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Nov 04, 2018, 01:15 PM
Where is the lift?
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Thank you for posting scores, photos and commentary Oleg!
Sounds like tough conditions for sure.

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Nov 04, 2018, 01:34 PM
Oleg Golovidov
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Thread OP

Nov 04, 2018, 04:34 PM
Oleg Golovidov
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Thread OP
Correction of the final round, last group: Paul's scores were entered under Jim's name (by me).
Interestingly enough, the scores were close enough and Paul moved up after this correction...

In the last group of the contest, Jeff was going to be the only pilot, as two other pilots already stopped flying due to breakages, and Paul flew earlier by mistake. So Jeff almost got a 1000 by just showing up to the flight line but we forced Paul to fly again in the correct group to give Jeff some competition. Jeff still flew a great round, turned off the motor by mistake at 57 (!) meters and maxed the time. I think this is the lowest launch of the contest. It got really warm and nice by the last round, but we had to stop

I created a Google sheet with all results for your browsing pleasure:

East Coast F5J Fall Festival 2018 results

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Nov 04, 2018, 08:54 PM
Jeff Carr
Very fun weekend with a huge learning curve. Itís like Poker in DLG every round lol. The wind played havoc all weekend. It was cold this morning. 39 when we walked out of the camper. It was a blast

Here are the pics of the winners

Nov 05, 2018, 05:37 AM
USA, SC, Lexington
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Ditto on the weekend Jeff. Other then the hi winds we had a nice wx slot from Mother Nature.
Love this F5J format, Iím hooked... now I know what to practice.
Thanks to the DESS guys and galls for hosting.
Nov 05, 2018, 11:15 AM
Where is the lift?
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Congratulations Oleg, David and Jeff!

Nov 05, 2018, 11:25 AM
Registered User


Somebody left a very nice folding chair behind. If it is yours, let me know so we can figure out how to get it back to you.

Nov 05, 2018, 11:45 AM
Oleg Golovidov
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Thread OP
Thanks to all pilots that showed up, especially the long distance travelers!

Despite the windy and turbulent conditions, we got quite lucky with the weather, as it is raining here today! We could easily get some rain on our 'parade' during the weekend.

I hope y'all liked the experience and will come back to our spring F5J event, first weekend of April. It was a great pleasure to have 3 brand new F5J pilots at the event (Jeff, Russ, Wayne). Jeff Carr noticeably placed very high for his 1st ever F5J experience! Congrats Jeff. And certainly a great pleasure to have several of the usual suspects that continue to support our event: Paul Perret (and his lovely dog who unfortunately was forced to sit at/in the car most of the time, she was the most excited model airplane loving dog that I have ever seen), David Beach, Peter Schlitzkus, Don Richmond. Garry Ogilvie of course is one of our own men now, having spent a few years with us; so it was awesome to have him back for the weekend (next year definitely come on Thursday to cut the grass ).

The lunch on both days was certainly worth the price of admission. Linda and Jan always do an awesome job, and the local BBQ food is the best. And Linda's cookies (I hear) are very special too.

Because of the wind at altitude and turbulence on landing, we had a lot of flights that ended with a motor save; hence quite a few zero/empty scores. Unfortunately we also had a few breakages. One was Dick's Volo that fell into the woods right at the edge of the field, another that I heard above myself was a midair collision (Jim's plane and somebody else's). I know Garry had a broken tailboom, which he wisely decided not to fix (with duct tape and sticks) at the field . Not sure who else had damage.

I had a somewhat bumpy start of the contest, and paid a couple times for not starting high enough. But then got wiser and more organized. Both days, the apparent wind on the ground was a lot less than at altitude, especially on Sunday. In the very first round of the contest, Saturday morning, I flew my lightest plane, Ultima, thinking it would be OK. I did not even have my Volo assembled yet at the time. As soon as I launched I knew that it was a mistake to fly the light plane. I almost landed at 2 minutes and if not for a lucky thermal on landing approach, would have had a really sour start of the contest. I then still got a short flight in the 2nd round, and an even shorter one in the 4th round. The cold ground and air temperatures, and low sun angle, and turbulence from the stiff winds and tree lines, did not allow for any strong thermal activity until close to lunch or even afternoon. I flew my heavy Volo the rest of the event, sometimes with 12 oz ballast, sometimes empty. It did great for me, including some very dangerously low and far away thermalling at times. I was lucky to not have to ever save the plane with a motor restart, which helped my scores total a lot. But I was close to flipping the motor switch at least on a couple flights.

Post your stories if you can. Would love to hear about your impressions and experiences.
Hope to see y'all next year. Bring your friends too!
Nov 05, 2018, 09:37 PM
Oleg Golovidov
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Thread OP
I created a Google sheet with all results for your browsing pleasure.

