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Aug 31, 2018, 06:36 AM
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New Product


I think it's time to introduce the AURI.
Name: auri_schem.jpg
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It's a new dlg from LDmodels that is designed to replace the Stark Pro.

Last two years I flew the Stark Pro and found that it was rather hard to fly in dead air. Me myself prefer forward CG and speed flying.
So, when thermals are very unstable or when you only have "good" and "bad" air Stark Pro never showed a sign it can climb in something.

My decision was to change the cenral wing airfoil section to make the model more sensitive to weak thermals. At the same time I wanted to keep penetration and speed of the plane near the same. Also I really like wing's planform of the Stark Pro and didn't want to change it. So, after hours with XFLR and Solid Works new airfoils were ready and we started our work on moulds.

It took 1,5 months to mill wing and tails moulds, sand and polish them.
First prorotype was ready 1 day before the first contest this season.

I was really suprized when I won that contest with ease.
And it was only beginning of my amayzing flying season with Auri.

Now, when my flying season is over I can say that it is really big success of LDmodels team
Will tell more about this 5 contest I flew this season and discribe some more details and flying characteristics of AURI comparing to Stark Pro
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Sep 03, 2018, 07:11 AM
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Thread OP

the first contest

Moulds were ready only few days before my first contest this season.
And the first wing and tails were released anly 1 day before that contest.
So I glued peg and horns and started a trip.

It was rather big contest with 20+ pilots. Nice weather with huge thermals and big sink in between.
Launched it several times just before the first round. Trimmed, tuned a little.
After few rounds I already was very happy how the AURI perfoms.
Launched high, penetrated well and showed low altitude and weak thermals much more better than Stark Pro.
To be shure I flew Stark Pro for 2 round just to compare it with AURI.

Did two big saves in "1,2,3,4" task and "Al up" task.
Auri gave me a chance to dare and win some really difficult rounds.

Ended up at first place and was very happy with it.
WOW! What a start! - that's the only thing I was thinking of.
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The next contest I planned to visit was 1 month later. So I had enough time to tune the Auri and build another one for myself maybe
Sep 03, 2018, 02:18 PM
RHX138's Avatar
I own the original Stark, and I love the way it fly's. Are the airfoils derived from anything we'd be familiar with? Can you give us any details about the airfoils? How many were created for this wing? How much twist did you use? It looks like a beautiful DLG. I like the planform.
Sep 03, 2018, 02:45 PM
I know the Inside out.....

Interesting plane and congratulations with your win.

Can you share some more detailed pictures of this plane? Like the aileron servo trays and sevos in the fuselage.

Does the plane have a kevlar nose?

Thanks, Roger
Sep 04, 2018, 03:44 AM
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Originally Posted by RHX138
I own the original Stark, and I love the way it fly's. Are the airfoils derived from anything we'd be familiar with? Can you give us any details about the airfoils? How many were created for this wing? How much twist did you use? It looks like a beautiful DLG. I like the planform.
Robert, here are some airfoil details.
We used 5 different airfoils along the wingspan for AURI.
All airfoils are the next generation of foils we created for Stark and Stark Pro.
So the AURI's behaviour is close to Stark and Pro when piloting.
This airfoils are noticeable thinner, but still have very wide range of AOA.
In piloting they are still smooth and gentle and it allows to circle how you want: flat big circles or tight small turns.
Name: s.png
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Description: Stark airfoil.Name: a.png
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Description: Auri airfoil
Name: pic_3.jpg
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At the last picture green plots are Stark root airfoil, red plots are Stark Pro root airfoil and orange are AURI root airfoils.

Interesting plane and congratulations with your win.

Can you share some more detailed pictures of this plane? Like the aileron servo trays and sevos in the fuselage.

Does the plane have a kevlar nose?
Thank you, Roger!

We produce fuselages with kevlar nose as an option.
Here is my iastallation in kevlar nose with pull-srping setup
Name: IMG_7565.jpg
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As you can see all 4 servos are in the pod
Here is a short video of AURi's tail in glass version
I will take and post some more pictures later with weght and details
AURI f3k tails (0 min 19 sec)
Sep 06, 2018, 06:25 AM
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Thread OP
While memories of last competitions are fresh, let me share them!

