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Dec 31, 2004, 07:50 PM
Under tension
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1-1-05 Day in the Life of AP. Post photos here!

This is the official area to post photos for the one-day project started in the A Day in the Life of AP thread. For everyone that agreed to be involved please post your New Yearís day photos here. I know its not the new year for most of us yet so if you havenít heard of this and want to participate, let TomA know (heís making a web page) and follow the guidelines below. Please, no cheating. The whole point of this is to see shots done on one specific day. If itís too windy to fly get creative and take a picture of your plane, flying site, location, screen-shot a weather map, whatever. Just try to make it related to the subject.

1) Post an aerial photo to this thread taken by you on Jan. 1, 2005. Photo MUST be taken sometime on New Yearís day.
2) Include the following information with your photo:
-Location of picture.
-Weather conditions.
-Detailed description of the subject and your flight (of lack thereof). Feel free to elaborate. Larger descriptions will work well with this project.
3) Please keep conversation out of this thread. One post per entrant.

Good luck everybody!

Here is the link to the web site and interactive map that is going to host all of the photos. If your name/location is missing contact TomA. Be sure and keep visiting the site as it will be updated after photos arrive onto this thread.

The 1-1-05 Photo Project web page: http://home.insightbb.com/~rc-ap/

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Jan 01, 2005, 07:23 AM
more time to fly !!!
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2005 First Light

Location: Montegrosso d'Asti (Italy), my town.
Weather: Sunshine, blue sky, 1030 hPa, temp. -1į C, no wind.
Aircraft: Multiplex EasyStar, 2000mAh Lipo, stock 400 motor and Gunther prop
Camera: Mustek Gsmart mini3, Michele' Switch.

View from over the site where I'm usually flying, I'm in the lower left corner
of the picture. The white zones and reflections are from ice and some snow.
We had snow on Christmas Eve, but after some rainy days and then three days of sun...no more snow. The camera frozen after just 9 shoots (too cold for the Lipo's also), despite a 30 minutes flight.
It's not the picture I wanted to take, but it's the best one out of 9....

With my best wishes for an Happy and Peacefull 2005 to you all,

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Jan 01, 2005, 08:01 AM
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Tolethorpe hall

Location - Tolethorpe, Rutland, UK
Weather - Wind SW 16 knots (18mph)!!, temp 7C, overcast.
Aircraft - Slowstick, AXI 2212/26, 3S Lipos
Camera - Pentax Optio S4


I was determined to get airborne today. Not really ideal weather, but a couple of 10 minute flights, much unplanned aerobatics later and heres the result. It was taken at around 11.00am.

Its Tolethorpe Hall, now being used as a Shakespeare open air theatre (you can see the blue canopy of the auditorium in the left of the picture). Its about 2 miles from my home and its the site of the first pics I took with my Optio when I got it about six month ago.

Happy new year to all!

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Jan 01, 2005, 09:34 AM
Trying to defy gravity...
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Captree State Park

Location: Captree State Park, Islip, New York
Weather: Morning haze, 10+mph winds, 45F
Aircraft: Slowstick, CoPilot, Himax 2025-5300, 2S TP2100, APC1170
Camera: Nikon 3700

Got up early to get the lightest winds of the day, I was down on the south shore around 8:00am. Highest winds I've flown in to date, I usually do AP on calm days but I wanted to contribute to this project. Fun but a bit frustrating not being able to fly like I usually do; fighting the stiff headwind and wondering when my batteries would die and if I could get my plane back.

Captree State Park (and boat basin) is at the end of Ocean Parkway, well east of Jones Beach. My parents use to take the family out to Captree when I was a kid. Dad would fish, the kids would play in the calm water, while Mom did the food & BBQ. The stuff deams are made of.

You can see the bridge going over to Robert Moses State Park located on Fire Island in the photo.

