Nall in the Fall 2018 - Niks Summary

The first Nall in the Fall was bigger than E-Week, smaller than Joe Nall, and still a load of fun.

Hundreds of happy new FlyingGiants shirt owners met us at the 3D line Thursday morning. !Nall in the Fall 2018
RCGroups Fall Nall Review (12 min 47 sec)
I arrived at Triple Tree Thursday morning, just in time to help hand out hundreds of FlyingGiants t-shirts to a huge line of eagerly awaiting pilots, family and spectators. The weather was warm, but not nearly as hot as it typically is for Joe Nall in the spring. After the 3D line was inundated with t-shirts, we gave away the rest up on the main line just as the noon demos got under way. @FGShirts.jpg
Nall in the Fall Flying Giants T-Shirt Giveaway (1 min 37 sec)
While the vendors presented were fewer than Joe Nall, as were the number of spectators watching, the demos of Extreme Flight, Flex Innovations and Horizon Hobby were still a blast to watch! Horizon had a great flight with the ASH-31 powered glider, Extreme Flight showed off their new Laser, and QuiQue did some amazing stunts with his thrust-vectored F-16QQ. @DemoCrowd.jpg @EFDemo1.jpg @HHDemo1.jpg @FlexDemo1.jpg We came back to Triple Tree after dinner for some night flying, just in time to watch an amazing wall cloud invade the grounds. It seriously looked like a scene out of Independence Day. I wish I would've setup my video camera for a time-lapse instead of my DSLR for lightning shots (of which I didn't get any) - thankfully MotionRC did..check out their video on their Facebook page! It was wicked cool to see the wall cloud rolling in from the west, watching the curtain of torrential rain coming over the trees at the south end of the 3D line before it hit us near the lake. We took shelter in our cars, but I know others were holding onto their canopies, tents and planes with all they had as the wind gusts of the front hit the grounds like a Mach 2 jet buzzing the tower. @NallWall.jpg Thankfully, that was the worst we'd see during Fall Nall. Friday, and the rest of the event for that matter, started each day cloudy, foggy and damp. But fog or not, something was always flying at each area. The skies cleared up each day before noon, perfectly timed for the noon demos! Friday night was the traditional Nall BBQ, complete with excellent pulled pork, charcoal cooked chicken, peel & eat shrimp, beans, slaw and drinks...and of course a fresh baked cookie to finish! A DJ played some tunes for everyone, and I heard some karaoke fun later on. What made it even better...was the weather! Perfect temperature, no wind and a fantastic sunset straight out of a painting. What a difference from the night before!! @NallSunset.jpg @BBQ.jpg Despite there being less pilots & spectators at Fall Nall, it still *felt* like Nall. The Triple Tree volunteers and staff were great as always, the grounds were of course immaculate, and everyone you walked by had a smile on their face. And one bonus of less people...more flying! Everyone there got in plenty of air time in some very nice weather. The 3D line I'd say, was the most under-utilized area of the event. There were a good handful down there, but noticeably less traffic than Spring Nall; even more so at night. Speaking of, night flying electrics were seen all over the grounds, creating some great long-exposure shots - made more interesting (and yet more frustrating by my constantly fogged camera lens) by the layer of fog that rolled in Friday night! @NightFlying.jpg @NightFlying2.jpg All in all, I have no doubt all of the 600+ pilots and 3,000 spectators thoroughly enjoyed their first "Nall in the Fall". If you didn't make it to the first one, you better make it to the second. I anticipate good things for the coming years of Fall Nall, and can't wait to see you all again! @TripleTree.jpg
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Awesome Nik!
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Pic flood #1!
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If it's R/C, I LIKE IT!
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Pic flood #2!
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AWESOME pics, Niki!!!

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