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Dec 05, 2018, 02:36 AM
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Difference of Forums

I have created / I am moderator on various forums and Owners Groups.

The range of styles and moderators is wide and can at times be bewildering.

I have been in the modelling hobby for over 55yrs and seen development and changes that we could never have imagined. Leaving aside the electronics and models themselves - one of the most useful but also can be destructive - is the advent of Internet and Forums.

Forums and sites such as Youtube give instant access to all. Whether experienced or newcomer. Because of its instant factor - it can also be carrier for the less informed or those with 'character'.

Recently a Vendor posted on a text that caused a number of members to reply in terms of disbelief. The vendors claims were in all honesty ridiculous.

As I say - various members posted such and I decided to add some experiences and questions to the thread. The vendor continued his stance and debate continued. While I was typing my next reply - the moderator of that section "Dirkclod" posted a message informing that he would ban anyone who continued to 'bash' the vendor. I was totally unaware of his threat and clicked POST. Once my text uploaded - I then saw his threat ... but before I could edit / delete my post - which actually was NOT bashing the vendor but questioning his claims - I was banned.

I was not able to edit / delete or even contact the moderator to discuss or solve the situation.

Two weeks later - I was allowed back to the forum and I immediately PM'd the moderator and asked why there was no provision to alloow editing / deletion of any offending post ? I was summarily dismissed and told 'Have a Good Day Nigel'.

I then decided that possibly it was a matter for debate on the forum : So I started a thread asking if there was any possibility to alter moderators actions to allow correction of posts if required - that moderators could hide the post and inform author so. This is what RCG here and other Forums do. Its fair - it means authors are not just banned - but able to alter posts to meet rules and continue as valuable contributors.

I received support from others for the suggestions, but it fell on stony ground. In fact I was informed that I was now 'being watched' by BigAl.

Without warning - I was banned again. This time for 1 month.

I am so annoyed about this - that moderators protect a vendor who makes ridiculous claims, moderators who act without considering all facts and events, that when anyone questions them - BANNED ! It seems that Democracy is not only in peril in the world - but also suffering in Phantompilots Forum.

The suggestion thread I posted has been wiped out completely. My access to even the locked front page has been cut.

I cannot understand the thinking of these two moderators. It is well known and observed by many that they have a couple of favourites on the PP forum - who can literally post whatever they wish. It is now obvious that this vendor is protected. If anyone should question or be 'different' to these - then moderators step in and you are penalised.

It is a terrible shame as Phantompilots has some excellent contributors and generally shines through as one of the more knowledgeable Phantom forums.. but with moderators like Dirk ?

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Apr 25, 2019, 08:57 AM
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me too

just learned of this. i have been at the rcgroups for dont know how many years, and posting, mainly asking questions, and have got answers that helped me.
but in recent times i had been trying to learn about the new telemetry radios and receivers. especially the receivers from lemon. there is a thread where John (the guy from australia) where he released instructions on how to use them. everything went fine until a fellow from 1 of the major distributors began to sabotage it with comments that were turning down any who mentioned anything that he considered that was showing anything that could hurt the brand he works for, and when i said this, suddenly i could not see my own posts, and to this day, my blog does not show how many visits i get. when i reached the moderators i was told that it was something about the carriers, but took me 1 week of contacting them that i could see my posts again. and still my blog does not show the number of visits.
so this happens even in the best families, as some say. i mentioned this at my blog. still, am lucky of not being far
you can check my blog for all the details on the first post and another below.

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