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Dec 02, 2018, 10:49 PM
David Vels
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Journaling the MC-32

This blog won't interest many. It's for me as I learn a new transmitter logic.
I want to keep a record of things as I "discover" them.

Like "Logical Switches" (LS) for example.
It took some reading ... and re-reading ... and ... re-re-reading before the light bulb came on.

What I wanted to do was to have a Master Switch (on/off) govern the 3 position (off/partial/full) motor switch.

No matter what combination I tried to get the (il)Logical Switches to work it just wouldn't happen.
Then it occurred to me that the operation or the application of the LS doesn't happen in the LS menu.
All one is doing in the LS menu is creating a single switch from 2 switches, which is then applied to a channel/function in the "Control Adjust" menu.

For the motor example, in the Control Adjust menu, scroll down to I8 (motor channel) and apply the newly created LS(s) to the respective channel.
Also noting that should the switch require reverse operation, it's done by selecting the "LSi" (i for inverted) switch option.
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Dec 03, 2018, 07:19 AM
David Vels
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9ch rx for 9ch model

I have set up a 6 servo wing, V-tailed electric (F5J) sailplane on the 9ch rx using the Tx Output Swap function.

Looking from the rear of the glider in plan view, I started at the nose with Output 1, then left to right across the wing are outputs 2 - 7 then 8 & 9 for the tail.
Although, for adjustments to surfaces, the allocations in the image are still used so those numbers still need to be recorded or eventually memorized.
I made a mock glider from coreflute.
It is worth its weight in gold.
Motor is still ch8.

Tx Fnct -> Rx Ports
Servo 8 -> Output 1
Servo 2 -> Output 2
Servo 6 -> Output 3
Servo 9 -> Output 4
Servo 10 -> Output 5
Servo 7 -> Output 6
Servo 5 -> Output 7
Servo 3 -> Output 8
Servo 4 -> Output 9
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Jan 11, 2019, 05:56 PM
David Vels
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Phase assignment to C1 (throttle stick)

It seems so easy once it’s figured out. I didn’t understand the manual and with so many options to try it took some thinking.
Graupner MC32 phase on C1 (5 min 14 sec)

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