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Sep 20, 2005, 04:53 PM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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4 wind for the moment

I own a 4 wind
but need to save up to buy a 3 or 2 wind probably will buy the 2 wind but will need the gp2000 cells which give mayby 50 amps
so 8*50 amps = 400 watts if i can get the pack stuffed into the voodoo

deep pitch of the folder probably gives same speeed on the straights but less accelaration unless you accelerate in the vertical dives and then thats when the planet jumps up to meet the plane

anyway folder is a lot cheaper I break a fixxed for every three fllights and it slows the plane down in the vertical dives

sometimes when i am rich i use the fixxed to fly but after breaking 3 fixxed props in one day at 5euros a pop
and 15 euros

can buy a lot of beer

naw for the sake of a few % i fly mosly with folders for sports use

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Sep 24, 2005, 01:57 PM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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3 gram graupner Jr c100 nano servos located for new wing sevos

decided after checking the wing servo hs55 that it got broken because the servo and battery banged each other on a tumbly landing as my site has 4ft (1 metre )high weeds
so I figure solution is to put servos into the wings
my 5.5 gram graupner JR 101 are too thick at 9.5 mm so searched the web for the thinnest possible servo that exists
c100 is 6.5 mm and same power as my other servos c101 that is .8kg push

I happened to be working this week in Ireland for a change so rang the LHS greene hobby model in dublin Ireland to see if he had them in stock
and yep he had 12 of them
excellent now thats what I call a switched on LHS
I dought my normal LHS in Paris EOL or power model would have that in stock

So I bought 4 today two for voodoo and two for tail feathers of my Salomi DLG and will probably buy two for tail feathers of my Aeronaut Skyraider which has c101 and too much lead in nose so 3 gram servo will suit better than 5.5 gram

my 5,5g c101 I have used in my F5d size craft in the elevator
(stuffed up the tail F5B style so short links to elevator 1 inch roughly)
and they have survied repeated specked out vertical dives speeds exceeding 120mph possibly 150mph in dive phase and never a problem in flight but occasional gear stipps in bad landing
until I made a protective device for the servo arms to stop catching weeds or grass

Also used the c101 in skyraider 1kg plane and Salomi DL:G dive speeds exceeding 80MPH 120kph no in flight problems encountered

now with the inside of the voodoo the fuse has more rooom

I figure I can stuff in my kontronik FAI 480 55 (5500kv) and my TMM 75 amp and if I make a detachable nose held on with mayby bolts or something it looks like I can get my KOKAM (20C)(3S) 3200mha to fit inside the fuse

64amps * 9 volts = 576 watts

So rather than buy a 3 wind mega I think will start with my
plettinberg 200 /20/ 4 which is a 480 type brushed motor
with similar kv of mega 3 wind and with the new 8*gp2000 cells I have on order from the LHS

that should produce near to 400 watts and get similar result to


who using 2 wind mega and 7*gp2000 got 235KPH (130mph plus)146mph mayby

All the prediction programs suggest 155mph is the brick wall speed for this class of plane unless you can get 6 KW or 6 kg of push from some motor cell combo then 250mph becomes possible but that combo dosnt exist that fits
into this class of tiny plane
but when it does I wanna be ready for it

with more power I should be able to climb at 155mph as well as dive at 155mph and a 3200 mha will give a reasonable run time
pity about having to put cooling holes for that type of battery at thoise kind of amps

Ralf having fun

ps forgot short burst from kokam 3200 is 128 amps so for 3 seconds 1200 watts is possible
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Sep 28, 2005, 05:13 PM
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Not much time to write here, sorry guy's.

Have been involved in a car crash on the way back from time off work. The Voodoo flew nicely in Aubel on the slopes. But did get damaged when my car slowed down from 100kmh in a short distance.

It will be fixed at some point and fly again when I get it back over here and all the other stuff has been sorted out. At the moment not having a car is a big problem.

Ralf, they thought I was mad. You are taking it to the next level surely!

