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Sep 05, 2005, 01:46 PM
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Well I just don't recommend practices such as power strips, schrink wrap, double sided tape as a rule. Have seen what can happen and don't want to try this on my planes. What everyone else does is up to them.

Regarding the flexibilaty of the patches where the servo's are glued to. Yes, they flex a little but ever since I glued the servo's to the wing there is no more flexing. Remember to sand both servo and wing and clean with pure acetone to give the epoxy a good grip.

Here are the pictures of the second servo glued to the wing and how it all fits in the slighly modified fuselage. Works for me.

I should now be able to fit up to 4S in my plane.

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Sep 05, 2005, 05:04 PM
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three hours from build to test fly

Well sunday morning went flying and got very windy with threatining showers so went home at 2 pm

three pm decided to build voodo
out with the double sided tspe in goes the wing ailions two hs55 in goes the s400 6v new not run in and thirty amp esc kontronik and several washers to on elevator tray to lift hs55 clear from the floor in goes the rods velcro and reciever grapner 6 channel micro fire up rc and program in the basics no flap or spoilerons and in goes charged up gp 8*1000 and then spent another half hour with fiddly folder prop cut down aeronaut 6*6 cut down AND SANDED THINNER TO 4.7*6 and cg tested and voila 5,45 pm ah what the heck off to the local industrial scrap area to test fly

three hours from build to first test fly could have done it in one hour or less if I had too

Wind 20 mph low grey cloud visabilty not great
guick check fire up motor and throw

gone like a scalded cat circle get some serious height and then engine off down wind dives low passes serious speeds and high speed turns

that put a smile on my face flys like on rails hard to believe the speeds from a simple s400 landed and flew another plane to let motor cool down

Had this old guy out walking his dog swing past and said to me it reminded him of the V1 in WW2 the way that yellow bat out of hell was whistling around he didnt know what it was until he saw it do its landing
but I was too busy to get into a deep conversation
as I was just ready to go again with the fading light

did second flight even more fun even faster speeds but the field is small only three football pitches and cover the fields end to end every few micro seconds

then it rains buckets and spades and and guickly get plane into black plastic sacks normaly reserved for broken planes and back to base


today sun shining but serious wind 20 mph plus lots of low down turbulance indicated with my slower crafts bouncing all over the sky and barly making any head way but sunny good visabilty

out with the voodoo and a guick toss and into the air
better visabilty and do flights more pylon type sharp turns and after mayby three minutes plus lost it on a sharp down wind turn possibly with fading motor low height 20 ft and cramped space between two tree line

OK OK bad piloting and clipped the deck from losing height rapidly in down wind high speed stall agrivated by serious elevator cranking

minor damage wing bolts torn out tail fell off so a bit of glue and will fly tommorrow weather provided
but if I fly again it will be at another location as the field is too small for such a demonic missile with even a humble s400

next week will go with mega 4 turn and after that mayby my pletinberg brushed 200 /20 /5 ( a sort of 480 3 turn equalivant of the mega 3 turn) and later purchace a 2 or three turn mega

On the subject of the servos sometimes detect a bit of ballooning after elevator use but not sure is this centring or me but hs55 seem to be ok for sports use cant say for competition but suspect 261 are the way to go

having fun in fact having A BLAST

Sep 08, 2005, 08:54 AM
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Voodoo to nice a plane to stack !!!!

I now have about 15 flights on my Voodoo Mega 16/15/3 and 20C lipo 30 amps static. Full on at WOT. I notice it is still very pitch sensative and elevator needs constant adjustment even with expo. I use JR 371 for elevator. No issue with no motor, or cranking 20g turn but bit sus WOT and level flight. COG about 42 mm. Flies with about half mill up trim ?

Any one else have elevator issues?

