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Dec 30, 2004, 05:49 PM
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Post Your Dragonfly Photos and Info here. Good News only!!!

I am looking for Ideas and upgrades for my dragonfly. Even with all the negitive press, the one I have seems to be one of the good ones I broke my timing yoke, but that was my fault I replaced it and it's now flying very nice I will be getting another in a few days and will be looking to hop one up. Please! no PHA-01 bad news! Plenty of that already If the one I have acts up I will replace it with the quickness!!! But I love the Dragonfly and will keep flying it. With that said, Here is my first one. Thanks to Gerald at WWW.GWSPARTS.COM

Son House
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Dec 31, 2004, 01:43 AM
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PHA-01 overheating problem gone now

My mini dragon fly with the 300 motor and direct drive tail has a PHA-01 board that does not over heat now.

Their RD man from Taiwan, I don't remember his name, fixed the problem. My heli was balanced at the CG (the rotor shaft). To do this my 1100 mah 2S1P battery had one ounce of lead taped to it and was mounted in front of the chassis on two carbon fiber extensions. I was shown the same heli used by the RD guy and he had a 1050 mah 2S1P, no extra weight, mounted under the chassis (rubber banded to the bottom of the chasis ignoring the battery clip used for NiMH. I checked his CG and the tail boom pointed down at approx. a 30 deg angle. Definitely out of balance according to what I had been told by an ex navy heli pilot who had also flown RC glo .30 sized heli's. My tail boom went straight back, approx.

The one ounce of weight was removed, no heat sink was installed on the 3-in1 board, though I was given one to take home and install if I wanted to at a later date, and the heli was flown in the showroom by the RD guy for 6 or more minutes with no overheating problems. I was lucky to get a few minutes before problems set in with the proper CG using the lead weight.

So what happened? The main motor was pulling less current through the 3-in1 board to lift the heli and less heat was generated. The main rotor was producing less torque and therefore less was required of the tail rotor motor to counteract the torque. Less current through the tail motor and even more of a heat reduction in the PHA-01 board.

I have another 1500 mah 2S1P with 1/2 oz. of weight on it. I will use it else where and purchase another 2S1P in the 1050 to 1100 range.

Will this cure all the problems with overheating? Don't know. It is bound to help if you are willing to give up the "conventional wisdom" on balancing at the CG with a micro heli with very flexible blades that cone at a moments notice and I have no idea of how to explain that. I do know that a stock unit is a good performer with the CG way back. My tail boom slants down around 10 to 15 degrees with the battery in front of the chassis.

I will remount the batt. under the fuse, install the canopy, first time, and have a great time with my heli.

How happy am I with the new knowledge about this product?
I bought two more today with the PHA-01 for friends who would have been willing to pay for separates.

PS-update. I forgot to mention my 3-in-1 board was initially outside of the fuse. box for cooling by the prop wash and the gyro gain had been cut to 10 oclock to keep the heating problem down and I still had the problem after a few minutes of flight. The RD guy, Steve, turned the gyro gain back up to 1 oclock, against my suggestions, and placed the PHA-01 inside the fuse box before demo'ing the unit.

Happy days, chuck
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Dec 31, 2004, 01:48 AM
Its all fun
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Dear Old Crash. Don't give up with those other LiPos, they STILL weigh much less than the standard OEM NiMh battery pack, and should not cause you any problems with overheating. Just dump the extra weight.

Of course, shortening the tail boom about 1 1/2 inches would help with the balance, as well as slightly reducing the weight further.

You realise that you are now going to become the success story thrown in the faces of everyone who complains about the PHA-01 from now on! I would ask Mr Lin for some sort of royalty payment
Dec 31, 2004, 02:27 AM
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Thanks for the suggestion on the 1500 mah batt.

The reason for the post was two fold. One I am very happy, two I believe I cannot be the only one who had tried to balance on the rotor CG and caused undue heating in the 3-in1 brd.

I got my royalty. The heli flies beyond my expectations for a low cost starter unit and I can help my friends now.

regards, chuck
Dec 31, 2004, 04:40 AM
Houng-wen Lin
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Pls, reduce those options, and she's back to right one again.

Many flyers were affect by those unfair judgement on GWS Drangonfly like Willard and other similars....

I hope you better not to change GWS original sugeestion! Keep her as simple as she is.

The erduce weight by using GWS new 1050mAh 2 cells Li-Po will great help the weight down! The hovering will be even as low as 1/2 power.

I am hear trying to help you! Find out where went wrong of your set up or too much add on modifications?

If you keep her simple an thrust GWS's words, you can fly Dragonfly easier.

When Old Crash walked into GWS USA office, I saw that he add on so many options and different set up points. However, the major structure looks OK even had been carshed. So I am sure, after we delete some of the options, she will be back to normal with set up as what my suggessted!

The GWS RD Mr. Steve Lo and me, just spend a short time to reduce those options, and she's back to right one again.

Do you remember Kevin Costner played in the movie: " Tin Cup"? When he add a lot of options on himself, he never swin well!
Dec 31, 2004, 06:54 PM
Its all fun
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So if I understand this correctly, the 300H Mini Dragonfly, as supplied with the standard NiMh battery, is too heavy, which causes problems with the PHA-01. So by fitting a 2S GWS LiPo battery instead of the NiMh, the lighter weight (68 grams according to my scales) means that the PHA-01 works without overheating?
Dec 31, 2004, 08:34 PM
OV-102 Columbia
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round and round we go...

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