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Nov 18, 2018, 02:58 PM
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Eachine Tyro99 210mm quad

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Pic of stock quad with some temporary 3D Printed legs (and yes, the cam isn't set properly for speed on these pics)

Disclaimer: I got this from Eachine/Banggood for testing and review.
(Note that this is NOT an affiliate link. I was asked to put in an affiliate link because Banggood has decided to institute a ROI, but I have elected not to put it up here which means that this will probably be one of my last (if not my last) reviews of items provided to me. I do my reviews because it's FUN, I get to play with stuff that I might not otherwise buy, and to give others a real life clue (not the manufacturer's claims) as to how the darn thing works! Also, if you think I'm biased and won't knock an item that needs knocking, then you need to go back and check some of my other reviews...)

Now, who is this item marketed for. I can't see it being marketed for a die hard RC'er because they no doubt (like me) have plenty of quads with equal or better specs. So, I'm going to review this as a quad for a beginner to intermediate RC'er. Also, I'm going to presume that you already own (or are in the process of procuring) a transmitter, monitor or goggles, and a charger!

Viewing it that way, what do we see?

First, from everything I've seen and read, it's marketed as a $99 quad. Well, yes and no. It's a $99 PNP quad. It doesn't actually say PNP on BG (remember that I'm tailoring this review to a less experienced RC'er who may not get this fact) and while I've gone over their description a few times, I do not see where it spells out either PNP or the lack of a receiver. So the cost is now $99 plus the cost of a receiver. Also, don't forget batteries!

I have to warn about the camera too. Man, that thing is totally bottom shelf. I used it on the first few flights for this review. But because of the complete washouts that I got flying with snow on the ground and a bright sky, have already replaced it with something a bit better.

There are no build instructions, but there are some very nice video builds on YT. I viewed a number of them as I was waiting for this one to hit my door, and this video by AndyRC is my favorite:
$99 Tyro99 Built in 10 Minutes (10 min 7 sec)

Be aware, if you're not pretty competent at soldering, the motor wires are going to eat your lunch! Even after re-tinning the ends, they take a lot of heat to solder to the pads on the PDB (that and having plastic insulation is certainly not a good combination!).

On the one that I got, when I selected NTSC in Betaflight, there was no OSD on the display. To get OSD, I had to select PAL. No biggie, but... The fact that there was no OSD with NTSC is not the fault of the stock camera, as it also occurred with the replacement camera. Another thing, there is no way to monitor the current/mAh used on the OSD. Seriously, all I really need on the OSD is battery voltage, but I like gravy!

Power selection on the transmitter takes some messing around to get to. Changing channels and bands is pretty straight forward, but I had a bear of a time getting to the transmitter power selection. The transmitter is great at 200mw, but gets hot fast at 600mw so I'll keep it at 200mw. Just because of the issue with changing power, here are the quick and dirty instructions:
Long press twice (once to change channel, second time to change band) and then really long press and finally the "2" (or whatever number) with the dot will start flashing and you can change the power level (0=bench, 1=25mw, 2=200mw or 3=600mw).

The stock props are good enough, but when it gets time to replace them, I'd go with something else.
Oh, I went with the Frsky XM+ receiver because it's small and fits into a tight spot nicely. Make darn sure that you solder that SBUS bridge pads properly for it.

Betaflight works as one would expect and there are plenty of videos as to how (and why) to adjust the settings.

I also put some (temporary) 3D Printed legs on the quad. They're too wide for this quad, but still do to keep the battery off the ground until I redraw them to be just longer than a 4S (I don't own a 5S) battery hangs under the quad.

1. Very capable flyer
2. 4-1/2 minutes of reasonably aggressive flight time @ 30F
3. Looks good
4. Strong frame (I'm sure someone will break something on it, nothing is unbreakable!)
5. Decent kit to learn with

1. Camera is definitely bottom shelf
2. Motors wires have plastic insulation and the wires are pre-tinned with some very crappy tinning
3. On mine, while video works regardless of the standard, the OSD only works on PAL
4. No written build instructions (typical...)
5. No way to monitor current on the OSD (just something I like to have).
6. While you'll probably only do this a couple of times, changing VTX power takes some getting used to

So, what do I think? If you're new or relatively new to RC kits, and can solder, it's not a bad kit at all and once put together, will give you plenty of enjoyment. If you've been around the block a few times and have a collection of quads already, I'd probably pass.

Update: Taking my own advice, I went with my tried and true Gemfan 5149 three blade props. This is a personal preference thing as there are no doubt other props that are as good as these, but I just like the way these props fly. For me, I not only get a faster and more aggressive flight, but I also get extra flight time to boot! With upgrading the camera and the props, it has now become a keeper.

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Pic of quad with self upgraded cam and Gemfan 5149 props (and yes, the cam isn't set properly for speed on these pics)

Main thread on RCGroups:
Gemfan props: (there are other props and other places to buy them!)
Frsky Xm+ receiver: (once again, many places to pick it up)
Tooooo many decent cameras to link to
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Nov 19, 2018, 09:19 PM
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Added some new legs and changed out the stock antenna (which was fine, but a little tall for my taste).
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