A Peaceful and Happy New Year to All,
Jan 01, 2005, 10:08 AM
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Tree climbing

Location: Germany, Upper Bavaria, Mittenwald
Weather: Half-dull, sunny
Cameras: Micromaxx, Powershot 30

On the day before 1.1.2005 I did a flight to test all components. Everything was okay.
By the next turn I was out of the distance and my aircraft had an uncontrolled soft "landing" in the top of the highest tree in this area.
The problem for me was: The tree has an altitude of about 10 meters, but I had to climb up!
It was very difficult to reach the top. When I was there, I joggled the tree with all my power. After several minutes the plane fell down 5 meters to the next big bough. Now I did the same procedure: I joggled again. The plane fell now 3 meters. The plane now hung about 2,5 meters above the ground, but still in the tree. Being back on the ground, I had to strike the plane from the bough till it came down.
I was very exhausted. The plane was destroyed, but the photos in the plane-camera were saved.
Now I had no more possibility to take an aerial view on 1.1.2005.
The first presented photo is taken a short time before "landing" in the tree. The second photo is a hand-made look about my little town (Mittenwald) in the Bavarian Alps from 1.1.2005.
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Jan 01, 2005, 10:11 AM
Team HeliProz
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A Guiding Light to 2005!

Happy New Year Everybody!!

Got up early to catch the morning light and low winds too!
This is a shot of the oldest active lighthouse in Michigan http://travel.michigan.org/detail.asp?m=2;6&p=G4637. It guides ships in from Lake Huron to the St. Clair River. The Blue Water Bridge is in the background, which connects Michigan to Canada. The red roofed building behind the lighthouse is the Coast Guard Post. The smoke stacks on the horizon are from Chemical Valley, Canada.

Location: Port Huron, MI USA
Time: 8:15am EST
Temp: 35 degrees F
Winds: 0-3mph
Aircraft:Modded SS, with PJS 800, Tanic 2150 3s
Camera: Nikon 4200 in continous mode.
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Jan 01, 2005, 10:29 AM
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I wish I had a better picture to post unfortunetly, I could'nt get a ride anywhere else for better pictures, and the 10-13 mph winds did not help

-Location of picture: Northern Wheeling, IL
-Weather conditions: Sunny, 30 degrees, winds coming out of the east at predicted 10-13 mph.
-Aircraft: Slow Stick, Nippy Black 1812/100, Tanic 3s 2200
-Camera: Kodak Easyshare CX 6330
-Description: This photo was taken at 8:45 in the morning. I took off from the street in front of my house. The big condolike building you see in the backround by the little lake, is a new condo complex they are building. 3 more condo buildings are going to be added. It was a windy, and cold morning which made this picture rather "soft" I touched it up but still looks a little grainy. At least I contributed HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!

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Jan 01, 2005, 10:56 AM
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Happy new year to everyone.

Location: about 35 KM southwest of Frankfurt/ Germany
GPS coordinates: Longitude 8.25.04/ Latitude 50.16.99
Weather condition: 8/8 clouds,+3 deg.Celsius, windy.
Aircraft: E-soft, KE-22/9, 3s2p Konion
Camera: Aiptek SD2 Meg.

This is the little village of Engenhahn, where i live. It's about 35 kilometres west of Frankfurt/Germany in an area with small hills named Taunus.
I wish, i could post a better picture, but the sun is hidden behind clouds.

Thanks to Citabria and TomA for brilliant idea and map-job.

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Jan 01, 2005, 11:53 AM
Crazy test pilot
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Stillwater, MN

Location of picture: Stillwater, MN
Weather conditions: 18 degrees F, Winds 12 mph from the east
Aircraft: Slow Stick w/ Himax 2015-3600, 3C 2100 mA LiPo
Camera: Nikon 3700
Detailed Description: The Stillwater lift bridge is one of the few remaining vertical lift bridges in U.S. The bridge was built in 1931 and is still in use today. It spans the St. Croix river at Stillwater. The left shore is Wisconsin and the right shore is Minnesota. During the summer, the bridge operates primarily to allow steamboats to travel up river to Taylor's Falls, MN.

