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Jan 04, 2019, 01:52 AM
Originally Posted by wesblake
Yeah, let us know Mine is on it's way, supposedly here tomorrow. I'm looking to get another order in for accessories to get mid-long range flight. Props (suggestions for long range?), battery, and maybe RGB led's. Has anyone found board manual/schematics or the like for LED and GPS hook ups? I have not been able to find anything.
Some are saying byblade props. For me I don’t like the way byblades handle! I’m thinking on the stock props I’ll get around 8 to 10 on a 4s 1800mah but who know till it gets here!
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Jan 04, 2019, 01:02 PM
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I don't like 2 blade either, do mostly freestyle and I like the punch from the 3 blades on every kwad I've had.
So how accurate do you think this calc is?
I punched in my weight given a RDQ 5S 1800mah which is all up 692g, got 13.5m, I can live with that
Punched in with 2200mah 5s (742g) and got 15.4xxx, I like that, assuming it will fit on top.

Don't know how the 1 video claims 20m flight times.

Update: Plugged in all kinds of battery options, 3s-6s, 1500-2700. Closest I got was a 6s 2200mah getting ~17m, so, be interesting to see some real world flight times. I'm going to be using my 1500mah 4s batteries for now from my 5" kwads but really want to nail down what to get for this one in the long run. So far, looks like 2200mah @ 5s or 6s.

Just ordered my Crossfire last night, this is going to be fun!!
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Jan 05, 2019, 01:53 AM
@wesblake... that is interesting. I know when I go for a long range fight with my 5Ē twin quad.
I can sometimes get over 8 mins and not so rare to get 10mins on 1500mah. On the same quad flying freestyle around close I get around 5to 6 max. The reason being when I go long range Iím cruising mostly slow nice turns, dips and climbs not punches and snaps. Maybe that is how one could get such long flight times. I know there are many that claim that the Diatone GT-515M canít get the 12 mins flight time on 4s 1300mah that they claim. Well I can tell you for a fact that you can get a 16 min fight time on that quad all stock PIDs and props. I did it just the other day in 38 degree weather. However it was a cruising flight around my house and up and down the road. I may put the diatones weight and battery in that calculator and see what it says??? All interesting stuff. Too bad itís winter here or Iíd already know most of this. It has rained everyday this week
Jan 05, 2019, 02:06 AM
Wow I just entered the weight of my Diatone with the actual weight of the battery into that and it was really close. It said 15.8 mins. I get 16+- landing at 3.5v average cell... I can tell you that fly normal will NOT give that kinda fight time.
Jan 06, 2019, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by kydawg1
Just received mine...added Low ESR CAP to battery lead, Soft Mounted FC, Moved VTX antenna and added Crossfire Nano RX.

Looking forward to maiden tomorrow.
Just got my crossfire nano rx too, do you have any pics of where you put ch1 and ch2 on the FC? Apparently I can't just use the sbus receiver pad. Thanks!
Jan 06, 2019, 06:04 PM
Originally Posted by wesblake
Just got my crossfire nano rx too, do you have any pics of where you put ch1 and ch2 on the FC? Apparently I can't just use the sbus receiver pad. Thanks!

Iíve got mine yet but what Iíve before is use a open uart. Like TX1 and RX1 or TX2 and RX2... just make sure that the crossfire RX goes to TX on the FC and and TX goes to RX on the FC... mean the cross send a signal TX to a receiving channel RX on the FC. Then the FC sends a signal out the cross on a TX channel to the crossfire RX.

Kind of confusing I know. But I hope that helped.
Jan 06, 2019, 06:53 PM
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Yeah, I found that on a JB video. On the bottom of the board I see a R3/T3 and an R6/T6. The 3's are free so I can try that for the receiver. However, I wanted to add a GPS asap too, well there's a green wire already soldered to T6 that I've not yet determined where that goes. Im thinking maybe it's smartaudio of the VTX? I don't mind de-soldering that then to use 6 instead for GPS.

UPDATE: I just looked at stock BF config and without tearing it down yet I can confirm the green wire to T6 is smartaudio. Don't mind removing that. Answered my own question.