Sep 29, 2005, 04:09 AM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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Me I just follow the posse

In the beginning you follow the posse
then you catch up with it
then you overtake it
then you discover the posse is after your tail

Its that Henke in swedens fault he made a 700 watt dynamic
so I got to play catch up and make 700watt plus voodoo
and having lived in holland I can probably expect a dutchy mayby PAULUS to pass me out with something faster

If you can see the plane you flying too slow
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Oct 08, 2005, 10:08 AM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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Skunk Works Report


there is no way to get the (20C)kokam 3s1p 3200 into the fuse of the voodo unless I do a major rebuild and I havent got the time presently and dont expect to have the time to do the modification before april 2006
The Kokam is exacly 5mm toooooooo wide so I need to slit the voodoo down the middle and insert glasss etc into the gap to close it up

The servos also caused serious problems
investigation of the trailing edge of the wing aerlion near the root showed a small crack possible flutter issue photo at gallery

LOTS of photos under treehog oct 8th 2005 samples below

checked out the broken servo and no broken teeth
The starboard wing servo HS55 as I was fitting the wing on suddenly started a rapid movement up down for several seconds which I thought was mayby servo case distortion from so many components inside fuse pressing on servo case and then servo did this several times as I tried to get wing to fit and then servo packed up so off home to check it out
it looks like the pot is burnt out
I usualy like to turn left so starboard aerlion which packed in would have a lot more pressure in flight to push down the aelion and mayby the loads are to high for the HS55 at high speeds as the servo gobbles a lot more amps than the JR 261 and burnt itself out

Purchase of JR c100 3 gramm sevos and fitting to my Salomi DLG on tail (photo in gallery )feathers
confirms tht this a seriously USELESS servo for anthing that goes faster than 30mph as it has virtualy no umph compared to jr141 5 gram servo and its teeth strip
sooooooooooooooooooo easly

I would need 4 of them to each wing and even then mayby they could still jam
ah well its winter so lots of indoor projects could use up theses servos

So the new Skunk works project is to get my Plettemberg 200/25/4 and 8*gp1100 now fitted with 4001 esc to do a flight(mosly because this gear fits better than the brushless stuff with bigger ESC ) and then to work with
8*gp 2000 when they arrive
any day now

The KV of the Plettemberg 200/25/4 is a bit of a mystery but pcalc shows Plettemberg 200/25/6 version is 3200kv and Plettemberg 200/25/5 is reputed to be 4000 so mayby Plettemberg 200/25/4 is 4200 similar to mega 2 wind

Also in the future will put on fake wing bumps to simulate the bumps caused by jr 141 (5 gram )9.5 mm thick servos placed in wing to see if external wing servos bumps will decrease speeds by a serious factor

So in the mean time the wing servos are the JR 261

While checking the HS55 the elevator servo removing it so I could slip in reciever first towards the tail to get more room in fuse I noticed the elevator bar does bend under pressures and hits the top of the roof of the fuse
I dont think its a suffentienly serious issue to modify or strenthen but it might cause a little spongy affect in elevator response which others might not like
time will tell

Hope to go with the plane tomorrow but dont expext very good performace as the Plettemberg 200/25/4 pulls 35 amps plus probably 50 amps and the GP1100 dont like to give more than 25 amps so static tests are definitly whimpish compared to the 8*rc2400 that the motor normaly uses in the biggger f5d sized aeronaut FOX


PS oh yeah forgot when the gp2000 arrive (hope the 8 pack fits)
I will size it up for a 12 pack and my hacker4013 wi s 3600kv 500 watt f5d combo so if it fits party time
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Oct 15, 2005, 06:07 PM
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You are mad!

And those pictures are to fuzzy to see anything. Or are my eye's going?

If you can see the plane you flying too slow
My 2cc.

Oct 16, 2005, 03:04 PM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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so so so so fast too too tooooooo fast SPLATT

Zing dingers that brushed 480 sized motor pletimberg 200/25/4 is sheer animal raw power

Vertical climbs out a sight seconds to max altitdude

Vertical dives love the howling banshee sound full bore towards the plannet

did several of these manovers always using motor in 5 second bursts as the GP 1000 might supply more than 25 amps in short bursts and motor demands 40 amps plus

one realy specked out vertical dive full tilt pulled up but as it leveled out the plane entered a frakazoid high speed stall and spun into the ground at mayby 100MPH

Lawn dart time it went straight into the muddy ground and speared the planet a good few inches over the wing holder and wing went elsewhere

fuse extracted relitivly minor damage (mud is your best friend in vertical crashes) but wing has split at starbouard leading edge and torn

So now that i have to open and fix wing I will insert wing servos similar to exite 400 system except I will use jr141 instead of the dymond 4.7 that exite uses
pylon wing servo descussion at thread

Will come back in a few weeks as have to learn to program my new apple book in ruby and go to a computer course for a few weeks

also still waiting for gp2000 to arrive to speed things up even more

Sorry photos with old second hand 2.8 pixil camera that will get carried aloft to do in flight vidios low quality that is but on electrified 25 trainer

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Oct 16, 2005, 03:39 PM
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Hey Ralf

That HP is a good little motor, I ran mine on 8-10 cells but needed the 4.5x4.1 apc on 10 to keep the amps down. In any case 8 is much better for motor and brush life.

