Foxtech Battery Hot Swapping System PG20 is Released!

The PG20 Dual Battery Swapping Board is a new power governer device for Nimbus VTOL V2. It increased at least 30% flight time of Nimbus VTOL and lowered the discharge rate requirement of the main battery.


Foxtech PG20 Battery Swapping System.

From Foxtech

The very first Nimbus plane was hand launched which required belly landing, adding difficulties to mapping applications. At the end of 2017, Foxtech started working on Nimbus 1800 VTOL with the advanced tri-copter tilting rotor system. After numerous flight tests and adjustment, Nimbus VTOL Version1 was finally released in February 2018.

Nimbus V1 was able to carry a 6S 10000mah battery and 300g payload. Its Max.flight speed was 23m/s and was able to take off & land in a wind speed no more than 8m/s. That combo included X9D radio, data-link, Power Amplifier, range booster which requires many power supplies, and a ground station, adding complexity to fieldwork.

In July 2018. Nimbus Vtol experienced a major upgrade. The power and speed of tilting servos were doubled, and the front motors’ thrust was also increased. As a result, the max payload was then increased to 800g while using 10,000 6S lipo battery and the max battery size the VTOL can carry was also increased to 12000mah 6S lipo. An anti-wind factor was also added to the firmware so the front motors can tilt to a certain degree to hold the plane in the wind. After the upgrade, the Nimbus VTOL can take off and land in a wind speed up to 12m/s while the max flying speed was increased to 35m/s, the max flying time using 12000 6S lipo battery was also extended to 50 minutes. The wagging problem on the tail in the early version was also totally solved.

Foxtech did not stop its pace, as the Nimbus VTOL went mature, Map02 and Map A7R mapping cameras with hot shoe function were also developed. Both cameras are very light and powerful. In order to control the Nimbus vtol in a much easier way, we developed a new radio with a name as DA16, which integrates datalink and radio link up to 5km range and many good functions. The mapping work can be done now with just a Nimbus VTOL , a radio and a laptop or tab.

Outdoor jobs could meet intense hot and cold weathers, to ensure the pilot having a comfortable outdoor working condition, Foxtech developed a relay system called RB20 based on the DA16 radio link and a powerful data link. RB20 increases data transmission and radio range to more than 30km, and it can be placed within 5km range with the DA16 radio that means it can be placed at a high building increasing the range of datalink and radio link, meanwhile ,the drone operator can now operate the drone which is miles away in a comfortable room or van.

Even so many upgrades were made, we still never give up innovation.In August 2018, the world first seamless onboard battery swapping system, the PG20 was invented. The PG20 has two input and one output ports supporting 3s- 6S lipo or li-ion battery, and it’s able to swap the two input battery for the output

The PG20 system made it possible to use two different battery types for tilting rotor VTOL. By using low weight but high capacity Li-ion battery for fixed wing and a small capacity but high discharge rate lipo battery for multirotor take-off and landing, the flight time of Nimbus VTOL was almost doubled . The VTOL is still able to land safely even the 95% of the main battery is drained since take- off and landing use another battery.

After all the upgrades and improvement, the current version of Nimbus VTOL is able to fly 100km range with flight time up to 90 minutes. Up to 8 km 2 area can be covered with a single take-off by using 65% side overlap and a high great A7R mapping camera with a resolution up to 5cm. By using RTK and PPK system, the mapping precision of Nimbus VTOL is reaching cm level and elevation precision reaching 10cm. Nimbus VTOL V2 is the most affordable VTOL on the market with the biggest single flight coverage.

With the sprite of pursing the best product quality and the innovation, we gave birth to the great mapping tool, Nimbus VTOL V2. Foxtech hopes to offer our clients even better and affordable leading industrial drone system, task load system, mapping system and a lot more solutions for different industrial applications.

World First Battery Swapping System: PG20- 30% Endurance Increased (6 min 30 sec)
World first onboard battery swapping system-PG20, 30% more flight time for tilting rotor VTOL (3 min 14 sec)
High power battery regulator Foxtech-PG20 onboard Nimbus VTOL V2 (1 hr 2 min 4 sec)


  • Battery Interface: 2
  • Max Input Voltage: 25.2V
  • Minimum Voltage(Battery A): 10V
  • Minimum Voltage(Battery B): 10V
  • Working Temperature: 40°(25V/40A)
  • Max Working Temperature: 85°
  • Max Output Current: 80A
  • Max Output Power: 2000W
  • PWM Pulse Width Range: 800us~2200us
  • PWM Signal Amplitude: 3V~5V


  • Main battery and auxiliary battery switched by PWM signal, Pulse Width Range is 1000us~2000us.
  • When the Pulse Width during 1800us-2200us, switch to main battery.
  • When the Pulse Width during 800us-1200us, switch to auxiliary battery.
  • Switch from main to auxiliary battery: When the auxiliary battery voltage is within the normal range, it will be successfully switched to the auxiliary battery Switch from auxiliary battery to main battery: When the voltage of the main battery is within the normal range, it will be switched to the main battery and the auxiliary battery will be disconnected.



Here is product detail about PG20:

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