The second competition I flew with Auri were in Dubna.
The field there - one of the best in Russia. The field is located near the city and the road, and on the other side of it the Volga River props up.
The place is very interesting, but there is one nuance. In close proximity to the field there is a forest belt. And if wind blows on her, then it becomes very easy to fly.
I have prepared a new glider with the strengthened spar for these competition. The forecast promised moderate wind.

When we have arrived we found that wind blows straight from the line to the field. And fun has begun!
The field was alee and was practically in "vacuum"
The anemometer showed only 2-4 m/s. Not strong wind. But at the height of 30-40 meters it felt much stronger and very turbulent.

Flying was just crazy. Periodically my glider did spontaneously semi-barrels.
On Auri I flew 1 round without lead. Then I understood that wind blows stronger above, than it seems.
The first round AULD. In one of flights I did the max time, but haven't reached the zone just 5-7 meters . All other flights were max so I finaly got 1000pts.

The second round I hflew with some lead and nose lead too. It felt much more better.
Took the old and trusty Stark Pro for couple round just to compare. And... stuck on it and forgot about Auri)))))
After prelast roud I had a separation from the second place about 900 points. That's a lot for one-day contest.
And then in the last round it was necessary to take Auri, but I have taken Stark Pro again and flew it very badly. Therefore the gap was reduced to 400-500 But all the same competition managed to be won.

In general, competition was very interesting. Wind, turbulent, far downwind flights to Volga, some far away outlandings and one drown plane

From what was pleasant to me: the new spar worked perfectly. The glider didn't lose energy on launch when turning to vertical phase. At the same time there was a characteristic ringing sound after glider release from fingers - heeting at high temperature while moulding gives it more rigidity.

Name: IMG_6881.jpg
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Sep 06, 2018, 02:30 PM
Rick Rogahn
Endless Sloper's Avatar
I want to fly at a contest that gives a flat of beer to the winner .
Sep 07, 2018, 07:17 AM
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Thread OP
Welcome to Russia next year ))))
Sep 10, 2018, 05:19 AM
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Thread OP
The forecast promised a light breeze with 3-4 meters in necessary direction yesterday. Therefore I decided to go to my favorite slope spot .

How I was disappointed when arrived at the spot and found out that there was no wind at all. Absolutely calm. An hour and a half of driving through a dead roads and such fiasco.

But I decided to take out a glider and to do some flying.
What was my surprise when I have slightly pushed my AURI and did 8-10 minute flight ! Landed it and tried measure the wind with my anemometer and it showed 0!! No slightest whiff and stir of wind was felt! I have made one half-hour flight with a lot of fun and inverted flyng and some aerobatics.
Honestly I haven't understood in what the glider flew, but this very abrupt feeling when the glider can fly in what in general isn't fixed by an eye or other feelings in any way!

At the very end asked my friends to take a short video with a beautiful sunset at the backstage.
AURI F3K flying at sunset (2 min 3 sec)
Sep 10, 2018, 12:22 PM
RHX138's Avatar
Would be great to see images and video of the manufacturing process. I'd love to see your wing molds.
Sep 12, 2018, 04:36 PM
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Please let us know current settings you are using on the Auri and Cg!
As we have 4 Auri's coming I think we would all like to know your set up!
Sep 13, 2018, 12:53 PM
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Neil Stainton's Avatar
Congratulations on the Auri design Dmitriy, it sounds great and looks lovely.

Also well done for your contest successes!

Sep 27, 2018, 03:17 AM
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Thank you Neil! I still can't beleive I won every contest I flew with AURI this season in Russia

Marc, here is my setup I recommend to use
Name: AURI setup.jpg
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And here are some photos of molds taken while manufacturing for you Robert
Name: IMG_5628.jpg
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Name: IMG_5732.JPG
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Sep 27, 2018, 07:11 AM
RHX138's Avatar
Beautiful work! Thank you for the mold pics!

The holes around the mold, the big ones I'm guessing are for bolts and the small ones are for alignment pins?

The Name of this DLG "Auri" Looks beautiful..
Last edited by RHX138; Sep 27, 2018 at 07:18 AM.
Sep 27, 2018, 04:08 PM
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Dmitriy thanks for your setting for the Auri! Are you using any differential?
Excited about our 4 Auri's showing up in the next two weeks. The first in the USA9

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