As for the camera there is a little trick - a torch and a magnifying glass. Then you may be able to get better pics, I did that until I managed to get one with fancy features like flash and zoom .


Oct 17, 2005, 08:17 AM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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thanks for the tips

next week will get the torch and magnifing glass out and do newwer pics

Kyri do you know the KV of the hp 220/25/4 and whats the max amps with 8 cells

on my f5d sized craft with 4.7*6 8*2400rc flight times suggest 40 amps

With the gp1100 its reputed you can pull 40 amps for 5 seconds at .85 volts
so that equals 40*7volts for 8 cells=280 watts

I figure kv at 4000kv and max amps at 50 amps with 4.7*6with gp2000

all ideas apprecated until I can figure out how to stuff in my 3600 hacker and 12 gp 2000

Oct 18, 2005, 06:52 AM
Ain't Dutch? Ain't Mutch!
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Man I miss my little plane!

It is securely stored down on the south coast of England for a while. From memorie the tail is broken off and it has a crease in one wingtip that wil require some strengthening. Other then that she is good to go. When I get my hands on her again!

Ralf, you are mad!
Oct 19, 2005, 11:12 AM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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Originally Posted by Kimble_Schmitz
Man I miss my little plane!

It is .................

Ralf, you are mad!
mostly mad
as hell
I didnt get to speed test max it out especaly on vidio
as I had a camera man that day so as to do doppler tests

Also will miss the plane as too tied up for several weeks to fix and fly it

KV problem solved

plettenberg email response for kv question of 200/25/4 at thread in power


the rpm with no load / V is 3860 1/min

Best regards

Manuel Wuest
TEAM Plettenberg

Plettenberg Elektromotoren
Rostocker Str. 30
D - 34225 Baunatal
Tel: ++49 (0) 56 01 / 97 96 0
Fax: ++49 (0) 56 01 / 97 96 11 <>

I must look into getting the F5D brusless version of plettenberg
HMMM will it fit into voodoo???????????????????

Oct 19, 2005, 03:51 PM
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Originally Posted by treehog

I must look into getting the F5D brusless version of plettenberg
HMMM will it fit into voodoo???????????????????


The version I hqave is HP220/20/A2/p4S and its kV is 5500 or so (from memory)

It is very similar to Hacker B40 FAI (6 turn) but slightly hotter.

Due to it being a larger diameter motor it could be a problem getting it in the plane, the moskito range are similar to the HP200-25-4 but a little more efficient.

Another option if you want the larger motor is to get Mega 22/20/1 which as far as I can see is a very similar motor, but at a significantly lower price. I'll try to post some pics later.
Oct 19, 2005, 06:29 PM
Speed Demon
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Originally Posted by Kyri
.....Another option if you want the larger motor is to get Mega 22/20/1 which as far as I can see is a very similar motor, but at a significantly lower price. I'll try to post some pics later.
Isn't the Mega 22/20/x series of motors too large a diameter to fit into a VooDoo?

The Mega 22/20/1 is 1.42" in diameter. I thought that the VooDoo used a motor about the diameter of a S400.
Oct 20, 2005, 03:08 AM
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Originally Posted by GregG
Isn't the Mega 22/20/x series of motors too large a diameter to fit into a VooDoo?

The Mega 22/20/1 is 1.42" in diameter. I thought that the VooDoo used a motor about the diameter of a S400.
Yes the mega and pletty are too big for the Voodoo. The Moskito is the size that will fit but I am not sure of kV etc.


Oct 20, 2005, 03:11 PM
Ain't Dutch? Ain't Mutch!
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Those Mega's are not that efficent and way to big for this plane. It is not a Speed 600 pylon racer.

More power I can understand, but this is building a new plane. Makes no sence.


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