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Aug 31, 2018, 04:34 PM
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ImmersionRC RapidFire

Even though I posted this in another thread, I'm going to re-post it here. The reason being that (among other things that come to mind):
1. I'm going to be adding in info about what FCBs/cams/ and xmtrs I've tested with
2. Because my FPV video now outflys my control transmitter, I'm going to try different things with the control transmitter's setup (I consider that OT for the main RF thread and I'd like it all in one place).

I'll leave this first post as is, and use post #2 for any updates


Ok, I'm only comparing this to a FuriousFPV V2.1 module on my Domv3 goggles, so take it for what it's worth. Also, I'm a tree flyer and not a long range flyer. 99% of my flying is done on my 4.5+ acres of modest to heavy woods. That said, WOW! Now I haven't done a calibration, and haven't even looked at the manual past the installation part (*note: the power module is hidden in between a piece of foam and the alternate face plate, so make sure you look there before you start thinking that something is missing... <-- me ), so maybe it gets even better (I doubt it can get much better).

Here's the deal, I've always flown out until the fpv signal gets so bad, that it's time to come back in a little. Never an issue and I know my property like a captain knows his ship (Galaxy Quest reference). This morning, knowing that the module was coming in today, I went out and slowly flew around my property specifically noting the areas where I almost always get rolling and glitches flying to the absolute edges of where I can see. Then the module came in, I jumped on their site to view the manual and quickly (minus finding the power module right away...) put the RF module in. I then went out and flew (as closely as I can tell) the exact flight plan that I was flying this morning from the same places I've sat at for years. The difference was amazing. Out where I was barely able to fly because of the static, I was seeing clearly. I put two batteries through one quad and was extremely pleased.

So, I put the third battery in and went out to see what my new limits might be. Now here is the one "disadvantage"... I can now get out, still seeing very clearly as the quad reaches fail safe. I tried it in a few different sections with the same results. I don't have RSSI on the quad for control signal, and I can't hear the beeper from where I'm at, so... I'm going to now have to learn the boundaries of the control transmitter (the quad does a little twitching first, so as long as I'm quick, it won't have to go into fail safe)!

Still more testing to be done. I've got a bunch of quads (don't ask how many!), and three sail planes (which I fly at the near by park). Among my stuff, there are so many different combinations of cameras, OSDs, and xmtrs, that if there is something bad to be found, I'll find it!
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Aug 31, 2018, 04:35 PM
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I've tested it with 5 quads so far. That means 3 different FCBs (2 with onboard OSD), 4 different cams (3 with OSD), and 3 different xmtrs. Not a glitch with anything so far and with the same Wow difference verses my older module. I'll update with each quad's FPV setup as time allows (meaning, if the weather is good, I AM FLYING!)

One oddity so far... we all already know that a dvr's video is never as good as what you see live, and that is certainly also the case here (just that the video is better than with the old module). But, I noted 3 momentary black screens is the dvr's video that I did not see while flying live. When the black screens occured, the RSSI feed showed as good before and after.
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Sep 02, 2018, 04:55 PM
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Why am I posting this here? I'll tie it into the topic right at the end.

My back yard consists of three levels with the bottom level being the swamp. Here is what is between where I fly from and the swamp. On the top most level is a decent sized shed and a garden with chicken wire with an electric fence. On the second level are three large trees. Going down from the second level to the third level are t-r-e-e-s. I have a path close to each side of the property line going down and then connecting on a path that goes parallel to the swamp. It's about 450' from where I fly to the swamp.

Ok, today I had my quad whipping down the left side and I made the hard right to the bottom path. All of a sudden, WHAM! What the heck, tree branch down? Did I not see a deer? The quad was still flying after the impact, so I did a quick 180 and got back just in time to see a Cooper's Hawk pick itself up off the ground and fly away! I don't think that particular hawk will be attacking another one of my quads any time soon.

Now, what is the reason I'm posting it here? With my old setup, flying through all those trees (and it's behind my shed as well), at that point I'm at the limit of my FPV's video with a ton of static. With this RF module, I could see that hawk on the video as clearly as if it were only 100 feet away.

I just wish I had the dvr going, but I rarely use it when I'm flying low and hard (I use it all the time when I go over the canopy of the trees so I'll have a clue if it ever drops down into the trees.
Sep 07, 2018, 09:13 AM
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Useful link for camera/FC compatibility:

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