Sep 08, 2005, 05:02 PM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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did another two flights

clocked up another two flights yesterday in a new much larger field
and did some serious engine on and engine off
dive tests from specked out hieghts
that was fun
engine cooling in between flights limited it to two flights before going to work
solution is to have two voodos
one coolilg down while the other flys

iOK OK I have to find some reason to justify giving the credit card a hard time
his and hers didnt seem suffient

Mavrik cant say I noticed any elevator issues but my flying speeds are slower witth the s400 motor estimate 70 mph and in dives closer to 90 mph plus and no issues
coming out of turns is a bit a ballooning but that might be my flying not sure as of yet Isuspect its is that over centring issues time will tell

all the servos in plane with my RC graupner mc16 are travel resticted
to as little as 25%
and I have no expo or dual rates or flaps airbrakes programed in at this time

very low travel rates can lead to hunting issies and I may yet opt to drill holes in the servo arms closer to the centre so as to be able to get travel rates around the 80% mark

I dont have any cooling holes in fuse but its not impossible cooling holes could cause severe wind buffiting on the long elevator rod and cause play
or as the air exits the rear end in a turbulant fashoin create a type of wobble factor

excessive heat build up inside the fuse can cause the servos to act up or impact other electronic items

My CG is 42 or possibly more but toward the limit of tail heavy

Having knocked the tail of and reglued it back on it seems that the tail is just glued direct to the gel coat and when it broke of it took the gel coat away

I personnaly figure this method is strong eneogh for most flying issues but the exists a small risk that in certian situations from mayby a iffy bad landing that the tail might semi crack off and if not noticed could in flight in its weakened state seperate

taking that logic further I suspect the tail plane is held on in a similar method but is connected to a large flat plate area and would find it difficult to semi seperate
but if it did semi seperate this might cause pitch control issues as the tail plane wobbled in flight
but the chances for this to happen are IMO very low

Most every time I had servo or pitch hunting issues the reasons were
wrong CG
cracked elevator horn wobling on mount
excessive heat or cold affecting electronic eletro mechanical items
excessive % travel issues on RC units or excessive movment on elevator the vodoo I use some 2mm up down there abouts
Worn out or heat impaired servo arms or control horns
or worse is semi stripped cog wheels inside servo which occasionly slip and are the hardest to track down
or having the elevaror ganged accidently to another channel such as aelion go left give up elevator go right gives down elevator
that real fun to fly with
or lose motor changing its angle of up and down pitch
unlikly with this plane but once happenned with my glider cracked fuse which buckeled up and down with servo throws

I would just replace servo first and if problem dissapers repair the faulty servo
Sep 11, 2005, 03:56 PM
Ain't Dutch? Ain't Mutch!
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News break...... flown..... no crash...... no damage....... FAST!

More later.

Sep 12, 2005, 06:25 AM
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Thanks for tips. I now have a JR 371 as elevator servo. My COG is around 41/42 mm. I have removed flap elevator mix and is slightly better. I will play with expo and throws a bit more !!! Issue only happens with WOT, so I think I will just have to live with it. May be this is how they are at 100 mph plus ???


More on your first flight please !!!

Sep 12, 2005, 12:49 PM
Ain't Dutch? Ain't Mutch!
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Further test flying tonight, have 2 packs on charge.

As mentioned, my setup is a 2S TP2100 Gen 2 pack with a HET 3W on a 5,5 x 4,3'' Graupner CAM prop. It does now pull about 25 amps static.

Darn fast as it is, next will be a 3S pack and 4,7 x 4,7" prop all of the same make.

The landing was a non event as I landed it at my feet in high grass. I have since then taken the up elevator out mixed in with the flaps down. Don't think I need it, judging from the first flight.

At the moment I am running her as per instructions with all the throws. But I can go 6mm down on the flaperons for sure. Good for spot landings and steep finals.

Got to run..... packs almost done.

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Sep 12, 2005, 05:20 PM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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4 more flights

thurday went to fly and hand throw went wrong and clipped wing and had to go home to reglue wing on
didnt see i lost the wing servo push rod the long one
dang I have every single type of ball joint fitting in the planet except this size
put a little sticky tape under the ball joint I had to get rid of the very very very small play or slack and that did the trick
moral dont lose these ball joints or change the balls to another size that you can get

oh yeah changed to using bungee end of experment in hand throwing plane

yesterday did two flights and today another two

still only using the s400 and it keeps getting faster and faster
p[reheating charging the nimh definitly gives the plane more onions

I love the howl from the specked out vertical dives

tody on last flight flew a roughly triangle course about size of of f5d course

10 laps no caller so all very ragged edge turn stuff around football posts

at 180 metres distance so probably did extra 25% to 50% extra distance on course
timed at 120 seconds for 4km= 120kph or 75 mph

figure the first three circuits were double as fast as the last 3 circuits as motor started to heat up and kan 8* 1000 went soft
after the ten circuits were complete went for a slow climb out and several slower circuits before BEC cut out and glided in to land
motor run time 2.5 minutes so 25 amps or 200 watts roughly

