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Sep 13, 2018, 10:10 AM
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Hawk 78" (2m) Electric Glider - Misadventures

First blog entry so be nice!

I've been wanting a glider like this for a while now and was at the point where I was going to start building my own based off of Springer's OSG (One Sheet Glider). Except this one would have a 2 meter wingspan. But a couple days ago I came across a SF Hawk 2M electric glider that was offered for sale in the RCGroups' Classifieds Ads. So I bought it!It came with a Spektrum RX, motor, esc, servos, and even a 2200mAh lipo. This thing was PRISTINE. Notice the "was"?

So I get it home and start to go through the whole deal to get it bound to my DX9 and program all the control surfaces. I'm at the point where I'm programming the end points for the throttle when I bump the throttle and the glider jumps off the desk and almost hits the wall. But I caught it before it hit. However, the battery flies out and into the prop. Which promptly cuts the red power lead and breaks off one CF prop blade.

So after cursing a blue streak for a couple minutes I look at the damage and start repairing. The battery had a Dean's Connector (which I HATE!). So I replaced it with an XT60. During the process the balance lead connector must have come in contact with the soldering iron shaft and it's MELTED beyond repair.

WHAT THE HELL? Do I have Monkey's Paw in my back pocket? Did I somehow come into possession of that Tiki Doll from the Brady Bunch? (there's a 1970s reference for you)

Oh no, it doesn't end there. I repair the battery and it's as good as new. Better since I replaced that ^&@!#* Deans Connector. But now onto the prop. It's not a standard size. The base is about 6mm wide and all the ones I see online are 8mm. After some thought I figure that I can just replace the spinner with a better quality one and buy props from multiple sources online. Since I have used them for this type of item once before, I look online at Value Hobby. Bad move

Let me give you some background here. I normally buy from Aloft Hobbies. Their customer service is AMAZING and they've demonstrated time and time again how knowledgeable and proactive they are. If they spot two components in your cart that don't work together, you can expect an email from them. They are THAT good. But I had an order in with them which had been placed a day earlier and I didn't want to send in ANOTHER one.

So I went to Value Hobby's web site, find a spinner and locate a prop. They were a lot cheaper than Aloft. But I notice that the props say that they need to work with a specific spinner. And I can't find that recommended spinner anywhere on the site. So I email tech support at Value Hobby, expecting the kind of response I get from Aloft. No such luck. After waiting until the next day I call Value Hobby and get a "tech" online. In hindsight, calling this dud a tech is a real stretch. He proceeds to tell me that he can't confirm that they work together and I need to use Google to search online to determine that. WHAT? Then if I need to search online then why the hell am I buying from you?

I read off the specs from the Value Hobby Website and tell him that the spinner has a 3mm dia pivot pin and that the props have a 2mm dia hole. So he agrees that they won't work together. So I ask him which of the spinners you sell DO work with this? And he says "none of them". So these people sell a prop and spinners that DON'T work together? At this point I just hang up. There is no use talking further with this wing nut.

Pissed off beyond measure I went back online to the Value Hobby web site and updated my "support ticket" with a recount of what I wrote above. maybe the owner will get a whiff of this and take some steps to improve. I ended with "Now I know why I prefer to shop at Aloft Hobbies". Here's the response I got from Value Hobby to my Support Ticket. Check out the portions I have highlighted

Answer: Hi. Recommended does not mean the prop has to use that spinner. I have to admit we don't know much about the stuff we sell so you pretty much have to know what you need when you buy from us. Aloft probably knows a lot more than us, but I checked and their prices are multiple times higher on these props, so I guess you have to pay a bit more for the help they provide. Thanks.

Wow,......just WOW. Needless to say I will NEVER buy from Value Hobby again.

I went and contacted Aloft and they hadn't sent my previous order out. They offered to hold off on shipping it until I added the items I wanted. I found the props and spinner I wanted and they added it to my existing order with no increase in shipping cost. No muss, no fuss and we're done. That's the way you need to do business. And for that excellent level of customer service they've earned mine for as long as I'm in this hobby
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Sep 18, 2018, 08:33 PM
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New spinner and folding prop installed

Today I got home to find the box containing new 38mm spinner, 4mm bushing, and 10"x8" props that were ordered from Aloft Hobbies.

Before I installed the props it was a simple matter to set the throttle end points and I was even able to program the ESC brake. Once the prop was installed, I dropped a 2200mAh Lipo in and used the info from the manual to mark the CG points and balance this glider. So I'm all ready to try this baby out.

These aluminum spinners are cool looking as hell! Totally worth the extra couple bucks. Especially considering how much support I got from Aloft during the ordering process. This is actually the second set of props/spinners I have ordered from them. The first set was for my Kyosho Soarus Glider (that's going to be the subject of another Blog entry). As soon as we get some nice weather I'm going to maiden this SF Hawk and the Kyosho Soarus
Sep 20, 2018, 08:25 AM
advanced crash dummy
I really enjoyed reading your blog entry, your a great writer, I felt like I was there working on it with you. good luck.
Sep 30, 2018, 08:07 PM
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Into the AIR!!

No video to prove it happened but I did get this SF Hawk into the air today. I had one of the "more qualified" RC Pilots in my club take up and give me their evaluation. First off, this thing is a ROCKET. The motor has enough power to make it climb vertical in an almost unlimited fashion!! I watched as my buddy took it straight (and I mean STRAIGHT) up until it was uncomfortably high (for me anyway). And landing proved to be somewhat comical since this plane does not want to come down! It glided the full length of the runway before coming to rest. If I could, I would add flaps. But this is a balsa and monocote wing. So that ain't happening any time soon.

My friend did report that it needed a huge amount of trim to the left aileron and some left rudder trim to combat some twist at the wingtip that caused it to want to turn right all the time. I was told that this could be adjusted out with the application of a little heat to the monocote at the offending wing tip. I will most likely try to adjust this before I attempt my first solo flight. I want as many of the bad tendencies out of the way as I can manage before I take it up.
Jan 03, 2019, 08:32 PM
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I just got a SFM Hawk 2m from a trade. The condition looks great, but it's missing a canopy. Any suggestions.

How many amp esc is everyone using?
Jan 03, 2019, 09:02 PM
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30A ESC and some canopy info

I'm using a 30A ESC.

As far as the canopy goes, you could probably cut up an old plastic 2 Liter soda bottle and make a new one. You'd probably have to make a wooden form and use a heat gun to get the curve just right.

I took some photos of the canopy on mine. Hopefully they can give you some dimensions to work off of

If you need the manual I have a copy. But I can also post a link to where I got it as well (as soon as I find it)

Here's a link to the manual:

BTW, you might get more hits on your canopy question if you post on the thread I started here
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Jan 03, 2019, 10:51 PM
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Thank you for the quick response.

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