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Nov 28, 2018, 08:38 PM
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Jumper T12 multi protocol Tx ( Part 3 )

Jumper T12 Part 3

I have been using the Jumper T12 as much as possible in the last week or so in an attempt to not just evaluate the Tx but also run down my AA batteries till a problem arises . Now the general consensus is that the module requires 5v to operate within parameters or problems may arise , problems like brown outs or complete loss of contact with the Rx and possibly range issues .

I was out flying my DIY micro DLG and all was going OK till the rudder refused to work at all . At the time I did not think to check the voltage , but the Tx was running in the 4.6v range . So it does not look like you have a lot of voltage to play with if you decide to go the AA route . I have ordered a 2s lipo as I am really starting to like the T12 a lot and plan to use the Tx on a very regular basis .

The T12 is a small Tx and feels small in the hand . But the only real issue for me is the soft gimbals . I especially don’t care for a soft throttle stick and I want some tension on it so I can use my rudder without inadvertently adjusting my throttle . Opening the T12 is relatively straight forward , you just need to remove the 6 screws that hold the case together . Then you need to open the battery cover and remove some tabs / inserts that sit on the shoulders of the transmitter . To remove these you need something like a butter knife to gently pry the tabs up and pop them lose . Thankfully Jumper has decided not to connect anything to the back cover making the removal of such painfully simple .

Once the case is open you just ned to ID the tension screws for the gimbals and tighten as required . Once this is done the case goes back together with no issues what so ever . Just remember not to overtighten the screws .

Using the T12 .

Flying micro quads I find the T12 to be just right , I don’t use massive throws when quad’ing so the T12 works perfectly . There is plenty of precision for small adjustments to the models flight and I have not noticed any softness in the middle of the sticks . ( No dead zone )

Where I have had some issue is adjusting to the small gimbals sticks when flying my DLG . I constantly over correct because the sticks are so soft and small ( before adjusting tension ) . So it is taking time to adjust to the T12 having flown with my 9XR pro and Taranis Q x7 . I certainly plan on using the T12 a lot more in the future and binding more models to it .

Why I like the T12

I really am liking the T12 a lot and I find very little not to like . I really like the fact it runs OpenTx . I know some people harsh on it for that but they can buy the T8 and be happy . I really like the fact that the T12 is almost the perfect companion transmitter to my 9XR pro or Taranis Q x7 . So if you are already using OpenTx on a full sized transmitter , the T12 just makes perfect sense if you want something better for your Toy grade RC machines .

All those toys out there potentially suck the big one because they are bundled with junk transmitters . Once these toys are bound to a decent hobby grade transmitter , they perform so much better . All the cheapness and junkiness comes from the bundled transmitter . Once bound to something like the T12 , those toys are quite capable of being precision RC craft that can bring hours of joy rather than frustration .

The bottom line is that I really like the T12 . It really has impressed me with it’s usefulness and it’s diminutive size . The T12 is just so easy to reach for and use , not just for flying RC but also for testing receivers , servos , ducted fans , etc . It’s just so handy to have around .

The gimbals are set a little soft out of the box
It may not be that great an idea to run AA in this transmitter

For a score out of ten , I would have to go about 8.5 out of 10 . I am looking forward to seeing what will happen with the firmware , and in the future perhaps bundle the T12 with an appropriate 2s Lipo .

I will be using the T12 in the future and featuring it in other reviews and such . Right now I have a XK A800 hanging off the wall I hope to play with soon and the goal is to bind it to the T12 if possible .

I would like to thank for making the T12 available for review ( Thank you ) and I hope this review has been informative .

Part 1 of the review

Part 2 of the review

Part 4 of the review
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