Graupner MZ-32 Radio Simulator!

Are you thinking about stepping up to the MZ-32? Check out the simulator and get a real feel for what it can do!


MZ-32 Radio Sim

From Graupner

If you are a new customer looking into moving into a third-generation computer radio, the simulator enables you to view and test all of what this most advanced radio has to offer.

If you are an existing Graupner user or mz-32 owner, the mz-32 simulator provides an easy way for looking up software functions and try new things out using a desktop computer.


Each time you start the mz-32 simulator you will have to go through the system basic settings where you specify the language you would like to test and a few additional basic settings to get started.

The mz-32 simulator can be operated using a mouse or touch screen on PC desktop computer.

Some functions are hardware dependent and will not operate properly. For example, the telemetry menu will not show sensors or module settings for which abound receiver is needed.

Graupner MZ-32 Radio Simulator! - (4 min 30 sec)


  • Works only on Microsoft Windows computers
  • Cannot save model or system settings
  • Does not support audio
  • Menu help is not available
  • Support is not provided but you can always call or mail our sales and
  • support staff with any questions you may have


  • Up (R)
  • Down (F)
  • Scroll (V)
  • Servo (U)
  • ASCII (J)
  • Home (M)
  • Data Logging (A)
  • Screen Lock/Unlock (S)
  • Key Number 1 +100
  • Key Number 2 0.0
  • Key Number 3 -100

We hope you enjoy using the mz-32 the way we are and we at Graupner look forward to assisting and support you to become an mz-32 Graupner customer.


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Oct 24, 2018, 01:21 PM
Sagitta Fanboy
That's neat, I've made heavy use of the radio simulator in OpenTX Companion.

I hope they add integration so you can program/test stuff on the sim based on your current programming and/or push your simulator programming to the radio.

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