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Mar 06, 2002, 10:22 AM
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Window installation techniques?

It seems like every time I build a new model I always dread the installation of glazing, and end up putting it off untill I absolutely have to. ( because I usually end up doing a crappy job) Sooo....What is the best method for attaching windows/windshields to film covered models ? Which glue works best ect. Also do you remove the film under the window so your gluing to wood, and then trim paint the window to hide the glued area ? Just curious as to your favorite methods........Jeff
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Mar 06, 2002, 11:19 AM
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I'm usually gluing a canopy on a warbird rather than gluing windows on a cabin-type plane, but in either case I use Zap's Formula 560 clear adhesive.

I run a thin bead around the edge of the plastic piece using a Sig glue syringe (neat little syringe with a curved pointed tip). This lets me work quickly and accurately.

Then I position the part, press it in place, and tape it down until the glue dries. Any excess that seeps out of the seam can be gingerly picked away after it dries using a toothpick or a piece of balsa.

If you're worried about setting the part right where it belongs, you can pre-position it, tape it along one edge and "hinge" it open to appy the glue. You don't want to slide the part around with glue on it, as this will make smears.

Formula 560 sticks to painted surfaces and film covering very well. No need to remove the film in the area of the glue joint. While glow fuel used to be a threat to it, I've NEVER had a canopy come loose on an electric plant using this adhesive.

Mar 06, 2002, 09:36 PM
I'm Charged!
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Thanks for your informative reply Jim. I picked up a bottle of formula "560" today and just used it to glue the windshield of my electricub down. It took some serious pressure with tape to get the plastic to fit well. I hope the 560 is strong enough to hold it.
( I did not remove any covering) This glue is certainly easier to apply (and remove excess) than oderless CA . Which has been my standard, messy, method...........Jeff