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Nov 22, 2018, 01:39 AM
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Jumper T12 multi protocol transmitter ( Part 1 )

Sent for review by , current price @ fasttech = $91.35 USD

A quick note about .. To get the latest greatest price ( if there is a better price than quoted )
1. Add the product to the cart
2. Point the mouse to the trolley at the top bar and click view cart
3. Click have a coupon code and type – map

Jumper T12

Working voltage: DC 5-DC9V (factory with 4*AA battery box, 2s Lipo recommended, batteries not included)
• Firmware: OpenTX
• Channels: up to 12 channels (depending on the receiver)
• Display: 1.7-inch LCD display, 128* 64 resolution
• Gimbal Type: Potentiometer
• JR/FrSKY compatible module bay on rear side
• Upgrade method: USB online upgrade
• Simulator mode: 3.5mm standard ppm output or USB HID

All I can say is what an interesting transmitter . To get started one has to install batteries and to do that all you do is gently pull at the top of the tab on the battery cover . Just a gentle pull outward and down and it should pop open . A lot of folk are going with 2s lipo packs but I have decided to stick with AA for now and see how things go .

If you go the AA route you may find the transmitter beeping a voltage warning at you . So the first thing you need to do is go into the menu and change to voltage range for the low voltage warning . I changed mine to 4.6v .

Voltage warning range .
Press and hold the power ( on – off ) button till the transmitter starts , Takes about 2 seconds . Press and hold the menu button till you enter the radio set up menu . 3rd menu option is your battery range , I set mine to 4.6 – 8.4 volt . Then scroll down till you get to your alarms and set the alarm voltage for the battery , again I have gone with 4.6v . Once you have done that simply use the exit key to leave the menu .

To create a model .
Press the menu button quickly ( don’t hold it down ) Select an empty slot , and press the enter button . Press the enter button again to create a model . To move to the next page push the page button . A short press to move forward and a long press to move back . On this second page you can name your model and set your module and bind to receivers / models .

Name the model .
Simply press the enter button to enter the function , then use the forward and back keys to select letters . If you want a capital letter just press and hold the enter button . After you have done this you can select the next letter in the name . To maintain a small letter just give the enter button a short press . Once your name is done just press the exit button .

Select Module .
By default the radio is set to internal D16 , since there is no internal Tx module to work with we must select the external multi protocol module . First we need to disable the internal function . Highlight D16 and press the enter button , then press the back button to select off and press enter again .
Move down the menu to external RF and highlight off . Press the enter button and then the forward button till you get multi and press enter again . Now the Tx is running the multi protocol module .

Multi protocol module .
Press the forward button so that the protocol is highlighted and press enter , now use the forward and back keys to select the protocol you wish to use , you may also need to set a sub protocol .

To bind .
Move down the menu till you get to Rx number and right next to that should be BND , short for Bind . Highlight the bind . To start bind you press the enter button . But first you need to set your Rx / model into bind function . Most of your tiny little quads will start automatically in bind mode , so all that’s needed to do is after powering the model is to start the bind function . Most of the time this should occur almost instantly and the flashing lights on the quad should go solid to indicate a bind ( same with your Rx ) .

But before you do that , Throttle Hold or Throttle Cut .

Seen too many Youtube video’s recently of people being eaten by their props , simply because of the lack of a throttle cut or the improper use / set up . Most transmitters give you a start up warning if your switches are in the wrong position ( yes / no ) . Mine do , so I like to have throttle cut set active with the switch in the rearward position . ( Furthest away from you ) . This being the two position switch siting on the left shoulder of the transmitter .

Enter the model menu and go to page 10 ( special functions ) . Use the forward button to highlight the first position on the first row and push the enter button . Now toggle the switch you want to use for throttle cut and leave it in the rearward position Next you need to chose the channel you will over ride , throttle is usually channel 3 . Then give it a value of -100 and tick the little box at the end ( highlight then press enter ) .. Then press exit .
You have just set up throttle cut and made life safer . To make your throttle work you have to toggle the switch towards you , and if you leave the throttle cut forward then the next time you turn on the Tx you will get a switch warning .

The Jumper T12

So far I am really impressed and I can see the T12 making for a truly excellent companion transmitter to my Taranis Q X7 . I mean , who wants to lug a full size transmitter about every time they want to fly ? A lot of my micro quads and larger would fly very happily on the T12 and the fact that the transmitters run Open Tx just means operating system familiarity . I have been using the T12 for about a week now doing all sorts of things like Rx testing , binding to micro quads and some servo testing . Having a small easy to use multi protocol transmitter at hand has been really useful I have to admit . So not only is it a RC transmitter but also a very useful tool for the workbench . So far I have only range tested DSM2 and in that regard it matched my Jumper T8 as well my Taranis Q x7 . I will have to do some more comprehensive range testing before ending this review .

Please bare with me as there is a lot to cover ( So ends Part 1 )

Part 2 here

Part 3 here

Part 4 here
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