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Aug 12, 2018, 09:34 PM
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Motorcycle in Future, I See

Name: 10BB70E5-3158-4942-A622-D9892D6EF448.jpeg
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Description: Kawasaki Z900RS classic style

I got the go-ahead from the family to get a street bike. I explained that if i feel the road is too dangerous i may trade it for a dirtbike

I have decided my SV650 dream is a bit too expensive, heavy, & fancy for my wallet. If i win the lottery however... to me the SV650 is motorcycle art!

Name: 81ABB4F4-1CCA-453E-8FC9-F6E1229D9ABC.jpeg
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2016 Honda CB500F (click pic for HD)

But I can't afford anything 'artistic.' The Honda CB500F or Yamaha SR400 are the best i can do. Honestly, i think they look sweet These are $6000 bikes not including fees.

$6000 bikes are supposed to be utilitarian, according to the US Motorcycle bible. That is considered cheap to modern motorcyclists. For me, it's about all i'd ever like to spend. The used market affords more promise, but i am hoping to get a new bike

(Every motorcycle magazine has dug up a piece of this 'bible.' And I'm pretty sure it was written by men....wanting to sell $18,000 VMAXes and mid-life crisis supersport bikes)

Name: EF9CC537-CF18-4034-81E5-5425C26845F9.jpeg
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Description: 2017 SV650 my favorite bike

What! Why buy new!? Because... I'm getting older. This may be my only chance to get a new bike. Heck, it'll take me a few years before i am even ready to purchase one.

And yolo (gotta take care of a few deals first)

Name: D9ACCBAA-925E-4CD7-867D-CF0DF0472A50.jpeg
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Yamaha SR400 analog magic

Even so, I am super-excited. Every time i had a chance to buy a bike i bought a car instead. This is my motochance
(Before this i basically ignored everything motorcycle because i could not afford one nor imagine my family allowing it to exist in any practical sense)

Here's a few:
1) 2017 Suzuki SV650 $6,999 i love the white with blue rims and blue offset racing stripe on tank. A new one is a bit out my league in power & price. A used one may be possible if i take it easy.
This is my favorite bike so far, but a smaller lighter bike would be a wiser choice, imo.

2) 2016+ Honda CB500F $6,099 (USA) My 2nd favorite [new] bike so far. A nice modern reliable bike, can even order a oem center stand. Looks great, i like the matte black 2016 model with silver racing stripe. Parallel twin engine, sounds okay stock but a Yoshimura exhaust really brings its proper sound out.
Instrument cluster looks minimal (cheap), but oh well. A decent highway bike, power-wise and one i could keep for a long time.

3) 2018 Yamaha SR400 $6k A high quality, simple, reliable, easy to maintain THUMPER with proper analog instruments It should be an SR500 for $6k. Go figure, the SR400 is very popular overseas (other countries often have CC limits) and quite customizable.
The price is my greatest gripe. For the power, imo, the price should be $5.5k max, but it seems quite a quality bike. I love the analog instrument setup.

4) 2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 $5k I do not really care for the 'Power Ranger' look, but otherwise this may be the closest i get to a modern 'CB400 twin.' 1/4 the price of a car--i like that!
This bike is likely what i'll end up with unless Kawasaki makes a Z400RS (i wish!)
Parallel twin engine. Sporty and more powerful than an SR400.
The fairing should help with highway travel which is practical on this baby Ninja. Expect to need to rev the little engine for any type of driving versus the CB500F.

2018 Kawasaki Ninja 400 Sound- Stock VS. Yoshimura Alpha T Slip-on (1 min 3 sec)

The baby Ninja sounds great with a Yoshi aftermarket slip-on exhaust, one reason i have grown fond of it

5) 2017+ Honda CRF250L $5,149 It looks very nice for a dual sport but is a tad expensive for engine size. Keep in mind it can handle off-road travel--that's where some of the expense goes after all. Liquid cooling is nice. 2017+ models have a tad more power. Imagine hitting more trails & much less highway, then it'd be fine

6) Honda CRF150F or CRF230F Trail bike: If i decide to go off-road only due to ignorant cagers, i may get one of these bikes. They look fun, are light, have decent trail-grade suspension, look simple to maintain, and are affordable.
The big negative is i would not get to ride often. I doubt i'd want to trailer these to off-road parks or to nearby country.
I'd rather have a decent dual-sport for $1k more. On the contrary, these trail bikes may handle quite a bit better offroad than most dualsport bikes.

Even if i won the lottery, i would probably start with a Honda CB500F, Yamaha SR400, Ninja 400, or Honda CRF250L. For my [limited amount of] money, I like the CB and Ninja the most. Good power and nice sound. So i plan to go sit on one soon
By the time i am ready to get a bike there may be better options.
Name: ACA9E1D4-642A-4ED4-8A3E-014BB551428A.jpeg
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Would a naked Ninja 400 sale
in the States? I'd highly prefer a
Z400RS instead.

Btw, Tax, title, handling, and fees adds an extra $1000 or so. Beginning to bike is a bit expensive. Maybe i can throw in a helmet and jacket with the new bike. I may still have my old moto gloves somewhere around here...

I found my old moto books Complete Idiot's Guide to Motorcycles, Leanings with Peter Egan, & Motorcycle Owner's Manual.

Dont knock the Idiots guide! It was rather helpful when i was so new to motorcycles that i felt 'born yesterday.'
I do know some things now, have a license, but it has been many years since i had a foot on a peg (circa 2006)

My father-in-law recommended that i take the MSF Ridercourse again. To me, it seems like a good idea.
But i do remember some stuff. I feel all i need is a decent bike, a parking lot, some cones, and then a clear road to practice. And of course proper riding gear.

