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E-flite Mini Convergence VTOL BNF Basic Review

If you like interesting models with unique abilities, then this pint sized VTOL is worth a look. Let's dive right in and check out how cute it is and then head to the field to see how it performs.



Wingspan: 16.3 in (410mm)
Length: 16.5 in (419mm)
Flying Weight: 8.6oz (245g)
ESC: (3) 6A ESCs
Motor: (3) 1404 - 2500kv
Prop Size: 4"
Battery: 3s 800mAH (Not Included)
Price: BNF - $199.99 / PNF - $179.99
Available at: Horizon Hobby

The E-flite Convergence went on a diet and lost some weight and inches so it can fly in smaller fields. The new Mini Convergence is here and it's a smaller version of the original that makes it easy and less intimidating to fly for newer pilots. It also has provisions for FPV if that's your thing, but this review is going to be focused on non-FPV flight. If you like interesting models with unique abilities, then this pint sized VTOL is worth a look. Let's dive right in and check out how cute it is and then head to the field to see how it performs.


Kit Contents

Horizon always does a great job with their packaging. The model is well protected inside and just like most of their UMX line of aircraft, the Mini Convergence can be placed back in the box for travel or storage between flights. This is one of the fewest part counts I've ever seen. When you open the box, you see the decal sheet, the fully assembled plane and a package of two spare props. There are two instruction booklets underneath the foam, so be sure to grab those and READ THE MANUAL before proceeding.


This is the assembly section, but really the only thing you need to physically do to the Mini Convergence is choose your decal set and put them on. That doesn't mean you are ready to fly just yet though. I always recommend that you read the manual before heading to the field. Horizon Hobby provides a great manual, and for BNF models, they give the exact settings you need to set your Spektrum radio to. This makes it easy and you know you have it programmed how the designers intended.

The Mini Convergence comes with a primary manual and a quick start guide with a different transmitter set up for pilots who are new to VTOL or Multirotor aircraft. The primary setup in the main manual uses two switches to control the two different flight mode options. One switch will handle switching from hover mode to airplane mode and back. The other switch will turn stability mode on or off. It's not too complicated for experienced pilots, but for those with less experience, you'll want to start out with a more simplified setup. The quick start guide version of the setup puts the flight modes all on one 3 position switch so you have Hover Mode with Stability On, Airplane Mode with Stability On and Airplane Mode with Stability Off available. That keeps things simple and easier for newer pilots to not have so much to think about.

Once you have followed the manual to get your radio setup and have your battery charged, you are ready to head to the field for some VTOL flying fun.


Take Offs

For taking off, you need to be in Hover mode. The manual say not to take off or land in airplane mode. You can take off with stability mode on or off, but it's easier and safer to have stability mode on for your first few take offs. Before taking off, I followed the manual's suggestion to increase the throttle trim to start the motors at an idle speed. This makes it descend under control when coming down instead of shutting the motors off and falling. Once you've done that, just give it some throttle and it takes off vertically.

Flight Modes

Let's talk about the different flight modes and how it handles the transition. This is going to sound more complicated than it is, but there are four flight modes or conditions available. I chose to set mine up via the standard manual using two switches to control the different modes.

Multirotor (Hover) Mode:

In Hover Mode, the two front motors are positioned vertically and provide thrust along with the tail motor so that the aircraft can hover. You can fly in all directions in this mode just like a multirotor drone.

Airplane Mode:

In Airplane Mode the front motors are positioned facing forward and the rear motor is turned off. It flys like a normal flying wing using elevons to control the pitch and roll axis. The two front motors will also provide differential thrust for yaw control.

Stability Mode:

Stability Mode works with both Hover or Airplane Mode. It will limit the bank and pitch angles so the aircraft is not capable of achieving extreme attitudes that may be hard for newer pilots to correct. It also features self-leveling, if you release the stick inputs on your transmitter back to the middle, the aircraft will automatically return to a level position.

Acro Mode:

Acro Mode also works with both Hover and Airplane Mode. In this position, there are no limits and the aircraft will not self-level. The pilot must maintain control at all times. This is the mode you want to be in for doing aerobatics. The Mini Convergence is capable of doing flips and rolls in Hover Mode and loops, rolls and inverted flight in Airplane Mode.


Since you need to take off in Hover Mode, the first transition you will do is to Airplane Mode. The transitions are automated so all you need to do is move the switch on your transmitter. When you move the switch to the Airplane Mode position, the throttle will increase slightly and the front motors will start to tilt forward in 3 stages until they are fully facing forward. The transition takes several seconds and you may see some slight changes in pitch during the transition. The elevons are active at this point and the rear motor is off.

One thing to note is that the original convergence would oscillate pretty sharply at the end of the transition, but the Mini Convergence did not exhibit that same behavior.

