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Aug 05, 2018, 07:39 PM
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Suzuki SV650 V-Twin? Or perhaps...

I am thinking about getting me a bike after all these years. The ol' Suzuki SV650 has been a favorite since i was younger... it' be the top of the list. Right above the Yamaha SR400.

While i was younger i was really into motorcycles, as a magazine reader i mean. I dreamt of getting a dirt bike. I realized i like 4-stroke engines. Mostly singles (thumpers) and v-twins.
(this is why i enjoy Saito model 4-strokes. In a sense, they are like mini motorcycle engines)

Then i 'got into' road bikes and wanted a 250cc Virago 250 (V-Star 250 now) or something small to begin riding. I took the MSF Ridercourse basic training in my area & earned a USA motorcycle license.
I must've had 6 hours of sleep those two days--i was so excited to be on a bike By then i wanted a Suzuki Intruder 800

So I got the Motorcycle License but never got a bike!... Mostly because riding on roads seems dangerous (cell phones). But also because they're a bit more expensive to get into than my other hobbies ...aaaaaand a new car was practical.

I have had my motorcycle license for ~10 years now. I figure that once i get my ducks in a row, i could get a used bike or something fairly affordable.

I was surprised to find a surge in smaller bikes. 300-400cc bikes like the beautiful Yamaha SR400 thumper, rad KTM RC390 (single cylinder!), & Kawasaki Ninja 400R seem practical to me. I am not a big guy.
I tend to like affordable Standard bikes. Not too fancy or expensive. Often times you sit upwards in comfort.

Some of our dads grew up riding small bikes that increasingly got larger as they aged. Honda was to blame. Those days seem to be returning, in a sense.
We still have got a lot of clowns on 1000+superbikes but a lot of new guys must have been buying SV650's & similar bikes like the FZ06 while i was gone. Because the SV650 seems popular!

One of my best friends had a nice BMW. I think it was a K1200S. He actually offered to let me ride it when i first met him! A nice gesture, but i had not been on a bike in so long i politely declined.
I would have hated to be the guy who dropped a BMW I am going to talk to him & gain some wisdom. He is a great guywhoi really look up to

I have also been reading articles which explain why NOT to get a bike. Gotta balnce things out, right? I have come to the conclusion that perhaps a dirt bike may be the way to go for safety. Less ignorant SUV cagers on cell phones to run me over.

Regardless, i do still want an SV650 to goof off with. I like 4-stroke engines so much, it's like these twins & singles were made for people like me i should have been riding years ago

(I am sure a lot of us airplane and helicopter modelers are also attracted to motorcycles and tractors. They kinda go together. I don't have any tractors but do think they're cool)

Sometimes i wished i was born in India because then my mom wouldnt have had a reason to convince me to get a boring car. I need to go find my old motorcycle books Idiots Guide to Motorcycles (hehe) and Leanings with Peter Egan

I can't blame anyone but me for not getting a bike. I put it off for practicality & $$ purposes. These days i have better options. More bikes in my style. I am slightly wiser. At my age, insurance may be cheaper too

I am on the fence. I would have to take care of a few things & also convince my family that bikes are cool. Dunno how that'll go!

A year ago my mother said she was proud of me for getting a moto license back in the day. She thought it was cool that i found something i liked and went for it, even though it was unpopular with her.

I can see myself riding a standard bike around town. I think a 400-650cc bike would be most practical. Around here where i live, speed limit is easily 45mph. So a little 250cc may be stretching it.

The greatest threat is car drivers. They are on thier phones or yapping with thier passengers too much. Not good, perhaps very early morning or late night jaunts are safer

My father-in-law may be interested in getting a bike too and riding with me. I'll have a talk with him

Edit: Note the Yamaha SR400, one of my dream bikes (okay, an SR500 would be better but that is a greater dream). It is kickstart only (i like that) and looks easy to maintain. Not a monster power bike, but i think 400cc would be plenty fun enough for me

The SR400 is a bit pricey new... $6k. Still less than a $7k SV650. i read the SR400 is made in Japan.
I was looking at the Honda CB300F, but the 300 motor has had a recall. It turns out the bike was not made in Japan. Huge letdown...

