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Peter Goldsmith is an icon in the hobby. He just announced the next steps by formalizing his kit manufacturing business.


New Kit Business from Peter Goldsmith

Peter Goldsmith is an icon in the hobby. He's been designing and flying model airplanes since the 70's and soaring is one of his favorite aspects. He taught me how to launch a DLG properly and it is always a pleasure to see Pete's smiling face at events. I've been following his efforts to promote kit building and offering up unique classic sailplane designs with modern manufacturing and building techniques. He just announced the next steps by formalizing his kit manufacturing business.

Peter Goldsmith Designs is an American company that designs, manufactures and distributes model airplane kits. His kits are quality work that make kit building a fun process and will turn out great looking and great flying airplanes. Here's a message from Pete on the announcement:

"Thank you all for the enthusiastic response to my new design the Sapphire, and more importantly, for patiently waiting for ordering details.

And now I have some exciting news to share!

With the amount of administration involved in producing kits, chasing down payments, organizing shipping, communicating product information, keeping track of inventory and materials, we decided itís time to formalize our kit manufacturing business.

After much procrastination, and many discussions with family and friends, we all decided itís time to take the next step in our little enterprise and have an official website.

I truly appreciate all the wonderful support Iíve had this far, and itís my hope that there will be many more years of cool aircraft kits to come out of our stables, and something dear to my heart, many more people building again.

I'm a little nervous however as my wonderful wife told me, donít worry, itís just the next step into our new stage of life.

Kind regards Pete"

There are currently 6 sailplane designs, 1 airplane, and a glue caddy being offered on his new website. Here are those models:

  • Sapphire
  • Opal
  • Foxbat
  • Slingsby T-45 Swallow
  • Schweizer 1-26
  • Slingsby Skylark 1 (Type 37)
  • Chmelak Z-37

Click here to check out the Peter Goldsmith Designs Website

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Sep 24, 2018, 12:08 PM
aka Ranger Bill
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Been flying the Foxbat for a while now and love it! Just got my Saphire kit this weekend so will be starting it soon.

Great kits that are cut very well and product support that you just can't beat! Thanks Pete
Nov 03, 2018, 01:38 PM
Registered User
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Peter Goldsmith Interview Master R/C modeler and sailplane designer Peter Goldsmith talks about the revival of glider building with wood and his process for designing scale and modern r/c gliders for his new company: Filmed at the Sky High Aero Tow event in Muncy Hills, PA, USA by Paul Naton of Radio Carbon Art Productions, producers of the world's best R/C soaring instructional videos.

Peter Goldsmith Glider Design Interview At Aero Tow Event With I-26 Scale Sailplane (7 min 35 sec)

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