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Oct 03, 2018, 04:45 AM
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QV3d delta....

This is inspired by two recently seen models... However its basically a Quasar version3

The two models are the Delta---3D and the Quasar EPP 3D delta ... both fly very well..

DELTA---3D (2 min 51 sec)

Quasar EPP 3D delta
Quasar EPP Delta (2 min 51 sec)

here is my version based on the above models
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Oct 03, 2018, 04:45 AM
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I am now making this model using my B&Q 5mm foam which is a lightweight product..
Its lighter than the 7--8mm EPP I used on the Quasar..
I will reshape the quasars body and use this more rounded wing..
Looking for something a bit different.. that should fly well..

After playing with sketchup, revising the quasars .skp ,, the new wing shape has gained a bit more area.. And the fuz is lengthened and reshaped slightly..
The reshape has increased the %age area in front of its COG which should help keep the nose "up" when in knife edge..

new plans were drawn and pdf's made for the basic shapes

Note......COG 7.2 to 8.3 back from the nose.. midway should be a good starting point..
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Oct 03, 2018, 04:46 AM
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I will use the 2204-1800kv gartt motor on a 2s 500 ,
with an 8x4.3 SF it works a treat... and it doesnt draw much power..
I am using only a 6 or 10A turnigy plush ESC.... and tgy1440a servos ...
Its a light enough setup..

On my quasar I get near 15mins per 500 2s battery... My 8.5oz quasar itself will fly, cruise, on very low power..
There is enough thrust to hover and pull up and away...
The quasar is a lovely model to fly...

Target here is for a lighter build....

The pdf's were printed and the shapes cut and joined... then the parts are cut out..
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Oct 03, 2018, 04:47 AM
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Its all done...
The V3 AUW is 7.3oz.... with 384"sq area... 2.737ozsqft
My V2 Quasar is 8oz.... with 364"sq area..... 3.165ozsqft

basic setup is almost the same...
gartt 2204-1800, 500 2s lipo, 8x4.3sf props, 3x tgy14440a servos, orange 6ch dsm REC, 6A -10A ESC,

I am a bit disappointed with its weight, but I did add more than enough strengthening.. and I do run a 500 2s lipo..
I used 2" laminating film strips ironed on above and below, going across the wing as spars.. and more strips along the fuz
I added a 3x0.5mm CF flat on the leading edge..
I also added wheels..
All mods needed for our indoor bash and crash sessions...
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Oct 03, 2018, 04:58 AM
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Any weight advantage is now lost. the modifications for strengthening the front and the addition of tip fins have taken the AUW to 7.9oz.... the same as my quasar V2...

strengthening the nose was essential, one knock and it was already creased up from a single crash down..
... rather than an EPP rebuild I added some EPP to take the hits it will undoubtedly receive..
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Oct 03, 2018, 05:33 AM
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Not to worry !!! Just a natural progression of wing shapes … Everything old is new again… or just re-discovered …
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Oct 03, 2018, 06:22 AM
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Yes .. definitely .. we re-try shapes a lot.. always going/hoping for an improvement...
deltas are one of my favourites, I like their performance..
Sometimes small changes can make a big difference..

I tried a 3D delta shape a while back...I didnt like it..

However the quasar I really do like.. I get on well with it...
Its not to far away from the previous disliked model in shape but has a vastly improved performance....why???

Previously Ive also tried a lot of curved leading edge designs and they worked well..
example ....

this time trying for a lighter build... and perhaps something special..
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Oct 03, 2018, 02:34 PM
flyin' fool
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I've built lots of different deltas too, 3D and otherwise. I found the biggest different in performance hinged on loadings. My Quasar was right on the mark for sure, but too heavy.

Your V3 is looking mighty fine and super special from here.

Curvy like a Milka Maid don't you think Glen. Remember her?
Oct 03, 2018, 05:33 PM
“There’s no place like Foam”
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Who could forget her…??? I dare not post the picture ( but I saved it …hahahaha ) … not in a wholesome environment like this …
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Oct 03, 2018, 07:13 PM
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Vwwhat bq foam are you using? Been looking for alternatives to the HK foam. I'd rather pick up than having a big box delivered if the price is right though. Bq tends to be expensive
Oct 04, 2018, 02:52 AM
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the B&Q foam is a diall product ... whist fine for outside flying our indoor crash and bash sessions are too much for anything but EPP builds..

It does have lines and squares on the surface as a cutting aid, and its not white, so it might not suit every build..
One sheet was enough for this model

see the finished models pics..
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Oct 04, 2018, 03:20 AM
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Videos of maiden
basic trim V3 maiden (4 min 55 sec)

basic flight maiden V3 maiden (7 min 39 sec)
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Oct 04, 2018, 08:53 AM
flyin' fool
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Two point seven …... not too bad at all. I think you may have found that sweet spot.

My Crack Yak is 7 oz. RTF and my Sbach (almost an identical platform) was 9. The difference is truly amazing. What's really amazing is that some get the lite version down to plus five ounces RTF. If they can get that, than so should a Delta of this size. Can you imagine that, slow motion 3D.

Our indoor start tomorrow.
Oct 05, 2018, 02:29 AM
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I will be comparing this model against the quasarV2 as the Q does everything to my satisfaction, its only let down by my flying abilities..

first impressions on the V3...... split.. ok in some ways, crap in others...
The impact resistance of this foam is very poor for me... only EPP models survive at our indoor sessions.. this one is creased already after just one small hit...
General flying was ok, at the light weight it flew slower than my V2 Q...
However there is something wrong at ultra slow speeds, its turning is weird , with its ailerons giving adverse yaw, and not turning it easily and the nose wandering about, hanging high..

the quasar was then flown for a direct comparison ... the Q v2 has no faults...

Problems sorted
because the nose got damaged I have had to add EPP to strengthen it up... and because of the weird turning I have added the tip fins... now its almost a Quasar V3 the weight has risen to 7.9oz.... the loading is 2.96ozsqft..
The tip fins altered the %age COG numbers ..and its balance and subsequent flying was great...much improved
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Oct 05, 2018, 10:49 AM
flyin' fool
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Why I love EPP ………………… build once!

My one indoor is on it's third season and it take lots of abuse. I've had other modesl last me for many years before I sold or gave them away.

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