The best thing i can do is have an open mind.
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Aug 11, 2018, 09:02 AM
What could possibly go wrong?
A woman I know is a Haulpak driver from the open-cut iron ore mines of West Australia, big business up there and they pay well. She had or has a collection of classic bikes, particulary old British machines. My favourite had to be this old Norton, big thuping 500cc single like a speedway bike, and a classic '55 Triumph twin. She thought nothing of pulling the engines apart to replace bearings, anything like that, but as soon as any trouble involved a piece of wire she'd freak out and go "ooh, electrical! Noooo!!" and couldn't face it. All the old 50's wiring was getting dirty and the exposed copper black and not conducting too well, and she got me to strip and tin the ends with solder and reconnect the lights etc. Even that was too "electrical" for her. Anyway if you like classic machinery there are many bikes you'll love. Sounds like you'd really enjoy it, go for it. My Dad got to his last year of high school on an old Indian Scout, about 1940 model I think, the Aussie army used to have them (there's a story that a warehouse in Victoria somewhere had enough parts to build about 50 of them, years ago). With a hand gearstick sticking straight up out of the gearbox, 50mph tops. Lots of noise and attention, not so much going fast for all that noise.

I really get the connection to Saito, with the nice combustion chamber and hi-lift cam lobes, they're a decent little performance engine not a toy. Like a car or a good road bike, it just starts up and runs great, ready for business. Now I'm priveleged to have a couple of Saito twins, the odd-firing single-throw cranks like someone said really are like a 180 degree V-twin. I'm working on a model for a 130T and a new stand to play with it on the ground. Really want to play with a spark ignition set and methanol fuel for a 182T.
WOuldn't you love to make a scale motorbike with a Saito or OS flat twin...
If I was to get a bike it would be something where you don't have to lay flat over it like a racer, I'd just be commuting around on it anyway. I don't believe in using the public roads to go fast with other traffic, too many dead friends for that. My ideal bike would have to be a BMW tourer, flat boxer twin or 4. Big doofus windshield and upright seating position. Everyone will think I'm a cop and slow down for me
Aug 12, 2018, 08:45 PM
Club Saito | Genesis 8:11
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Thread OP

Getting a Motorbike Afterall

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... lucky lady.

I am not into electrical either. But my dad is in the micro-electronics business. As i showed him my Blade 130S heli we discussed LiPo battery technology.

I got the go-ahead from the family to get a street bike. I explained that if i feel the road is too dangerous i can trade it for a dirtbike

I have decided the SV650 is a bit too expensive, heavy, & fancy for my first bike. Unless i buy used, maybe an option. Still, pretty impressive for a beginner.

I cant afford anything very 'artistic.' The Honda CB500F or Yamaha SR400 are the best i can do. Honestly, i think they look sweet

I do care about looks. But i learned about the fragility early on. It takes a little crazy to ride on the street. And a lot of tactics.
Even then, your life may be in the hands of a cell phone-toting, suv-driving, late-for-practice, soccer mom or weaving drunk guy

I like standard bikes and practicality as much, if not more, than the crazy fancy stuff.

A lot of bikes these days sound like sewing machines here in USA thanks to epa this is why aftermarket exhausts are so popular.
If i get a bike it likely will stay stock. I dont even like putting bumper stickers on my car lol

I do admire BMW. My friend had a K1200S iirc, it was beautiful. I still cant believe he sold it and i bet he misses it.

Opposed twin engines have better cooling than v-twins. Moto Guzzi has a few sweet bikes too but ill likely keep a car in the family for driving my wife. This means no fancy bikes hehe
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Aug 12, 2018, 11:28 PM
What could possibly go wrong?
Well she worked hard for it, and it was a good investment especially when she could get a worn out one and fix it up herself. Any of the bikes you're interested in will be a lot of fun, no doubt. I like all your choices, they're good deals, somehow I think I like the Yamahas personally. More of a classic look. Even a 250 can get up and go, it'd be plenty for me not having much history on 2 wheels. Recently set up a product launch thing at a BMW dealer and there were the latest big bikes inc. the K1200, yeah they are beautiful. My parents used to own a little block of land out of the city, and all these fancy bikes and cars used to meet on the weekends outside the bakery there. I saw an old Honda with a straight 6 mounted across the frame, amazing, I think about a 1 litre. There would be these kit cars you could get, replicas of old Lotus 7's, AC / Shelby Cobra (and at least one original), stuff like that. I just like any nice machine and there's something very "pure" about (most) motorbikes, built to go and get you somewhere, not be a mobile junk store.
Well I hope the bike project is a success for you... ride safe and have fun
Aug 13, 2018, 12:01 AM
Club Saito | Genesis 8:11
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Thread OP
Yes, the pure motorsport. Kind of like hot rods, you can see the engine, feel it, hear its true sound.

The Yamaha SR400 is one of those bikes. It looks very reliable and simple to maintain. Too bad the dealer did not have one in stock. I wanted to sit on one!
Yamaha surely makes some of the best looking Japanese bikes--and seem to be carefully studying the market.

My wisest option might be used bikes, to be honest. I have seen a few good prices on CycleTrader. About half off and low mileage, hard to beat that

Those kit cars are sweet, imo. I see them around here too.

Thank you, sir! have a good night

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