East Coast F5J Fall Festival 2018 results
Nov 05, 2018, 11:57 PM
Registered User
luv2flyez's Avatar
Thanks for your posting the scores and the commentary! Miss flying, food and BSing with ďAll you allĒ. Didnít miss flying in the wind though. Hope to make it out next year!

Will you be in AZ in Dec?


Nov 06, 2018, 10:10 AM
Oleg Golovidov
olgol's Avatar
Thread OP
John, we certainly missed your company here, also Lenny, and both y'all's wives.
Please come in April, or next Fall.

I am strongly considering the trip to AZ now...
Your kind help last year was instrumental in my attendance (wink wink)
Nov 06, 2018, 10:23 AM
Jeff Carr
I must admit that I really did like the format of F5J. Now I really hate poker in DLG but it is like poker every round Reading the air was difficult early in the morning with high winds. Steady 10 vgusting to 15 or more was the wind of the day. I was going to start with my Xploere F5J but it was way to lite to fly in these conditions so I pulled out my Tragi 802 V. Them added about 8 oz of lead to it

Since this was my first F5J event I was not really prepared for what was about to take place. I launched way to low and did not follow the first read I had. Bad start but I’m having fun

Second flight was the same. I must launch higher when the reads are real obvious. But after that I’m starting to get the concept. I watched a lot of others and saw what their strategy was and was able to use that start to get the hang of this

It blew all day and really was difficult flying. Turbulence was pretty bad below the tree line and many out of bounds landings were made. Many restarted motor runs happened. Im using a RC Electronics indicator and it doesn’t allow restarts so I had to make sure I could make it back. I was at a slight disadvantage as I had to think hard how far downwind to go. So yes i believe having the ability to restart gives an advantage on how far downwind someone will go.

Day 2 started with the wind coming up fast. Not as bad so I flew the Tragi again with no additional weight. One wrong turn and I was on the ground in a little under4 mins. One again I simply launched to low. Live and learn

I can’t remeber if it was the next or 3 rd round of the day I launched the Tragi and knew right away it was not right. Left turns were ok but right was real bad. After a while of just fighting the plane I made a turn back towards the landing area I needed full right rudder and the plane pitched over and went in. I pulled flaps but it still did a lot of damage. Broke the center clean thru. Very bummed as it was one of my favorite planes.

Well I have my F5J Xplorer but a little concerned about the wind. It’s a light model. I put weight in it and get the weight up to about 48 oz. I also use a bigger battery with a slightly nose forward CG. It flew great. Iprobably should have started the day with it.

Going downwind was still a gamble because of the alt indicator. Iglesias the rest of the contest with this plane. I really liked the way it flew. I was very hesitant because the first Xplorer I own was not my favorite. This one flies much better

I think I had the lowest launch 1000 for the contest. I took the throttle to low and shut the motor down and it would not restart but was able to max the flight after searching for about 2 mins I ended in 3rd but was real low in the standing a few times

My top items for this contest
1 I hate Poker
2 it’s like Poker
3 some long walks were taken
4 midair’s make a very loud bang
5 trees are not nice to airframes (not mine)
6 Oleg can fly big planes too
7 even with 3 zeros Brady can kick a$$
8 Russ and David proved Supras are contenders
9 the Sence has molding that rivals the Tragi
10 must save money for @nother model

Looking forward to the next one. I hear April so put it on you calendar

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Nov 06, 2018, 10:35 AM
Dark Side of the Red Merle
Curtis Suter's Avatar
Originally Posted by Goinav8n
Im using a RC Electronics indicator and it doesnít allow restarts so I had to make sure I could make it back. I was at a slight disadvantage as I had to think hard how far downwind to go. So yes i believe having the ability to restart gives an advantage on how far downwind someone will go.
Send me an email to suterc AT and I can send you three files you can drop into the RC Electronics Multi3, one if F5J no motor start, the second F5J motor restart and the third is for ALES that's currently set at 200m and 30 seconds. However, with the little keypad they sell you can easily, quickly adjust the time and/or altitude.

Nov 06, 2018, 10:41 AM
Oleg Golovidov
olgol's Avatar
Thread OP
Jeff, thanks for the report. Nice to hear the F5J first timer impressions.
You did really well for a first event, and in tough conditions. Your TD/F3J experience certainly showed.
Nov 06, 2018, 11:36 AM
Registered User
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Lots of familiar faces there, looks like you guys had fun. At some point I'm going to have to get the dust off my gliders and put the FPV stuff away for a couple of weeks.

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