The photo shoot was a little difficult because the winds were high (for the stick anyway) at 12 mph from the east. All pictures were taken going with the wind because there wasn't a big enough takeoff/landing area on other side of the bridge.
Jan 01, 2005, 01:15 PM
Under tension
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Johnstown, CO 1-1-05

Location of picture: Johnstown, CO
Weather conditions: 30 degrees F, Winds 5-10mph
Aircraft: Mountain Models Magpie with Razor 300 and Etec 1200mah LiPo's.
Camera: Nikon 4200
Detailed Description: You could label this one "urban sprawl". This is my community looking North towards the town of Johnstown. It is a bedroom community in Northern Colorado. Houses were growing out here faster than corn, but things have finally slowed down. You can see in the background the older part of town with the grain elevators. My fiancee and I moved here a few months ago and love our new house and the area. There's a glimpse of it in the picture at the bottom right corner (the smaller one next to my neighbor's 'barn'). I wish the subject was more interesting but I really enjoy just throwing the camera plane aloft right from my back yard. These pictures from around the world look great. Thank you everyone for participating.

Jan 01, 2005, 01:32 PM
American MoonMan
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The Ridge

Location of picture: Temecula, California 01-01-05 @ 0847 PST
Weather conditions: Foggy with high clouds, about 46 degrees & WET!!
Aircraft: GWS Slow Stick, highly modified for AP usage.
Camera: Pentax Optio S4 w/PRISM IR switch and Plasma I(TM) Camera Mount.

Photo is one of 34 taken at this site on New Years Day, 2005. I call the area The Ridge. I flew from an open lot amongst many VERY expensive homes. Most are on 5 acres, and average about 7000+ square feet in size. Pools abound too. Wind was calm, and flying conditions were actually quite nice considering the amount of rain we have had in the last week. Slow Stick flew very nicely, and landing was great, with roll out right to my feet. Wish I would have had an audience this time!!
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Jan 01, 2005, 01:36 PM
SlowStick Test Pilot
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Sacramento, California
46 deg windspeed 12MPH from the SW
Modified Slow Stick
Nikon 3700

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Jan 01, 2005, 01:41 PM
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Another Lighthouse

Location: Ponce Inlet, FL
Weather: Overcast with some high fog and mist conditions
Wind : 15 to 25 mph offshore
Plane: GWS Slowstick/Himax 2025-5300 3s2p 1500 Lipo
Camera: Concord 3042 with servo operated shutter

This morning was very overcast and when the coastal fog burned off, the wind began -- 15 to 25 mph at this location. I took 30 pictures, this was the only one that is worth sharing. I may go back out this afternoon and see if it improves any.

After posting, the picture looks green in the upper right. The picture on my computer doesn't look that way. Can anyone fix that?
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Jan 01, 2005, 01:43 PM
Registered User
Location of picture: Gardena, CA shooting toward Downtown L.A.
Weather conditions: Mid 50's, Winds 5+
Aircraft: Mountain Models Magpie with Himaxx 2015-4100, Kokam 3S 1500's
Camera: Blip Aiptek
Detailed Description: Worked yesterday to get one of those Steve Nolan mounts for my SS. Got it mounted, took the SS out this morning, and as I was trimming and climbing up to take some shots, the prop popped off and couldn't find it. No replacement since I ran out of APC props. Came home, determined to get a picture here I found bracket that was not good, and taped it to the side of my Magpie. Went out again, thought I had some pics, came home, and found out the card was full, from some other shots I took, so I ended up with no pictures. Cleaned out the card, went out again, and finally came up with a picture though not good. Should have stuck my Optio on, but wasn't sure how it was going to fly, and the bracket was just held on by tape. But here it is. Happy New Year's everyone, from almost always sunny Cali.
Jan 01, 2005, 01:53 PM
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Location-Naperville, IL
Weather- Overcast 30 F winds- unfavorable for flight..
Aircraft- N/A
camera- Digitrex 3mp
Description- Winds are a bit gusty for flight, although i might try for a flight off the ice..
Until then i have a ground picture over looking one pond, taken off my patio..


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