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Aug 25, 2018, 05:28 AM
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The DJI Mavic 2 - Two Models - One Tough Choice

This week DJI finally released what we have all been talking about for some time, the long awaited update to the Mavic Pro, In this article I am going to talk about some of the specs but try to concentrate on some of the this I feel warrant highlighting on this new craft.

Two Models - One Tough Choice

In what is very reminiscent of the original Phantom 3 release DJI have made two models of the new Mavic 2, the Zoom and the Mavic 2 Pro. Both craft them shelves are identical and carry many of the same features just like the Phantom 3 Pro and Advance the differences are just the camera system fitted.

The Craft

This all new Mavic has been totally redesigned from the ground up, its slightly larger and heavier than the original gaining around 170g but this weight comes from being packed with much more technology.

Omnidirectional Object Sensing

DJI have overhauled the object avoidance sensing system and the Mavic 2 now has duel front and rear cameras for sensing like the Mavic Air

New side sensing is achieved with a single camera on each side at the rear of the drone, this is an improvement over what we seen on the Phantom 4 Pro that used IR sensors and means that these cameras allow the Mavic 2 to build a complete 3D picture of its surroundings.

On top it has a IR Sensor for sensing obstacles above that gives 8m of accurate sensing capability.

Below you still have DJIís Visual Positioning System however thats also been upgraded with the addition of an all new LED illuminator

This is used to allow the craft to see the ground below in low light conditions and can still achieved precision hols when no GPS is available.

With all these new sensors and improved onboard intelligence the Mavic 2 is able to track and navigate around obstacles better than ever before, new Activetrack 2.0 uses the main camera alongside the two avoidance ones to build a 3D picture and track even when the subject goes out of view.

Power System

The Mavic 2ís power and propulsion systems has also been upgraded and it now uses an all new 4S battery system, this upgrade from 3S means the whole craft is a little deeper overall.
Propulsion has been upgraded with the Sinusoidal ESCís and new low noise prop design we first seen on the Platinum edition last year.

Because of this upgrade it does mean that batteries and chargers from the original Mavic series are not compatible unfortunately.

Ocusync 2.0

DJI first introduced Ocusync with the original Mavic Pro and from day one it exceeded everyone expectations, like Lightbridge it was using 2.4Ghz and offered both 720P and 1080P HD wireless link with the option for multiple controllers, shortly after DJI release the Goggles that allowed low latency HD FPV with zero wires that directly received the Mavics Ocusync signal.

Since then we have seen Ocusync develop on the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 and the Ocusync Air System with the DJI Goggle Racing Edition, these later versions gave lower latency again and duel band options

Like these Ocusync 2 is still Full HD 1080p duel band and works in both 2.5Ghz and 5Ghz bands however the biggest change is that its now able to automatically switch bands in flight to optimise range, DJI have also separated off video and control frequency so that the Mavic 2 is able to achieve a maximum operation range of 8km in FHD/

One of the other major benefits of Ocusync over Lightbrige is its upgradable and DJI have stated that both the Goggles and the Goggles Racing Edition will be able to work with the Mavic 2 after a firmware upgrade in the near future.

Another nice feature is the DJI Mavic Pro Remote will also receive support in the future too so that means you will be able to use your existing remote for duel control or viewing in the future.

Remote Controller

This is the area that probably seen the least visual changes, the Mavic 2 Remote is very similar to the original Mavic Proís, It still has the same LCD screen showing important flight data, the major visual change is DJI had swaps out the 2 position flight more stitch to a 3 position one acting Tripod Mode to the selection.

Other improvements are that it will now charge your Android and IOS smartphone so you no longer have to worry about your device going flat and DJI have also added a inactivity timer what will turn the RC off if its accidentally been left on.


Crystalsky will support the Mavic 2 soon the RC uses the same arms as the Mavic Air RC and the Official DJI Bracket will not fit, hopefully we will see an updated one soon to resolve this.

The Cameras

Mavic 2 Pro

Hasselblad L1D-20c Camera

The L1D-20c possesses Hasselbladís unique Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution (HNCS) technology helping users to capture gorgeous aerial shots in stunning colour detail

This entirely new camera co developed with Hasselblad has a 1 Inch 20MP CMOS Sensor, this is mounted to a f/2.8 Ė f/11 adjustable aperture lens, this is the first time we have seen a variable aperture on a ready to fly model from any manufacture.

With this new camera there is all new onboard processing ands that means the Mavic 2 can records in both H264 and H254/HEVC codecs and supports a maximum to 4K UHD at 100Mbps at up to 30fps, in 2.7K it can record unto 60fps and in 1080P allows 120fps slow motion.


The Hasselblad influence does not end there and with the Mavic 2 Pro (only) they have introduced an all new 10-bit Dlog-M Color profile in H.265.
This all new profile yields higher dynamic range for more flexibility in the grading room and it can capture over 1 billion colors compared to the 16 million colors from traditional 8-bit technologies.

This means it retains more in-depth details in both highlights and shadows and means the Mavic 2 Pro can achieve a total of 14 Stops of Dynamic Range.