Getting back into Hover Mode is just as easy since all you need to do is hit the switch back into Hover Mode. It's a good idea to slow down first as it will make the transition time faster and in a shorter distance. The elevons are disabled, the rear motor spins up and the front motor tilt back into the upright position.


Getting the Mini Convergence back down is easy. You must be in Hover Mode and you can simply direct it over your landing spot and lower the throttle to gently set the plane down. I use the throttle cut switch to kill the motors once I touchdown.

General Thoughts On Flying

In Stability Mode, it is really stable and easy for nearly anyone to be able to fly it. In Airplane Mode with Acro Mode on it is a blast to horse around with. It has plenty of power for large loops and the roll rate is nice. The rolls were a little off axis like a small barrel roll, but not too bad. Inverted flight was controllable and had plenty of elevator authority to feel comfortable flying low.

In Hover Mode with Acro Mode on I was able to do some flips and rolls. It handles like a tricopter, but the unique geometry of the motors and the surface area of the wing make it feel a little different. It takes some getting used to and back flips are nice. Rolling flips take a little more coordination, but coming out of the flips, it never felt out of control or did anything abnormal. It's going to be fun to play with more and see how low I can get it while doing flips.



The Mini Convergence is every bit as good as the original and better with transitions from multirotor mode to airplane mode. The automated software makes it easy to fly and stability mode will keep it under control for those with less experience. The multirotor acro mode takes a bit to get used to, but it will let you do flips and rolls. The size is great for traveling and I love that it fits back into the box for protection when I'm not flying it. In airplane mode it flys smoothly, but it's not quite as aerobatic as say the X-Vert VTOL, also from Horizon Hobby. My big take away is if you liked the original Convergence, you are really going to like the Mini. It's unique and certainly makes it easy to take off and land from virtually anywhere.

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Nov 09, 2018, 09:30 AM
Nice review. On micros I'm usually drawn more to things like the UMX Waco and PT-17, but you've got me thinking . . .
Nov 09, 2018, 12:52 PM
Registered User
dalecheek1's Avatar
WOW Jason , you Hovered that Mini C all by yourself.
Nov 09, 2018, 12:58 PM
yank and bank!!
Still tempted to get this plane.... though I honestly think it should be $20-$30 cheaper.
Yesterday, 09:42 AM
I hate waiting for parts
Mike_Then's Avatar
Originally Posted by failboat
Still tempted to get this plane.... though I honestly think it should be $20-$30 cheaper.
Totally agree with this. I went to my LHS yesterday to buy myself a birthday present, and the Mini Convergence was what I went for. Was excited about it because I had a Convergence but finally gave up on it due to the lousy FC software. Heard improvements were made so I wanted to check it out. $200 is way too steep for this.... there was a full-sized Convergence right next to it that was priced at $230 which was laughable that there's only a $30 difference between the micro and the full-size. So I held off. Will wait until there's a sale. Honestly I'm thinking the price point on this should be $150. And even then I think that's a little steep.
Yesterday, 10:22 AM
Rabbid Rabbit
PookaHat's Avatar
It's too big for flying indoors in our small gym. It's also pretty noisy for indoor operation.
Yesterday, 10:55 AM
yank and bank!!
Last edited by failboat; Yesterday at 10:55 AM. Reason: not the best thread for a eflite price rant....
Yesterday, 01:02 PM
Registered User
this thing is another horizon hobby failure. it flies like crap in airplane mode, absolutely uncontrollable, flies lot worse than any quadrocopter in copter mode. It is lot less slower than every race copter than what the convergence can do in airplane mode. And they did it again 50 Cent servos in a 200€ plane. Mine did a loop while i tried to fly a curve. Hit the copter mode to get it stable, did not work, slight crash, servos gears both broke, servo holder and prop. Congratulations horizon. I think they but the same style servos in they put into a blade 300 cfx years ago where the servo gears broke just flying a tic toc.....
Yesterday, 06:13 PM
Registered User
Just too expensive for a Mini Convergence. There should be a price break between the two.
Yesterday, 10:11 PM
RCG Admin
Jason Cole's Avatar
I try not to comment too much on pricing in my reviews as value is subjective based on the individual.
Today, 09:19 AM
I hate waiting for parts
Mike_Then's Avatar
Originally Posted by Jason Cole
I try not to comment too much on pricing in my reviews as value is subjective based on the individual.
Totally agree Jason; my comment was in no way meant to reflect on your review and/or opinions of the product. I like it and want one.... I just feel it's too expensive for what you're getting.
Today, 09:35 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Mike_Then
Totally agree Jason; my comment was in no way meant to reflect on your review and/or opinions of the product. I like it and want one.... I just feel it's too expensive for what you're getting.
+1, I have one and already had to replace the servo's!

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