Ok, Crossfire on UART3 it is! Now if it wasn't raining like cats and dogs...

UPDATE 2: Talked to JB. All is hooked up! Crossfire is on UART3, GPS on UART6, and I actually moved the green smartaudio wire that was on T6 to Crossfire Nano RX CH3 which I can then configure via lua scripts, loose nothing!
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Jan 07, 2019, 12:33 PM
Do you have any pics of your set up you could post?
I’m wanting to do the same thing just don’t want to loose beta flight vtx controls! Please keep us post on your progress and test. Also which gps are you using
Jan 07, 2019, 02:17 PM
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Ok, let's see if it will let me do all this. Glad to post if I can add the pics. First of all, I found a layout for the board, attached.
Next, I used this video for a guide:
TBS Crossfire | HOW TO INSTALL IT (25 min 27 sec)

I have not yet used the LUA to set up VTX smartaudio via crossfire because I don't have my TX until tomorrow, but I'll update you with how that goes.
Images attached, basically I used the same color wires as in the video.

- 5v to 5v receiver pad on top of FC
- G to - receiver pad on top of FC
- White, Crossfire CH1=TX to bottom of FC R3
- Yellow, Crossfire CH2=RX to bottom of FC T3
- Moved green Smartaudio wire from T6 to Crossfire CH4 (Note I originally put this on CH3, but I'm in Bardwell's discord group and he said it won't work on CH3, it must be CH4 so I moved it)

Also took a peak at the VTX while I had it out so I could figure out how to set it. It's an EWRF e709TM3 Pro. Manual here:

- Configure Smartaudio via LUA script
- Add GPS (Going with this: ) using UART6 (R6 & T6)

UPDATE: Finished. I didn't have to do anything else for smartaudio. It was already set to CH4 in the newest firmware, and I was able to change VTX settings using the lua script for nano RX. Also nice is with the latest firmware on the TX and RX, I was able to set the TX to 250mw (I was told it only went to 100mw as in the video). Can't wait to fly now!
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Jan 07, 2019, 07:35 PM
I fly my crossfire micro on 250mw it has range for days. But runs thru a 2s 1000mah battery in about a hour maybe a little less. So extra radio batteries. Yours may be different I used thr Jumper T12.
Jan 10, 2019, 10:05 PM
So did you leave the green SmartAudio wire connected to the original spot?
Or did you move it to another uart? Tx4 for smartAudio. And tx6 and RX6 for gps???

Also have you had a chance to test the gps? My quad should be here next week.
I know it will be clear once I have the quad in front of me. I just like to do research first then hopefully setup once!

Thanks for sharing what you have got going on.
Jan 12, 2019, 12:36 AM
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beeper disable?

Does anyone know how to disable the lost beeper without pulling the sides off to press the button?
The normal way with the recent self powered soft buzzers is to reconnect the battery for a 3-6 seconds, then disconnect again and the beeper stops.
Mine does not stop unless I press the button.

(Mine seems to work ok. One of the ESCs was acting sort of unreliable so I reflashed it and now it's perfect).
Just running it on 3S for the moment.

As an aside, what's the target OBSD? Is this Omnibus F4 SD or something else?
Jan 12, 2019, 02:18 AM
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Can you run a GPS on Betaflight or do you need to move to iNav? Please pardon my ignorance.
Jan 12, 2019, 04:15 AM
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I think Betaflight has some rather immature but working GPS 'return to home'. Joshua Bardwell did a vid on setting it up. I won't be trying iNav on the G730 until I swap the FC from one of my other quad-copters as the basic all in one FC on the G720 does not have a barometer. I'll probably put an Matek CTR in
Jan 12, 2019, 06:59 PM
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Seems, even thought the lost alarm beeper has a little ST15L MCU on board it does not seem to have any smarts as far as disabling it aside from pressing the button (or mine is faulty) so I whipped it out and put a buzzer and led strip instead. I like the led strip for status anyway. The target is OMNIBUSF4SD as I thought. I updated it to the latest. I also upped the blheli32 PCM frequency to 30Khz. This thing is a stealth flyer even with the stock Cyclone T7056 props. I am going to order a few bi-blade 7" props for a bit of fun next.

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