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Mar 06, 2002, 06:19 PM
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Your Thoughts on My Wild Idea

I've been flying some of my e-planes on cordless drill packs, most of which have been Sanyo 1250 SCRs, and they've held up well for me (I got a great deal on them). While scanning one of my recent Harbor Freight catalogs I saw a 14.4V variable speed cordless drill, battery, and charger for $16.

Hmmmm, me thinks... for $16 bucks you get a speed-600ish motor (probably a Mabuchi, Johnson, or Sagamo), TWELVE 4/5 Sub-C cells, an AC charger, AND a speed control that works off of a motion input (the trigger). So, I reason, why not rig up a servo to actuate the speed control and go fly.

I'm gonna order a drill to try it out -- I'll report on the results as soon as I bench test it. Has anyone done this before or have a good reason I shouldn't waste $16? At worst, I'll have a spare drill.
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Mar 06, 2002, 08:35 PM
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Hey Craig

Hey Craig

Get real, if the drill mfgs meant thier product to fly they would lower the price so you could afford 2!!!!

And of course give you a reverse at the same time.

So my point is, consider a twin, with counter rotating props, with inflight reversing for that steep descent.

Just think the kool spins you could do with 1 full foward and 1 full reverse.

While you are at it order a third, so you can make 2 14 cell packs instaed of the power deficient 12 cell pack. You have 1 motor to burn up to see how far you can push it.

Ron Parigoris

BTW I think I saw a below 10$ drill from them, with a lesser cell count.