Review - Horizon Hobby/E-flite Opterra 1.2m BNF Basic

This wing is a great flyer, that is easy to put together. This is an updated Opterra in a smaller package. You can fly it as a straight-up wing or add FPV gear for fun in the goggles!

Splash !The Perfect Size Wing for LOS Flight or FPV Flight! | spec2 | Opterra 1.2m BNF Basic |< Wingspan: |< 47.2 in (1200mm) |< Length: |< 20.7 in (525mm) |< Wing Area: |< 437 sq in (28.2 sq dm) |< Weight: |< 34.6 oz (980 g) |< Servos: |< (2) 13-Gram Digital Micro (installed) |< Battery: |< 2200/3200mAh 3/4S LiPo |< Motor: |< 480-Size, 880Kv Brushless Outrunner (installed) |< Transmitter: |< Spektrum Dx8 |< Manufacturer: |< Horizon Hobby/E-flite |< Street Price: |< $199.99 Hey everyone! When I found out about the 1.2 Opterra I was excited! I reviewed the original Opterra and the new smaller updated version checked off many things on my wish list. The big Opterra was perfect for super windy days and large payloads but what about when you need something smaller that can also tear up the sky? That is where the Opterra 1.2 comes in. In an effort to make things easier to put together in the field the E-flite team has made the 1.2 go together without using any tools. It has increased surfaces for a faster roll rate. The motor mount is built to be even stronger and the internal area is still nice and wide. In this review I will go over what is in the box, the build, flying, launching and then we get down to some FPV flying!
opterra (20 min 4 sec)
  • Capable of sport flying, aerobatics, soaring, and more
  • 3S and 4S LiPo compatible brushless motor and ESC
  • Spektrum receiver with industry-leading DSMX technology
  • Stability and precision of AS3X technology
  • Optional-use SAFE Select flight envelope protection technology
  • Tool-free and fastener-free airframe assembly
  • Convenient hands-free servo connection system
  • Enlarged elevons offer excellent control response at any speed
  • Multiple vortex generator locations enhance slow speed stability and control
  • Includes standard and optional-use FPV camera noses
  • Integrated keel makes launching easier and adds landing protection
  • Lightweight and durable EPO foam construction with carbon-fiber support
  • Molded-in LED channels for optional night flying capability
!What's In the Box @11160214 @11160215 @11160217 @11160219 @11160220 @11160226 @11160228 @11160227 !Photos of the Features @11160242 @11160223 @11160230 @11160237 @11160229 @11160235 @11160239 @11160245 @11160241 @11160246 @11160247 @11160248 !4S Flight Thoughts Jason Cole: 4S really opened up the speed on the Opterra 1.2. Keep in mind that it's not a race wing and won't achieve those speeds, but it was a noticeable difference coming off of a 3S pack. You get a lot more power, as expected, to do giant loops and fast passes down low. It kicks up the adrenaline quite a bit more if that's your thing. The AS3X stabilization worked in the background to smooth out any turbulence or buffets caused by the wind and made it a blast to fly at any speed. I really enjoyed getting some stick time and flying under the soccer goal. I knew we needed more footage, but I felt instantly comfortable enough to go ahead and fly through the gap without worrying about hitting the poles. That says a lot to me about the handling of the wing. It was fun to fly and that's the way it should be. @11160265 !FPV Setup You can purchase an FPV version of this wing but this version only has the nose cone. I had a Horizon FPV cam and video transmitter in my "FPV box" and used that. To mount the camera I removed the lens and pushed the body of the vid cam from the back and threaded the lens back on from the front. Then I made sure I was focused and tightened the focus ring. I used the area for the HD video camera for my video transmitter. I velcroed it on and then used a zip tie for extra security. This location worked well, help with weight for the nose and even when I nosed in the Opterra it wasn't harmed. This location also allowed me to plug the JST connector into a lead from my balance tab. @11160251 @11160249 @11160258 !Launching and Flying My first throw was not successful. I threw it too softly and didn't go to full throttle (you can see this in my video). Upon impact the wings did separate and the nose popped off. While this might sound alarming I think it could save your airframe. There was a high-speed nose-in crash by a Horizon pilot and his acted like mine. The only real damage was a black mark on the HD cam area cover. He pushed everything back together and was back in the air. Jason and I flew the Opterra and it never met the ground again until we landed. Once into the air, I flew the Opterra 1.2 in Safe mode. It worked hard to keep me from over banking. I switched to advanced mode and was reward with SUPER SMOOTH flight! This is a sporty wing. Watch our video to see what it can do. If you are looking for a standard wing to have fun with this is it. If you want to fly FPV it is perfect for that as well. This would be an all-around wing for anyone and serves both purposes equally well. So while this is not a race wing it is a very stable platform for any kind of sport flying (fast rolls, loops, inverted, etc.). It is a non-intimidating wing that is fun to fly. If relaxing at the RC field is what you are after then this is the wing to bring! !Flying Photos @11160261 @11160255 @11160263 @11160264 @11160280 @11160318 @11160266 @11160275 @11160288 @11160298 @11160319 @11160307 @11160331 @11160328 @11160329 !Final Thoughts I was excited about getting this wing and I was right! Once again the design team not only created a great flying wing but one that is super fast to put together with no tools. I was concerned about the snap fit parts staying together in the air but we flew the teeth off the of the Opterra 1.2 and it didn't have one hiccup! I would tell you not to try a wing (discuss) type launch with this one since you might disconnect the wing servo mount in the process. Adding FPV gear to the Opterra was a no-brainer and super fast and easy. For me it makes the wing that much more fun. There is nothing like blazing around the airfield from the cockpit. The AS3X keeps things smooth in the goggles and SAFE is always there if you get into trouble. This wing is a keeper. Each year I have my own event here in TN and my favorite review planes tend to be the ones I fly at my show. This will be my go to FPV plane for the event. I bring extra goggles and give other pilots FPV rides. So it has passed my personal preference test! I really, really like it!
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Oct 26, 2018, 10:32 PM
USA: LakeGeorge, New York
Is the 1.2m with the FC with auto landing?
Loiter feature?....etc...

I was so excited about this product several
months ago, but you gotta buy a SpeKtrum
RC Tx to use all the features of the included
flight controller
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Oct 27, 2018, 03:47 PM
Registered User
is the flight controller part of the set up a spektrum designed/built item or a re-branded something else like the one in the larger convergence?
Oct 30, 2018, 06:30 PM
All spektrum design/build with this one. I don't believe that they even used any type of brand name runcam as they sometimes do.

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