I will try next week to get a vidio and then doppler sound it to confim the speeds but my guess in the first few circuits its doing 80mph plus on the level

so far always using the folder 4.7*6 so will try next week a real fixxed prop 4.7*4.7 to see if that is faster but as the folder propeler is a lot more silent in flight than the cam fixxed prop I suspect this means it close to the same speeds

I still cant get over how fast it is with the humble race 400 brushed 6$ motor so I have decided to keep the cheapo motor there for another few weeks
seriously thinking about to buy a 4.8volt s400
and later outing it for a mega 4 turn and mayby
later pletinberg 200 20 5 (which maidined in my aeronaut FOX freddy fruditiler F5D sized plane with 8*RC2400 and folder 4.7*6) that was shifting also

again a small tendincy to balloon out of high speed dives or pylon turns but less than before so suspect its my stick control thats causing it
ERR fear of hitting ground causing up elevator inputs

Sep 12, 2005, 05:34 PM
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Still in one piece, that is 3 flights and counting!

Was windy today and the wind was increasing so had to cut the second flight short. Not much fun at all to fly with a lot of wind. Also a lot of turbulance from trees down wind. Makes it hard to see what's going on.

So I can't say much from todays testing other then......

The elevator mixed in with the flaps is indeed not needed on my plane. She now fly's stable without any tendency to fly slow, to fast or other unwanted tendency's.

Have also increased the amount of flap inbetween the two flights. Am now at some yet to measure amount of flap for landing, a lot more then 3 mm tho! Slows to a dead stop.

Sep 12, 2005, 08:24 PM
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Dont worry guys you will get used to the speed !!!

My mega 16/15/3 and 3s PQ 1800 20C lipo set up (30 amps static) is great, but I am now thinking of more ????? What else can I stuff in to make it go faster ?? Have been eyeing off the Het motors !!!!!!

Sep 13, 2005, 04:45 AM
Ain't Dutch? Ain't Mutch!
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You'r going to have to move that forward servo back, like I did, bring on 4S.

Sep 13, 2005, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Kimble_Schmitz

You'r going to have to move that forward servo back, like I did, bring on 4S.


Yes this is an option. I will put some more flights on it first, but just know I will want more !!!

I just love the way the Voodoo hooks around in high speed turns and makes that whistle noise. Must be pulling mega G's

Keep us updated on flights !!!

Sep 13, 2005, 09:17 AM
Ain't Dutch? Ain't Mutch!
Kimble_Schmitz's Avatar
Yeah, will do.

Am back to building stuff instead of flying as the wind is whipping today.

Makes me want to finish a pure slope plane.

Got to have something fun for every weather type.

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Sep 19, 2005, 07:45 AM
UN Earth peoples true enemy
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In went the mega 4 turn

did two more flight with s400 but from lack lustre performance it seemed evident that s400 was semi burnt out suspect the ten lap circiut and no cooling holes cooked its goose

SO In went the mega 4 turn
still oped not to put cooling holes for the moment
as will use the mega in burst mode 15 seconds run to climb
and generally switch of for dive phase
folder helps for dive phase

what a blast
mega 3 turn
4.7*6 folder
8*kan 1100
TMM 40 amp bec ESC

did three flights until one HS55 srvo acted up before forth flight so retuned home to check out this issue

Kimble_Schmitz thanks for the idea to put the servo at the rear
no way to fit the servo in the front and have TMM esc as well

did serious specked out full speed vertical dines and suspect serious speeds were gained juging as the plane was a small speck 1/4 mile away and engine on or off dives the JDAM whistle was audible from those distances and better closer up as it passes the runway

gestimate it hitting 130MPH in the dive phase

now to start saving up to get mega 2 turn and 8*GP2000


I see henke got 4*2000 and a mega turbine wind type into a Dynamic and gets 700watts from it

now if i could get 700 watts into vodoo that would be awsome

Sep 20, 2005, 06:17 AM
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Mavrik's Avatar
Flew Voodoo again today (total about 25 flights now) and just love this thing !! 300 watts and 420 g AUW. Makes me smile every time


So did you put a 4 wind in or a 3 wind mega ???? Don't forget a fixed prop is far more efficient than a folder


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