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Dec 27, 2004, 11:40 AM
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My first RC Helicopter

I'm a beginner just getting into this hobby. I have been looking at a few electric helicopters on-line. The few that appeal to me the most, and seem to be easy enough for a beginner, but advanced enough to keep me busy are as folllows.
BumbleBee 3D Pro Collective pitch. I like this one, because it came with simulator software and the serial cable to connect the remote to my PC. It also has two batteries and a lot of run-time.

Hobby Source XR-1. Seems like it would be easy to fly with the HVG least that's what they say. Doesn't seem to be much room for improvement on this model. More like a what you buy is what you get. I don't want to have to junk this thing after I get more proficient, then go buy a better model.

ECO 8: this one seems to be the flagship of the models I listed. It has a lot of room for improvement (accessories, stronger components, lighter components, etc). From what I gather, this model could keep me busy for quite a while.

Any advice would be most appreciated. I'm not set on any of these models, since I don't know much more than what I've read over the past couple of days. So any other helicopter models you've had success with would be appreciated. I will say that I'd like to stay in the 400-600 dollar realm. If I have to go above that for the "cat's meow" so be it.

Thanks in advance,

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Dec 27, 2004, 12:50 PM
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i'm a total nOOb too...

i flew the Esky honey beeII (is that what your talking about the bumble bee?)...

its cheap, came with 2 batteries, and simulator software/cable...

the thing breaks real easily, i fixed it a dozen times already, and just now getting the hover down pat... I could not figure how the link the simulator cord to a USB port (even though i do have the radio shack keyspan USB to serial port adapter)... so that sucked... my laptop does not have the joystick 9-pin port...

parts to fix it are relatively cheap (although $20 for a set of main blades has sucked for how many times i smashed them up) its winter and i'm trying to learn to fly in a small about 12x12 indoor area...

its did come with collective pitch and 3D ability, and pre-programmed transmitter 4in1 reciever.. mixes everything for you and are permanently preset... $180 for the setup...

i just recently got a Trex450x w/futaba computer transmitter..... the whole thing can be purchased almost RTF on ebay for $600... all electronics installed, some pre-programming of the transmitter, and nearly completely assembled heli w/Align 2800 brushless motor...

took me about 2 days of reading up on the trasnmitter manual and learning what some of the different mixers do, and last night got a good stable hover out of it (this thing is way easier to hover good than the Esky once you dial it in a bit)... i still haven't quite figured out what's going on with the heading-hold setting, but i'm working on it....

just seemed like a good deal all setup and assembled for $600..
correct me if i'm wrong...

but you should be able to learn to fly with it, and then if/when you get good, you can do some decent 3D stuff...
Dec 27, 2004, 12:53 PM
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The Eco 8 isn't a good starter heli, it's much to fragile and you are going to crash, unless you have deep pockets I'd shy away from it. Your best bet is to start out with a fixed pitch, like the Corona 120 electric fixed pitch heli. Granted it's not collective pitch but for the money it's definately a great heli. Once you can fly it without crashing every other flight, you might consider and Eolo Pro by Robbe, or maybe a Logo 10, Eco 8, or something in a mid size helicopter.
Another bonus for the Corona is parts are generally available and very reasonable, the Corona 120 is very durable and most crashes won't cost you a penny. I started out with a Hornet FP mico then on to a Piccolo Fun, Piccolo Pro, Corona 120 and I'm now building a new Eolo Pro Collective. The Corona also holds it's resale value and you can sell it for nearly what you have in it if you take care of it.
Just my two cents!

WARNING: Helicopter flying can be very very addictive!!!!!

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