ribs. We include the Dihedral gauge to set the balsa root rib. Not locate the top stringer and note the notch ( The notch should be facing up to accept the sheeting. Locate the 3/8 x 3/8 balsa LE wood and glue in place.

Locate the small piece (WT1) and the wing tip. Glue WT1 so the top of WT1 is flush with the main spar. Flip the wing over so the bottom is facing up and use a razor plain to make the LE balsa flush with the bottom of the rib. Locate (AB) and glue into the aileron area. Now place the wing tip in place against W7 and WT1 and glue. Now sand the bottom of the wing tip flush with the ribs glue all the top wing sheeting together and glue to the wing center section.

More shortly.. Have to keep feeding the hungry laser machine to make more kits.

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