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Nov 25, 2018, 05:16 AM
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GPS triangle equipment: Questions & Answers

In the past few month,i got frequently asked about GPS triangle racing equipment.
Cause i think this might be usefull for other as well, i decided to put them into a new thread
Im sure there are more than me out there to help.

Q: I was looking at a new gps berlin 2018 videos this a new class (sport class ) were you can fly a non scale gliders like the dna v tail? are they of the 1/3 scale size?
A:the limits for the sport class are:
max Span 5m
max wing loading 75 gr/dm2
max weight 7kg
start with electric drive only.
Thats it. Within these rules you can use also a scale model.
Q: what data is turn in to the judjes after you fly each round in gps? does it come from the open tx receiver and gps sensor?
A: Scale class rules:

You definitely need the skynavigator app
its 80 (EURO)
This is the endpoint of all the telemetry data and it manages also the tasks. at the end of the flight the results will be readout from your device.
Checkout chapter 2.5
Q: in this vid of a gps contest
1, at 1:04 - 1:30 can you tell me about these two airplanes, ho makes them, if you know
2, at 11:10 - 11:15 who makes that white tx tray? i seen it a lot. i need a good tx tray
A: 1.
A:2 I dont know ecactly which type oft TX he flew, but take a look here
Q: how many gliders used in the tri angle events use a water ballast system?
is there a system that they use?
A: no excact number available.
Landing with full ballast is not the best idea. Therefore the water ballast.
Arcus 1:3: 2x2l water in the wings.
ASG32: 9kg empty + 6l water.
AN66 no water but 5.6kg of brass.
So, some use water ballast, others not.
Q: I am planning my gps glider but what tow unit is in the nose of the gliders?
I been looking at videos and I like to see one of these tow units, what do they use on the bottom of some of the gliders?
A: nothing special:
119,90 incl Servo

You should contact them. They also compete in GPS-Triangle racing.
[email protected]
Q: what are some of the motors / up ang go units use for 1/3 scale gliders?
A: up&go: its depends on the AUW:
eg Orbis 20 by
or the Schambeck

for FES:
or Hacker A60-18L glider
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