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Dec 27, 2004, 05:46 PM
Fish Head!
colin wavell's Avatar

L.E.G P51 Build Thread?

Has anyone done a build thread for the LEG P51D with bubble canopy. I'm sure I could work most things out but I'm a fairly anxious person and will loose sleep over all the questions I have. I read somewhere that someone thought the instructions provided were some of the best they have seen. Well may be its a case of two nations divided by a common language but I think in many places they are unintelligible to a novice to this kind of building. Its a bit like giving someone in a car directions by pubs if they don't drink! It's things like the details of mounting the tail group and joining up the elevator linkage that are not well explained or even very well illustrated on the build threads of some of the other LEG models. Wings seem very straightforward. Its mainly the fuselage operations that are not so well explained. Does anyone have a DIY way of setting up the 0/0 incidences without going to the expence of using a meter. The other thing that is slightly worringing is that with all the gear buried inside it would seem that you would have to virtually destroy the plane to replace a faulty crystal or battery. Or do you guys wreck your planes so quickly that this is not a problem. I expect my planes to last more than a year and I like to replace batteries after a year. Perhaps we need a reconstruction thread as well.
All that aside I am excited about the plane and hope to start building this week.
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Dec 27, 2004, 06:06 PM
Free as a bird now.

There have been several well detailed build threads about LEG warbirds. I don't recall one offhand about the P-51 with the bubble canopy, but all of the LEG warbirds are built very much the same.

TAWG's Me-109 thread details the use of an internal wood tray and access hatch to make the radio gear accessible.

Another solution to gear access is to simply put foam hatches over the openings where the gear is. If you ever need to, the gear can later be removed by slitting the covering material around the hatches.

My 60" Ki-61 is very similar to a LEG plane. I detailed how I handled the radio gear installation in this thread:
Dec 27, 2004, 07:12 PM
Dunetop Flyer
jcarstan's Avatar
I didn't do a build thread but did show how I made a hatch for the radio gear on my 48" P-51..
Dec 28, 2004, 04:56 AM
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ryk_d2003's Avatar
Hi Colin
This is a simple way to set incidence HERE
I have my fuse cut out for burying the gear but am having second thoughts and might go with a hatch and detachable wing.
Anyway here's some pics
Pic1 Showing cavity for elevator linkage
Pic2 Rear end wedged open showing I hope bottom longeron, elevator/top longeron tube (circled) and cavity to allow elevator linkage to move
Pic3 1/32" Balsa fillet
Pic4 Foam fillet
Pic5 Bench flyin'

Hope this helps abit

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Dec 28, 2004, 04:57 AM
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ryk_d2003's Avatar
Pic6 Sort of how linkage fits in
Dec 28, 2004, 06:42 PM
Fish Head!
colin wavell's Avatar
Thanks guys for your helpful links.
Jan that model is beeeeeuuuutiful
That really is the best I've seen. Those panel lines and the weathering are great
Tell me more about doing panel lines...mostly they look awful and I think they make the model look less scale and more like a tin toy but yours are great.
Last question for the moment...how did you fix the canopy?
Dec 29, 2004, 08:45 AM
Dunetop Flyer
jcarstan's Avatar
Most of what I've learned about doing panel lines I've picked up from the various postings in this forum. Basically this is what I do and use: Get yourself a flexible ruler and some plastic, or metal, templates that have various size shapes such as circles and rectangles to be used for access ports and hatches. I use a fine or ultra fine black felt tip marker (Sharpie brand) for the actual lines. I also have a silver "gel" pen that I use lightly in places on panel lines to give a worn look. From 3 views or other material I approximate the major panel lines (or you can make up your own design). As has been said by others, draw panel lines until the plane looks good. Then stop. Too many lines can ruin it. Avoid crossing lines or the brickwork look.
As for attaching the canopy, I used "Formula 560" by Pacer. It basically looks like white glue and is flexible. I'm sure you can find a similar item in your local hobby shop. Seems to work quite well because the plane has seen some major abuse and the canopy is still on.
Hope this helps.
Dec 29, 2004, 09:30 AM
jdcook54's Avatar
Take a picture of your layout, so later if you need to get to the gear, you know where it is located, also use new gear if possible and strong servo's, large carbonite or metal gear, for the 0/0 degree's there are lots of ways, but if a person doesnt have a meter or level or tape measure it can be done with nothing more than a straight edge and some masking tape and a pencil. just extend a line through the TE and LE of both the wing and the stabilizer, use a piece of tape with pencil marks to make sure the lines are an equal distance apart forward of the wing and aft of the stabilizer.

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