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The Blade Inductrix Switch is truly the best of both worlds. One of the most unique products in RC, this innovative design quickly switches from micro drone into a hovercraft. Land and air, all in one!


From Horizon

One of the most unique products on the market, the Blade® Inductrix® Switch is truly the best of both worlds. This Innovative design builds off the successful Inductrix platform with an exclusive snap-together design that quickly changes from a micro drone into a hovercraft! It's literally two vehicles in one! Hovercraft mode allows you to drive on multiple surfaces and with a simple stick command transforms into a flying drone. It takes seconds to convert with no wiring changes required. The durable molded plastic design and foam skirt can take punishment for worry-free flights and drives. Programmable LED lights make racing fun. Better yet, everything you need to start flying and driving is included in the box and a wide-variety of parts available means repairs are easy.

Blade Inductrix Switch RTF (2 min 35 sec)

Key Features

  • Hovercraft and Inductrix® all-in-one - Modular design makes it easy to change modes on the fly.
  • Molded plastic body makes bumps worry free
  • In quad mode, SAFE® Technology makes flying easy even for beginners
  • Blade® MLP4DSM 4CH Transmitter, 2.4GHz
  • Programmable LED lights
  • Easily upgradeable

With its unique snap-in modular design, the Inductrix Switch quickly transforms from a hovercraft to a drone in seconds. No tools required, and you don’t even have to unplug the battery! Change the flight controller programming from drone to hovercraft with simple stick commands. The on-board LED will indicate which mode you are in.

Durable - Molded EPP foam skirt offers superb durability when inevitably bumping into walls, doors, or sliding around outside. EPP’s anti-dent features will keep the foam skirt looking like-new long after you take it out of the box. The rigid molded plastic of the main quad frame is extremely durable to take bumps and crashes. If you do end of cracking the frame, the removable and replaceable ducts make it easy to swap one out without having to replace the whole frame! Conformal coated board and electronics make the hovercraft, and drone, splash proof! The Inductrix Switch hovercraft will float with ease and zip around on calm water without concern about the water below, even if it flips over!

Versatile - Efficient airflow diversion in the EPP foam skirt and variable pillow control allow the Inductrix Switch to glide across multiple surfaces including carpet, concrete, asphalt, packed earth, and much more. A circular rounded nose makes it difficult for to get stuck against a wall. Simply add left or right power, and the hovercraft rolls out to a controllable area. In drone mode, any indoor space is your playground. Just pop the craft out and go.

Optional FPV Camera - Dedicated mounting position on the front of the hovercraft and simple plug on the board is ready to host the optional FPV camera with On Screen Display. Vital data such as battery voltage, video frequency and channel, run time, and call sign displayed right on your screen. Change your video channel directly from the OSD, even on the stock MLP4 transmitter. From a Spektrum Gen.2 transmitter, channel and frequency can be selected in the video transmitter menu.

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For pricing and more info visit the site.

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Sep 07, 2018, 02:48 PM
Serge Roth's Avatar
Just noticed, HH seems to bring out a brushless Inductrix soon, goodie!
Sep 07, 2018, 02:52 PM
Time For Me To Fly!
fastmax's Avatar
I wondered how long it would be before someone released a design like this.
Sep 07, 2018, 09:30 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by Serge Roth
Just noticed, HH seems to bring out a brushless Inductrix soon, goodie!
Check it out at 7:16
Sep 07, 2018, 10:29 PM
Registered User
Why in the world didn't they put the FPV camera on the drone? Would have been even more versatile.
Sep 08, 2018, 02:13 PM
My hovercraft is full of eels.
Looks like the Inductrix Pro cam with an OSD upgrade and a new part number. Would explain the price difference. Needs a longer cable too if it's gonna sit on the front of the whoov. The one I built did.
Last edited by SD One.; Sep 08, 2018 at 02:28 PM.
Sep 08, 2018, 02:27 PM
Serge Roth's Avatar
No wiring for an OSD on the old one, so that's a big difference.
Sep 08, 2018, 07:50 PM
Registered User
Can we use our own radio? (like DX6 or DX9) The manual didn't say.
Sep 08, 2018, 08:41 PM
Registered User
pigmypuncher's Avatar
Originally Posted by oscarmok
Can we use our own radio? (like DX6 or DX9) The manual didn't say.

Good question since they are not listing a BNF model of this on their site... I'm interested in the brushless BNF variant... Hopefully it will be a 2S.
Sep 09, 2018, 12:18 PM
Registered User
Originally Posted by aventhu
Why in the world didn't they put the FPV camera on the drone? Would have been even more versatile.
I noticed that too. Why the heck wouldn’t they make the cam/mount/canopy swappable from the hovercraft to the quad for fpv flying, or even easier just use the existing indy fpv canopy/cam mount so it stays on the quad frame? Maybe they’re working on it, and maybe they didn’t want to pull sales from other similar models, but it would add the flexibility at a low enough price point to get quite a draw IMO.
Sep 09, 2018, 01:41 PM
Registered User
my guess is cost

i wonder if they will make a conversion kit for the inductrix fpv? or even fpc plus?

frame and the hovercraft part is all it would be.

i might get this when it comes out but would want it FPV for sure. winter is coming it might be fun on the snow

for a frame and base it looks like it will cost about 16 bucks not too bad
Last edited by Cman; Sep 09, 2018 at 01:48 PM. Reason: added price of parts

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