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RCGroups Podcast 73 - Tall Tales!!

This one is special. There is an RC story about Roy Orbison that I don't think has ever been told before and more!


Tall RC Podcast Tales

Hey everyone! I went out to lunch with Bryce Cust before the podcast. Bryce took the time and patience to teach me not only how to fly but also how to build. He came back to the office and jumped into the podcast. This turned into us telling stories that are crazy, unbelievable BUT TRUE!


  • The story about Roy Orbison purchasing RC goods from Hobby Lobby the day he died. (GREAT STORY)
  • I tell various stories about Bubba Spivey and his wild RC ways
  • We tell a story about Hobby Lobby's found Jim Martin flying and plane from a convertible while going down the hiway
  • Bryce tells us about when he forced me to rebuild a firewall and it changed my life
  • Nashbro is coming
  • Jason tells us about his prep for the Nats
  • We create a new event for Nashbro - you fly your plane straight into a trash can
  • We talk about Mike from American Pickers and how he started hanging out with us
  • And more!

Download the Podcast

Click here to get the audio podcast.


RCGroups Hangout - Bryce Custer and the Nats Prep (1 hr 14 min 1 sec)

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Jul 22, 2018, 06:41 PM
Modeling Retread
The Orbison segment would be of interest to his fans. You should put it on YouTube separately with just a short introduction identifying the hobby and deconflating the two Hobby Lobbys
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