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Mar 05, 2002, 10:43 PM
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Originally posted by Dandi6065
...I am seft taught due to the fact that the local club was against gliders and electrics.
Well then WT* is the point of them forming a club then? I don't get it. I figured RC Airplane clubs were for people with RC Planes, not just people with noisy oil-spewing noismakers w/ wings! I say you go put some sugar in their glow-fuel.

( J/K, really. No flamewars please. )

Originaly posted by Michael Heer
I have seen others on this site with Topeka as their location. I stongly recommend that you see if you can find local fliers for help at the beginning. Posts from your area have indicated it is often windy... ...if you really don't have any calm air forget the Dragonfly as it doesn't penetrate well in wind...
I'm about to post a new thread asking for other Topekans to help me out here. I tried searching the members list by location, but apparently the "vBulletin" BB system dosen't support that. Someone get me a shell account, I'll fix that...

I think I've pretty much settled on the Tipsy at this point. It looks like it should be able to penetrate the wind pretty well, even if it has what I understand to be a pretty small motor. (speed 280, whatever that means. ) My only concern with it is wing stiffness. In one of the videos Hobby Lobby has of it doing a loop, the wings bend waaaaay up and form a semi-circle as the plane pulls through the bottom of the loop. I'm pretty sure routing out a notch in the bottom of the wing and epoxying in a balsa spar ala the "Wally Wing" might help that. I also saw a video they posted where a Piccolo(sp?) eats part of it's own tail... Talk about truth in advertising...

Originaly posted by mattk17
...Two common mistakes are to have the CG wrong which would almost certainly end in a crash or reversing one or more of the controls (elevator or rudder) which also ends in crash.... ...the ideal place to fly would be a large field (at least 2 football field size) with short cut grass...
Well, I've got the field across the street from the apartments (about 1 footbal field long, and about 1.5x as wide as a football field) but the grass thing... well... I guess I'm going to have to find a mower and make my own strip, and hope no one notices. As far as the reversing the servos/getting the CG way off, I'll have to pay special attention to that so I don't earn my sig.
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