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Sep 27, 2018, 05:47 PM
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Flysky FS2A 4 channel mini receiver from BG

My next receiver test is this 4 channel flysky AFHDS 2A ( apparently now called FS2A ) . A word of warning , these receivers need to have the pins soldered in place by the purchaser . If you look at the pictures you will see that 3 of my solder joints were questionable . Good thing about Macro Photography , great way to check really small work . Anyhow , I went back and corrected the 3 questionable solder jobs .
Once again this is more a test to see how useful this receiver might be for DLG use , as I would be very interested in running a 1s battery without a voltage booster . Some time in the future I will have to so some servo tests , to see how much current they pull . Might be nice to have lower current servos in a DLG running a 1s solution less voltage boost . ( But that's down the track )
 Variable Power Supply : 
 Putting the small FS2A receiver on the power supply with 2x9g servos attached , I first tried 5v @ 0.5A - There was no browning out .
 Next I tried 4v , but I increased the available amps to 1 ( 1A ) . 4v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
 From here I went to 3.5v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
 Then I went to 3.2v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
 To push my luck I dropped the voltage to 3v @ 1A - There was no browning out .
 Ooooh come on , brownout already ! So I lowered the available current to 0.5A , 3v @ 0.5A , yes the Rx is browning out .
 At 3.2v the 9g servos are really feeling the low voltage , becoming sluggish . ( Perhaps a good warning for low voltage ? )
 1s Battery :
 I was going to recharge that 1s battery I have been using , but now me thinks not . Last time I checked it was 3.85v and I think that might be enough . This receiver look to be very 1s capable and all we need to check on is how low can it go !  
 I plugged in the 1s and then added some 201.8 grams of weight to the end of the servo arm to do some weight lifting ( add some load ) . The results were some what energetic and there was no sign of brownouts . Next I am discharging the battery closer to a state of discharge ( empty ) to see how the Rx performs .
 At some 3.67v I try again to see if the receiver browns out , and no !
 Discharged further to some 3.51v ( battery is close to depleted ) and ran the same scenario and no browning out ..
 Even with the 1s @ 3.51v the servo doing the lifting had some energy and gusto ..
Range Test :
 Using that 1s battery @ 3.51v I went outside to range test the Rx . Transmitter was the Jumper T8SG Plus and set to range test mode 100uW .. At some 50 meters I still had no brownouts , not even when I tried to block the signal with my body .
 I have to say , I am learning something ...
Conclusion :
 Darn it to all heck ! , just have to buy another one of these FS2A Rx.. 5 minutes later ( Ok just bought another ! )
A) small mini size Rx
B) Looks to run 1s really well
C) yes you need to solder in the pins , but why ? Why not de-plug your servos and solder them directly ? And the same goes for the battery , since the Rx will run 1s why not just solder in a battery plug ? ( Fun and games )
E) I really think this Rx might work well in a DLG ( 1 meter or smaller )
F) Range tested well .

So I am impressed again , yes I had to buy another ( There was no choice - get em while you can ) .. So this is it for now as far as receivers go , I think I have enough for my glider plans . I have a few 9g servos in my collection , so I may test 'em for current draw - Lower might be better in this case . Also have some cheap small servos on order - be interesting to see how they go . My gliders ( Foam FF ) are not here yet . ( I might want to try wingerons )
Stuff is slowly getting here , hmmm carbon !
Have fun everyone ... ( I'm trying to )
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