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Mar 05, 2002, 10:20 AM
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can you put thrust bearings in an Eco?


I have a fully upgraded Eco that I would like to really crank up the head speed on. Above 1600rpm it starts to vibrate badly and even though I have double checked the balance of the blades it won't go away.

So I am looking to replace the year-old bearings in the head and I was wondering if it is possible to replace the outer bearing with a thurst bearing?

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Mar 05, 2002, 11:01 AM
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After you get the bearings set the way you want them you might want to thow the whole main shaft on a high-point balancer and fully balance the whole rotor head.

Mar 05, 2002, 11:24 AM
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I guarentee you that you main shaft is bent(it only takes a little bit). I have found that some times you can flip the shaft and the vibes go away.

A good way to check is to put your shaft in a drill in give it a spin.

Well, as for haead speed of over 1600, I am getting head speeds in the really high 1600's using a Kontronik 3SL40-6-18 and a Mega 22/20/3 with a 16 tooth pinion and 10 cells. I have not notices anything but awsome power and an increase in stability. I guess I should put some thrust bearings in too, just to be safe

Well, I would love to hear where you get your bearing from.

PS: Arn't all the upgrades sweet They shure make the heli look sharp.
Mar 05, 2002, 11:43 AM
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I spun up the heli, without blades, holding the heli in my hands to 2100rpm. Besides being a scary thing to do, my hands told me the heli was smooth through that whole range of RPM.

The main shaft itself is fairly new (hardened) and has not been in even a hard landing. However, it is something to look at I guess. I'll try that flip trick.

The vibration above 1600 rpm with the blades attached is rather intensive and unflyable so something is up in the head I think. Replacing the bearings and bearing shaft seemed like a reasonable action given they are about a year old now.

I don't have any experiance with thrust bearings other than the fact that I installed them in my Logo 20. I was hoping someone could tell me if a thrust bearing could simply replace the outer bearing in the Eco metal head.

Anyone know the size of the regular bearings in the Eco head? Knowing that info would be a good start at locating thrust bearings.

Mar 05, 2002, 11:58 AM
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Hello Nick

Holding the heli w/o the blades doesnt tell you much. I have tried that before with no sucess in telling me how bent the shaft was; I seriously recommend you put the shaft in a drill and give it a whirl. If you have ever carried you helicopter by the rotor head you probably bent that shaft a tiny bit.

Just so you know I only use the hardened shafts and I too have an Eco 8 with all the works

Well, you are in for a treat when you get your heli balanced.


Mar 05, 2002, 12:36 PM
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OK, you convinced me, I'll pull the shaft tonight and put it in the chuck and see how it is.

Of course I carry the heli by the rotor head!! How else do you carry it? Seems to me that the pressures applied by my lifting it in and out of the trunk of my car plus carrying it to/from the take off position would be nothing compared to the forces the main blades put on it!

Bocca bearing has some thrust bearings and my Internet searches have located other suppliers as well. Looks like the price is going to be $8 to $15 for the bearing. I just need to figure out the right size now.