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Jul 21, 2018, 11:44 PM
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Nitecore TINI & TIP keychain lights

Nitecore TINI Product Page @ Nitecore

Nitecore TIP Product page @ Nitecore

Holly Smoke Batman !

For review I have the TIP and TINI keychain lights from Nightcore , and I just don't know how to say it but , Holly Smoke Batman ! So lets get straight to performance .

Performance :

Lets start with the TIP from Nitecore .

Low was about 2 Lumen in my lightbox , Factory say's 1 Lumen .

Medium was about 45 Lumen in my lightbox , Factory say's 35 Lumen .

High was about 173 Lumen in my lightbox , Factory say's 150 Lumen .

Turbo was about 405 Lumen in my lightbox , Factory say's 360 Lumen .

Moving onto the TINI from Nitecore .

Low was about 3 Lumen in my lightbox , Factory say's 1 Lumen .

Medium was about 61 Lumen in my lightbox , Factory say's 38 Lumen . ( We will get back to this )

High was about 240 Lumen in my lightbox , factory say's 145 Lumen . ( Wowsa )

Turbo was about 600 Lumen in my lightbox , factory say's 380 Lumen . ( Holly Smoke Batman )

Both the TIP and TINI were freshly charged for the lightbox test and Holly Smoke Batman ! , the TINI was just fully Ball's to the Wall . I just could not believe the results at all so I pulled out the Jetbeam TH15 as Ultra Low was 60 Lumen . So it's midnight and I turned my computer screen off as well the lights so it was pitch black . I turned on the Jet ( 60 Lumen ) and then the TINI and I could not tell the difference in light level between the two lights ( both pointed at the ceiling just above my head ). Ok so the TINI was putting out 60 Lumen on Medium .

The Jet TH15 does 464 Lumen on Medium . So repeating the darkened room test with the Jet doing 464 Lumen , the TINI on Turbo just blew the Jet away with the greatest of ease . ( I wont say it again ) . So I can only conclude that this particular TINI when freshly charged can do 600 Lumen . ( I wont say it )

EDC : ( Every Day Carry )

That's what these lights were designed for , EDC . You can attached the lights to a key ring or quite simply pop them into your jeans coin pocket . Honestly after about a minute you don't notice these lights at all , they literally vanish in your pocket . As well they are small enough to go on a keychain and be about as much bother as a small AAA light on your keychain , only thing is they really pump out light .

Recharging :

Both lights have internal batteries that are charged VIA Micro USB .

TIP - When charging the TIP emits a red light and when it is done the light turns green .



TINI - When charging the TINI flashes a blue light and when it is done the light turns solid .


UI : ( User Interface )

TIP - You have two buttons , one to turn the light on and off and the other to change light levels ( mode button ) . The mode button is also a short cut to turbo .

On and off - A quick press of the lower button turns the light on and off .

Modes - With the light on , a quick press of the top button changes light levels ( modes ) .

Turbo - There are two ways to use Turbo , with the light off and with the light on .

Light on - No matter the light level you are in , press and hold down the top button to activate Turbo ( this will be Momentary ) , Turbo will activate for as long as you hold down the button .

Light off - Pressing the top button with the light off ( push the button down and hold ) , will short cut you to Turbo as well maintain Turbo when releasing the button . If you press the on off button the light will turn off , but if you quickly press the mode button ( top ) the light will revert to Low .

Yes the TIP has mode memory , but you need to run that light level for a few seconds for the light to store it in the memory .

Short Cut to Low - If you press and hold the on off button , the light will start in low .

30 second timer - TIP runs for 30 seconds then turns off . Every time you change light levels you re-set the timer .

TINI - Once again there are two buttons . The top button changes modes ( light levels ) and the lower button is the on off button .

On and off - With the TINI you need to hold down the on off button until the light turns on . To turn the light off only requires a quick press .

Modes - To change modes only requires a quick press of the top button .

Turbo - There are two ways to use Turbo , with the light on and with the light off .

Light on - What ever mode ( light level ) you are in , press and hold the mode button down for Temporary Turbo .

Light off - Press and hold down the mode button , this will give you Turbo for as long as you hold down the button .

30 second timer - TINI runs for 30 seconds then turns off . Every time you change light levels you re-set the timer .

Using the TIP :

The tip comes with a plastic cover that slides forward or back depending on your preference to protect the buttons against accidental activation . I think this is a great idea if your looking to EDC in your pocket or on a keychain . The buttons are large enough to be easily distinguishable from one and other making the TIP some what easy to use in the dark . ( Rip the the cover off and you can feel the buttons )

It's winter her in Oz , and while it's not freezing cold it does get into single digits when the sun goes down making for cold hands . I had no issue using the TIP while walking at night , even with cold hands . Though the tip was never meant to be a walking light it certainly could serve as such if needed .

Using the TINI :

Honestly , using he TINI was not nearly as intuitive as the TIP when in a cold dark place . The buttons on the TINI simply meld into one when your finger are cold and your not really sure which button you are pressing . It did get a little annoying after a while because I was pressing the button I did not want to press just too often .

Neither the TINI or the TIP are good choices if you need to wear gloves and with the cold weather we are having I am finding that I need to wear gloves . I would suggest a much larger flashlight if you need to wear gloves , in fact the Concept 1 is still very much my favorite walking light as it's so easy to use even with gloves .

Conclusion :

I like both lights , the TINI is just balls to the wall crazy putting out 600 Lumen on Turbo . But the light I would gravitate to for EDC would be the TIP as it's far more sensible , some what larger with bigger buttons that are easy to feel and use . As well the TIP has the plastic button cover to protect against accidental activation . Though I could see the TINI going in the car for an emergency light . Both lights are easy to recharge VIA USB . I just can't get over how crazy the TINI is , for such a small light to pump so hard ? I would strongly suggest to go easy on the Turbo with both lights as the batteries are not very large and I can only imagine how hard the battery is working on the TINI . Nitecore has created some tiny monsters with the TIP and TINI , with the TINI just being completely nuts , foaming at the mouth mad with just massive output for such a tiny light . ( I might sound a little impressed )

I think these lights are just too unique for me to give them a score . They are practical yet unpractical , impossible yet very possible and yet very impressive in almost a scary sort of way ( TINI ) . For EDC I would pick the TIP , but if all the TINI are as crazy as the one I got . Well , if your a flashaholic !

Nitecore Tini & Tip Beamshots (0 min 59 sec)

Nitecore TINI VS 460 Lumen (0 min 19 sec)

Above video is a ceiling bounce test to see which light - Lights up a small room the best . Jetbeam PA40 468 Lumens VS the TINI
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