Name: E9D195CE-8A8C-4BE1-995E-FCE188CD4DF5.jpeg
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Description: Kawasaki Z900RS Cafe

Well, this is what i have come up with so far since i got into bikes again, a few weeks ago. Feel free to share your thoughts and good day
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Aug 26, 2018, 05:18 AM
Wake up, feel pulse, be happy!
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Well nobody will ever accuse you of putting in too little thought or planning! Whatever you end up with, I'm sure it'll be "the right choice".

I want a bike like crazy, and my savings account keeps whispering "go for it", but I've spent endless hours thinking about it and my conclusion is always the same: I can't handle it. I have a total lack of self-control when it comes to anything remotely fast. Speaking from the most lucid centers of my brain, I'm the guy who ignores all the good advice, pays cash for a liter bike, and immediately dies an idiot's death at 180mph.

With that said, a "vintage" style cafe racer is probably the single coolest transportation device ever invented by humans. Forget Lamborghinis, Saturn rockets, and fighter jets - this right here is where it's at

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Oct 06, 2018, 12:36 AM
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Thread OP

My Latest Findings

That is a clean build there. Art in mechanical form. BMW makes some fancy stuff. I hear a lot of 'the kids' like cafe racers. Well, i like coffee too :P

I would like a Naked Ninja 400 but it looks complicated...

I have been eyeing a 2016 Harley Iron 883, but am kinda seeing this 'street bike' idea may not be the best thing for my health...

I have full confidence i can ride well and safely. It rather comes down to other drivers--where i live cagers will likely run me over and just keep on going.

It happened at a light in the town near us a few years ago, hit and run. Biker died no one found the murderer.
Earlier today a tanker big rig was driving so agressive behind me it tingled my spidey senses--and i was driving a car. That would be scary on a bike! It was gaining on me fast weaving in out of traffic. Probably had empty tank, but dang.
People drive trucks and suv's around here. Big vehicles. Women buy SUV's so they can be careless.

...And women around here literally cannot push a shopping cart at the grocery store without hitting me. So... yah ....i think i live in one of the 'worst drivers in USA' spots ever.

After talking to my mom, who is great at convincing me not to ride, i am unsure now. She explained to me that one of her old bosses from a previous job was not only overrun--but beheaded. Sheesh.
It may have been his fault, maybe not, but at this point none of it matters. He is gone.

I may be best off with a dirtbike. If i was single i would not care as much. i just do not want my wife to hear that i was run over, she would fall apart.

So, maybe just a dirt bike or simple dual sport, see how it goes.
It'll be a while anyways, got some stuff to take care of.

(New) Bikes i like: Iron 883, SV650, CB500F, Rebel 500, Ninja 400, SR400, V-Star 250, GW250, TU250X, TW200, CRF230F, CRF150F.

The Yamaha SR400 would be the best street bike for my Thumper personality. I think it'd make a great starter bike and last a long while. Simple, air-cooled, reliable, quality, not powerful (but that's okay), dual clocks.
It's a tad expensive new, but that's okay. Full-coverage insurance for it is affordable so that evens out.

If i do get a bike it'll probably be something used, a good price, and simple. Likely air-cooled.
I still remember my first rides learning on Yamaha Virago (V-Star) 250. A very simple bike, yet it was hoot just puttering around.

After seeing the Ninja 400 with fairings off, well it looks a lot more complicated than an air-cooled cruiser. Complicated, i do not need. Sweet bike, but i wish it was a Z400RS instead!

I saw some footage of a Yamaha VTX1300 recently on the YouTube. Man that was a cool looking speedy ride. Way out my league, but sweet power.

I like sporty bikes but i think standards and cruisers are more of my style. I am very laid back. No need to be in a hurry... unless a big rig tanker is gaining on me! Then, i'll wish i was in my car

If i do not get a street bike i'll likely end up with a dirt bike. I can run my Saito engines if i get 'the itch' to run an engine.

I like the 'motor' part of motorcycle the most.

Btw, i learned the Harley 45degree V-twin was originally a modification of thier single Thumper engine designed to fit in thier existing bike frame (hence the 45degree setup)--and of course make more power. So naturally i like HD's Evo engines

Thier modern Twin Cam engines use a chain tensioner which is questionably cheap. The Evo's use gears like my Saito Aero model engines, which i think is great.
I have not researched any hydraulic valve systems yet so my knowledge is incomplete.
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Oct 08, 2018, 12:39 AM
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Thread OP

'Used' & 'No-Limit' Bikes I Admire

Name: AF9A3E31-ED1C-4851-9002-8874926C9F92.jpg
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Size: 222.3 KB
Description: Yamaha V-Star 1300yamaha v-star 1300
Here are some 'Used Bikes' i like (including the new bikes previously mentioned):

Virago 250, GZ250, Ninja 250R, GS500F, Ninja 500R, Yamaha V-Star 650, Yamaha V-Star 1300 (niiiiiice bike for sure!)

Some of these bikes are cheap used and would make an affordable lightweight trainer.

I do not know much about the V-Star 650 as far as reliability, but it does have a shaft drive. If designed properly, i think shaft is superior to chain drive. I still need to look into the V-Star 650...

My favorite 'No-Limit' bikes:

Kawsaki Z900RS, Yamaha XSR900, Yamaha V-Star 1300, Harley Sportster 1200. These bikes would be a bit much for me, but i do admire thier design.

I have not sat on any of these bikes. Some of them may not fit me so well. I'll probably get a cheap used bike as my first.

My motorcycle instructor... the man who taught me to ride during the MSF Ridercourse... he rode up on a huge faired Touring bike. It was a Harley.
I thought he was crazy. Now that i am a bit older, not so much. I see why folks want those big comfy bikes.
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