10-bit HDR Video

Another benefit of thes Hasselblad technology is the Mavic 2 Pro supports HDR video in H.265, just plug it into a 4K TV with HLG and can play back footage with the right color tones, brighter highlights and increased contrast.

This camera takes portable drone photography to the next level and this is well beyond anything we have seen in a craft of this size and capabilities.

Mavic 2 Zoom

This cheaper model of the Mavic 2 comes equipped with a 12 MP 1/2.3Ē CMOS sensor that is same size and resolution as used on the original Mavic Pro however its fitted with a all new 24-48 mm 2X Optical Zoom lens.


DJI have also reworked the focus system on the Mavic 2 and its now fitted with a hybrid phase and contrast detection AF/MF focus for improved accuracy with an increased focus speed of up to 40% faster.

This new zoom lens when used in combinations with the software also allows for a 4x Lossless Zoom in 1080P FHD.

Zoom Model Specific Features

Dolly Zoom

Dolly Zoom is a feature that zooms the camera while the craft is automatically moving backwards and gives the affect of the subject remains still while the background moves around it.

48MP Super Resolution Images

48MP Super Resolution Photo, this is an automated mode where the Mavic 2 Zoom stitches 9 images to create a high resolution image.

Smart Modes

Both models share all the usual smart modes we have seen with recent models, this includes Quickshots and Waypoints, along side these DJI have also added

Activetrack V2.0

This uses a 3 dimensional view of the surrounding environment through the main camera and forward dual vision sensors for greater recognition and tracking accuracy.


Brighten up your world with HyperLight, a low-light setting designed to enhance your images while reducing noise significantly.

Enhanced HDR Photos

The Mavic 2 also supports enhanced HDR photos, an improved technique that blends a sequence of photos for ghost-free high dynamic range, offering increased image clarity while avoiding unwanted artificial effects.


There is huge amount more that could be said on this new craft from DJI but the overall basics are that this is massive step forward for the Mavic line, in many ways itís close to being the perfect drone, small, portable and high resolution cameras, with two models to appeal to all this new craft from DJI certainly achieves what the original Mavic did before it by setting the standard for portable highly feature rich drone.

Pricing & Shipping

DJI have got going right out the door and the Mavic 2 is available now and that includes all its accessories as well, this is a welcome change over past released where wait some did sometimes sour the experience for some.

The Mavic 2 Zoom costs $1249/£1099

The Mavic 2 Pro Costs $1449/£1299,

As I said both models are shipping today.

For more info or to order the Mavic 2 see here


Something DJI also announces was a future upgrade program, so users who buy the Zoom model will be able to sent their drone back to DJI and for a fee upgrade to the Pro Model 1 Inch Hasselblad camera, at the moment there are no more details than this but I will update this once more are known.

Packages and Accessories

DJI Fly More

DJI have separated the Fly More package off for the Mavic 2 so instead of it being part of the package its a separate discounted accessory, this has been priced a $319 and this includes 2 additional flight batteries, the charging Hub, car charger, some extra props and the DJI carry bag.

Order or More Info here

DJI ND Filters

DJI have released a range of accessories for the Mavic 2 and this included ND filters

The Mavic 2 Pro ND Filter Set $79

This set consists of ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32 Filters, allowing 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32 of incoming light through respectively, equal to 2/3/4/5-stop filters

Order or More Info here

The Mavic 2 Zoom ND Filter Set $59

Again this set consists of ND4, ND8, ND16, and ND32 Filters, allowing 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32 of incoming light through respectively, equal to 2/3/4/5-stop filters

Order or More Info here

Mavic 2 Remote Controller Tablet Holder $29

Mavic 2 Tablet Holder is compatible with most tablets on the market and the Mavic 2 remote controller, the base can be mounted on the Mavic 2 remote controller and the spring clamp at the top can hold 7-10 inch tablets.

Made out of aircraft-grade aluminium through precise CNC machining snd the foldable design ensures that it is light and stable.

Order or more info here

What model to choose ?

This is quite a hard one because DJI have introduced 2 versions with some very attractive features on each, the Zoom model is an industry first and means you can get great footage with out being as close allowing you to get a whole new perspective again. Features like Dolly and 48MP Photo gives you great automated creative modes and being able to zoom while flying is sure to allow for some really interesting creativity and affects.

The Pro model takes portable aerial photography to a whole new level, having 1 Inch sensor with variable aperture mean your able to get even more detail in the palm of your hand, then add in the Hasselblad influence with Dlog-M, 10 Bit HDR Video and 100MbpsHEVC. All of these combine to make the Mavic 2 Pro the best portable photography drone period imo.

For me if I was ordering today it would have to be the Pro, while the Zoom model offers some really interesting features and capability that 1 inch sensor and Hasselblad influence is just too appealing, couple that with features like Hyperlaps makes It the better film making tool in my opinion.

Please note this article contains affiliate links, should you wish to support me in what I do using this helps me keep purchasing products to be able to support users, post info and make videos you can use these links at no additional cost to your self.

Thank You.
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