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Dec 27, 2004, 09:11 PM

GROUP, you gotta see this (Need A Laugh)

>Subject: Re: Group you have to see this! (need a laugh)
>From: "the_atomic_punk"

>Gotcha buddy! But you do remember i did post a retraction due to my
>incorrect settings in my speed trap.:-)kmph is not mph LOL!That was a
>big oops!

>From: "the_atomic_punk"
>Shannon just 3 words for you.
>Leave me alone!
>If not,then i get dirty on ya! and that could mean lots of frustration
>for you and you and your (i'm sure) valuable time.
>Wanna try me?You will not like it!(for once trust me)
>Another 3 words for ya!
>" He finally admitted a mistake in
>the timing"
>I admitted that back in spring but i still got 91mph out of her this
>summer.And no it was not the 132 feet thing,it took more distance to
>get her there.But it did happen.(you hotdogphiliac)

I wanted to avoid getting any deeper into this, but... I gotta be honest...
your attitude has driven me to reveal some things that I have known all along.
I did not bring this stuff up earlier, because I didn't want to embarrass you
any further than I already had.

If it was a "Big Oops" as you say, perhaps you can explain the things you said
Date: 7 Sep 2004 11:18:11 -0700

Whatever.I dont need to prove nothing.I dont care that you think out
of your jealousy.I know what i did and thats all that counts.I dont
beleive i made any mistakes.When i drove by the speed trap in my car i
was doing 40 according to my speedometer and the speed trap flashed 39
at me so i figure its close.
So end of discussion mr shannon.

Soooooo, Perhaps your car's speedometer is ALSO callibrated in KPH???

>i received a email from a guy claiming that he saw a article in some rc
>mag that these things do 120mph.I wrote him back telling him that that
>was hilarious.
>I even dared him to post that remark here figuring he'd
>be picked apart the way i was last spring.LOL!

You weren't "picked apart"... you were asked to prove your statements.
Had you been a little more humble in your approach, without all the Raving,
Ranting, "Chest-Pounding"... and "Back-Patting"... "Self-Impressed
Grand-Standing" tone of your posts, I wouldn't have been so demanding of some
kind of proof.
And ya gotta admit... your statements about contacting the Guiness Book of
Records people were (ahem) a little *Over The Top*.
And it wasn't "Last Spring" as you say... (suggesting we hold on to things
forever around here).... your Posts were in September (check the dates)
This group is made up of some pretty nice guys. We come here to share our
common interest in Radio Controlled Cars/Trucks.
BUT.... when Bullshit starts to fly... people get *called-out* on it... simple.

Dec 27, 2004, 09:11 PM

Re: GROUP, you gotta see this (Need A Laugh)

I ran across this - guess who?!+Photo+Album/c033.jpg?pf.jL0BBHEU1V24c

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